Quick Burst of Rock from Flemmings

I love a band that’s just in it to band out solid rock grooves with no frills, and Flemmings are the latest act of that sort to come onto my radar. It feels like the band just jumped in a room and pounded out this quick number; it almost feels nostalgic in a certain sense…and the emphatic vocals shouting at the end are pretty powerful.  The group has a brand new Heads and Tails EP coming your way really soon, as in this week…courtesy of Odd Box Records.

Put On This New Flemmings Tune

Really been searching high and low lately for some tunes that get let behind by the big boys. For me, this Flemmings jam is perfect, and precisely why I still make time to write about tunes. It’s fuzzy pop with hints of punk rock and pop sensibility. It blasts through your speakers, gives you a little added bounce to your step and then its over. They’ll be dropping their new Heads and Tails EP next week via Odd Box Records, so look for more spirited rock n’ roll from this Cardiff outfit.

Did You Hear That New Darling Buds Tune

The Darling Buds are here to bring you back to nostalgic pop music, offering up a brand new EP that’s filled with hook-laden guitar stabs and a sultry vocal that seemed to be on every soundtrack of the 90s. But, if you know the history of the band, and the likes of John Peel, you know that everyone was probably ripping this group off, whether they knew it or not. This is their big return, some of the first we’ve heard from them in 25 years. You know you want it, and you can have it, but only on tape, as the 10″ version from Oddbox Records is already sold out. Here you go folks, thank us later.

New Wolf Girl Tune

This tune hit my news feed courtesy of the hot site Gold Flake Paint and I just couldn’t help but posting it, especially considering it all comes via Odd Box Records. Wolf Girl will be releasing a brand new 7″ on the label this May, and those of you inspired by heavy riffs balanced with pop sensibility will be inclined to press play over and over again. There’s a light twinkle to the guitars in the midst of heavy distortion, all the while carrying a carefree attitude that embeds the song’s hooks deep in the caverns of your mind. Turn it up and have some fun!

Giant Burger Ready Rocker

giantburgerThis brand new Giant Burger tune popped up on the Odd Box Records bandcamp, served as a warning to all those that Giant Burger Forever was coming. It’s a mix of Devo-esque dance and propulsive punk…built to force energy through your ears until the song explodes in a noisy eruption at the end. Just as quickly as the spasmic noise blurts through, the song abruptly ends…leaving you thirsting for another hit. Look for all the hits when the full album is released on November 25th, but be warned, there’s only a limited amount of copies out there!

Real Deal Lo-Fi from Frozy

frozeYesterday I went on a big giant spin listening to Frozy, and their album from last year on Odd Box Records. What set me off? The video below! Not only is the song perfect, and the real deal when it comes to lo-fidelity, but it works in direct contrast with the video. Yet, when watching, it all works together so magnificently. I don’t really know how much more I can love this band right now, but all Iknow at this point is that this track will come out on a release some time in the future (hopefully later this year). Anyways…these guys aren’t lo-fi pretenders, which makes them all the better…that and the song kills.