Nervous Twitch Deliver New Video

Seems like just yesterday that Nervous Twitch released their excellent I Won’t Hide LP for Oddbox Records; in fact it was last November. It’s a great listen, and the band have just sent us this video for one of the album’s standout tunes, “Promised Me the World.” This track takes on a bit more of a classic fuzzy punk sound, which builds in hooks while still sounding tough as nails. And, as with all Nervous Twitch songs your toes begin to tap uncontrollably; you might even find yourself bouncing about the room…so be sure your listening area is safe. If you’re digging the Leeds outfit, go check their LP HERE.

New Music from Rainbow Reservoir

Press play and you’re off, bounding down this quick little number from Rainbow Reservoir, who just announced their brand new LP yesterday. The title track for this number is rather fitting, as “Fuzzy” guitar dominates the track, though don’t think the band left out the hooks. Angela Space’s performance makes the number an undeniable hit, vibrant and emphatic, the way the best performers do. You’ll be happy to know that Channel Hanna is being handled by the very esteemed Oddbox Records; the release date is set for January 26th.

Nervous Twitch Announce New Album

You’ve really got to pay close attention to what’s going on over at Oddbox Recods; they’re quietly going about business releasing gem after gem. They just announced that they’ll be handling the release of the new Nervous Twitch record, I Won’t Hide. The first track off the album has this classic jagged punk vibe, shuffling feet and drums while kicking out a rough-edged vocal that’s here to take no prisoners. Feel like we could all use a bit more of good old rock n’ roll in our lives, while we wait for the album to hit in late October.

Brand New Peaness

Not sure how I let this rocker from Peaness slide under the radar, but just a few days ago the band tossed out this rad new single. I love how the song has this driving energy, though the riffs pull back just enough to keep the song from blasting away. In the chorus, you get a playful delivery that really, spun in a quick turn that almost comes off like a delightful pop rap. I almost wish these ladies would finish up an album already, but for now, enjoy a brand new 7 inch that comes out this Friday via Odd Box Records.

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Indiepop from Maybe Don’t

Coming this March, a gem of indiepop from UK act Maybe Don’t will hit, so why not preview a little bit of it here with us today. It takes the melodic sense of most pop and fuses it with guitar pop, building up to a exuberant explosion of gang vocals and hooks in the chorus. I feel like they’ve perfectly captured the feeling of carefree indifference to the world, especially when they turn things up and jam out in the song’s latter half. You’ll get this song a few more on the band’s new 7″ coming via Oddbox Records.

Meet the Bellamys

bellamysAs the year winds down a bit, music is getting sparse…new music anyways. But, the folks over at Oddbox Records still have one great release up their sleeve: The Bellamys EP. Discordant guitars ring while the drums rhythmically push the track forward; the vocals are dominated by a female vocalist…until the later moments of the song where a male voice enters as the counterpoint. While it’s a quick track, the sound sits with you, giving it the impression of being seemingly longer. The EP is being released on a limited run of cassettes on December 2nd, so hurry and grab one before they’re gone forever.

Check This New Hodad

hodadOne of my favorite labels of late has been Oddbox Records, who quietly keep releasing killer tunes. Checking in on the label I see they’ve chosen to help release this raucous new Surface EP from Hodad. Our first listen is this energetic number, which definitely wears the influence of late 00s British rock…from the colliding guitar sounds to the way the vocals are delivered through your speakers. And just like that, the track ends…and you love it. Look for this new release on September 9th.

Energetic Pop from Rainbow Reservoir

rainbowreservoirOddbox Records just announced this new EP from Rainbow Reservoir, and I’m kind of excited by this new discovery. Deep in the heart of the song is this catchy little vocal piece that comes in the chorus; there’s something about the quick delivery that just sticks in my head. Overall the song has this energetic brooding, seemingly waiting for an explosion into your ears…I won’t tell you whether or not that comes to fruition or not…find out for yourself by listening to the song! the Coco Sleeps Around EP will be released this July.

New Single from T.O.Y.S

toysSpent a lot of time this weekend looking for hits left of the dial, and was lucky that Oddbox Records had just uploaded one of their newest acts, T.O.Y.S. If you’re looking for something along the line of delectable synth-driven pop music, then this tune’s definitely for you. Electronic notes form the background of the track, pushing it forward whilst the drums keep the beat steady. Of course, the key to a great song is including a nice melodic vocal, which also happens to be present throughout this song. It’s the first taste we get of their new album, Sicks, which is being released by the label on April 22nd in a limited run.

Jam This Track from The City Yelps

cityBeen looking for days at hidden gems, things beneath the cracks…then I landed on this short blaster from The City Yelps. It’s interesting that both the song title and the band’s name seem to work with the feeling, and the lyrics, of this song…it’s all tied in together. But, musically, this has that swirling proto-punk feel to it, almost as if you’re pogoing, but not in an angst-filled manner…a fun habit! This is just a glimpse of what we can see when the group release The City Yelps Half Hour in April via Oddbox Records.

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