Colourmusic Returns with Pool Party EP

We’ve been longtime followers of Oklahoma outfit Colourmusic, and we’re always grateful when they drop something new into the world. They just dropped their Pool Party EP, and I think its a perfect collection of tunes, offering up the perfect balance between their noisier experimental moves and their traditional quirky pop tendencies. The title track, which we’ve got below, has this sort of slinky bob and weave, with singer Ryan howling through the drum and tambourine stomp. I’ve been really enjoying listening to “Pink Moon” quite a bit too, but you know I’m a sucker for a good pop feel. For me, the band are still experimenting with sound, which warrants an award all its own…but you could just stream the new EP too!

Have Another From Other Lives

Nathan and I are obviously very much looking forward to the new album For Their Love from our Oklahoma friends in Other Lives. Already we’ve shared new singles “Lost Day” and “Hey Hey I” from the upcoming full length, and now today we have this final single called “We Wait”. Of the 3 singles, this one is easily the most haunting, dark and somewhat ominous at times. The ATH team guarantees you will thank us after checking out the new album For Their Love dropping on April 24th via ATO Records. It will likely be one of our favorites this year.

Bangin’ New Broncho Track

Tulsa based pop group BRONCHO has picked up a ton of positive press from us over the last few years. It’s easy to write good things about a band who bring such a positive vibe to danceable pop tunes. The band’s latest track “Keep it in Line” furthers their foray into quality pop music and should firmly establish them as one of the best in the indie pop genre. Seriously, this song is so catchy and so easy to like.

BRONCHO will release new LP Bad Behavior on October 12th via Park the Van.

Clever Pop Ditty from Skating Polly

1959482_1024423704252520_9222288679973361379_nI’ve got a fondness for all things catchy, and especially all things twee, which puts a band like Oklahoma’s Skating Polly squarely in the middle of my listening rotation today.  Those of you who like a little ukulele or a warm vocal touch will need to pay attention here…just don’t get too hung up on those descriptors, as the girls are known to rock just as much as they can make the boys swoon.  The band’s about to set out on a short tour with Babes in Toyland, so we wanted to give you a heads-up of things coming your way. Plus…it never hurts to throw the oft overlooked Oklahoma scene.

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More New Music From Broncho

broncho1Already this summer we’ve heard some new music from Oklahomans Broncho and we were pleasantly surprised with the new direction of their sound.  Today the band is offering up another stellar new track called “What” which can be streamed below.  This track is just downright fun and a real pleasure to listen to.  It’s a garage rock themed, sort of throwback style number that’s sure to improve your Friday.

Pick up new album, Just Enough Hip to be Woman on September 16th via Dine Alone.

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Broncho Band Got the Hooks

bronchoI know. This song is so last week, but it’s just too damn good to not share it again.  The stuttering opening had me from the get-go, but the off-kilter vocal swagger that unfolds as the song rolls along isn’t too shabby either.  You’re going to have a hard time ignoring Broncho on their new outing, Just Enough Hip to Be Woman, which comes to you via Dine Alone on September 16th…you should also check out their previous effort Can’t Get Past the Lips…this music is brought to you by the community that brought you greats such as Colourmusic, AAR and Other Lives…there’s something special in that Oklahoma water.

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New Jam from Broncho

I went to school in Oklahoma, so I’ve got to rep the OK bands from time to time.  One of the acts that’s been on my radar is Broncho, kicking out catchy garage jams that encourage anthemic sing-alongs. The group has just put out their debut, Can’t Get Past the Lips, and now they’re in the full swing of a nation-wide tour.  If you’re looking for hooks and a bit of grit that harkens back to the swagger of the 70s, then you’re definitely going to love listening to this group.  They’ll be playing a show in Austin at FFF Fest Nites over at Red 7, so get your ears ready.


Colourmusic – F, Monday…

Colourmusic – F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 Or 13

Rating: ★★★★½

Oklahoma’s Colourmusic won me over long ago with their fantastic live shows, something I mentioned in the past, and now we are here to see if their debut album lives up to the hype of one of the most exciting bands around.

They open the album with “Motherfather,” a light tune that evokes some of the band’s British influences.  And you can add to that joy a brief bass solo.  It’s a clear statement from the beginning that Colourmusic will be a difficult band to define.

Immediately afterwards they push forward with the grittier “Put in A Little Gas.”  The song is fueled by the distorted guitars, juxtaposed with the playful chorus–or is that a verse? This song is sure to be the staple of the band’s live show, as the repetitive lyrics make it difficult for any crowd participant to ignore.

This act keep the pressure on with the continually upbeat “Gospel Song.” It’s the indie world’s response to call and response choir work, with a sexual undertone that may or may not be intentional.  Clearly this is a song that makes you want to throw your hands up and stomp around the floor of your room until the floorboards are nothing but dust.

I’m tempted to say that “Spring Song” has a little too much kitsch.  There is a line of playfulness that the band can cross at times, and this is one of those times.  Still, there is an attractive quality to the song that makes this song enjoyable.  I wonder if, as they say, “everyone is singing my song.”  It is catchy.

Enter “Circles.” It’s one of the band’s oldest songs, and it is one they’ve mastered to near perfection.  The constant switching in time builds the momentum throughout the song, encouraging you to tag along with the band.  Go far enough, and you’ll find yourself caught up in the chorus near the end of the circle, swinging yourself and your loved one “all around.”

“Someday Speaks Loudly” is something I can’t really describe.  It begins with some atmospherics, then the ghastly vocals float carefully through the core of the song, as the drumming builds in the background, crashing quietly into the end of the song.  Something is so familiar about this song.  I can’t place it, but if you can, let me know.

Prepare yourself for “Yes.”  This is easily one of the better songs on the album.  Sure, it gets a touch redundant lyrically, but its one of the more powerful songs the album has to offer.  Totally Belle and Sebastian playing metal songs.

“Rock and Roll Polar Bear” employs a similar tactic seen in this album.  It is a song that builds, slows down, then builds.  This is the key to Colourmusic and their intoxicating quality; they know precisely how to construct a song to evoke everything on their minds. I’m not sure there are other bands who can switch it up as quickly and convincingly.

Make sure you don’t skip “You Can Call Me by My Name.”  I don’t have anything bad to say about this song. Each moment in this song seems to fit exactly perfectly with the bands intentions; this is definitely one of those songs that people will beg for live.  It’s a solid song.

When I listen to “Fall Song,” I find it hard not to escape the Simon and Garfunkel reference points.  It’s either the gentle vocal quality that goes throughout or the effortless guitar work that evokes that idea.  This has to be a S & G cover song.  It has to be.

“Winter Song” is the best song on this album, and one of the best songs you will hear this year.  Honestly, it might not jump out at you immediately, but sometimes the simplest songs allow you to get carried away in your own mind, and in this case, you can go far.  Come on, “lets fall in love,” with Colourmusic.

The last two songs, “Try” and “Moolah” are a fitting end to the album.  They offer a glimpse of everywhere this band has gone on the album, and hint at possible planets they can visit in the near future.  As the album draws to a close, you realize that each song fits in to the album as whole.  It’s as if Colourmusic took their time to craft a great album–imagine that.  Everyone can find something in this album, and odds are, if you listen carefully you’ll find some special moments that you can hold close to your heart.  Let’s thank these guys for that.

Oh, and don’t forget to check them out at this years Fun Fun Fun Fest.

And as an ATH exclusive, we have a new track for you to sample:


Download: Colourmusic – Put in a Little Gas [MP3]

New Music from Colourmusic

Oklahoma’s Colourmusic is set to release their album, F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 or 13, on September 9th on Great Society Records. We have just gotten our hands on a new song for you to enjoy titled “Winter Song.” This is one of their slower tunes, but it shows the range of the band. Be sure to keep track of these guys as they are sure to build a huge following with their rocking live show.

For more info you can check them out on their Myspace Page.


Download: wintersong.mp3

Okie Noodling 2 @ Alamo

Tonight (7/6) at 7:30pm the alamo downtown will have a viewing of Bradley Beesley’s much anticipated sequel Okie Noodling 2 with Bradley Beesley himself on hand. The movie is a follow up to the wildly popular first installment of Okie Noodling which came out way back in 2001. We here at ATH are crazy excited about the movie because it features a new song from our favorite Oklahomans The Flaming Lips. Don’t know what Noodling is? Read up on wikipedia. Buy your tickets for the show & watch a trailer on the Draft House website.

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