Another New Omni Track

12771533_1562000567425520_4341617722041657471_oOn the latest Omni single, it’d be okay if we all expected more of the same…the tune opens with these stabbing guitar chords, sort of off-kilter to give you a bit of a post-punk stutter. But, as the song unfolds, the vocals take place, you can see one of the things that really makes their debut album, Deluxe, a special listen. The vocals, while seemingly lackadaisical, drape the underbelly of the tune with this pop-centric delivery that allows listeners a different glimpse at the band’s jagged guitar approach. Look for the release on July 8th via Trouble in Mind Records.

Watch the New Omni Video

Another week, another great song being released by Trouble in Mind Records, but this time the band is Omni. They’ve got a new album titled Deluxe coming out in July on the label, and I think it’s one one of those really special musical pieces…at least for those of that grew up listening to a lot of punk. It seems to take all the genres of punk, and the after-punk years (glam, no wave, post, proto) and combine them to create an amalgam of great sounds. Watch their video for the new track below, and be ready for the official release come July 8th.

Omni Announce Album

12771533_1562000567425520_4341617722041657471_oThere have been whispers of Omni signing to Trouble in Mind Records, and man, this one lives up to all my expectations. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill tune, hitting hard instantly, frenetically blasting through in less than two minutes. It sounds old-school, but in that, it also sounds refreshing, not being weighed down by any of the modern textures. This is pure angular punk of the pop sort, the type that excites anyone listening. Deluxe will be out on July 8th, so be ready for something really exciting.

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