Show Preview: Terry Malts @ Mohawk (4/12)

Date 4/12/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Frontgate

Let this insane week of music in Austin continue on Thursday night with what might be the best show of the week featuring ATH favorite band Terry Malts.  Most of us around these here parts have seen these guys live and can atest to their strong and engaging live performances they bring to every show.  Your opening support for the evening is provided by locals One Hundred Flowers and Rayon Beach.  The inside area at Mohawk is sure to be packed.


Download: Terry Malts – Tumble Down [MP3]

Show Preview: Language For All Benefit @ Mohawk (11/18)

Date 11/18/11
Location Mohawk
Doors 7pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

Those still looking for a great show to attend on Friday night, for a good cause I might add, should point their attention to the show going down at Mohawk benefiting the Texas School For the Deaf.  The lineup includes a plethora of ATH backed Austin bands in the form of Freshmillions, Dark Water Hymnal, Gold Beach, Great Nostalgic, The Pons, The Sour Notes, One Hundred Flowers, and Anam Milá.  We also hear that some great merchandise will be on sale and games will be going down as well.  More information on how you can support this great cause can be found over on the TSD Foundation website.  Count me in!


Download: Great Nostalgic – Spirit World [MP3]

Single Cuts Music Collaboration

Not long ago, our amigo Abram of The Great Nostalgic came to us with this crazy idea of gathering some of Austin’s finest musicians and asking them to write, records, and mix a song in one day.  Despite thinking the guy may have lost his mind, we loved the idea and were excited to see if he could actually pull it off.  Well now welcome Single Cuts, the project created by Mr. Shook along with some of the finest talents this town has to offer.  Already the collaboration project has posted a new song entitled “Jackie” which features members of The Lemurs, Royal Forrest, One Hundred Flowers, vocals from Dana Falconberry, of course Abram from TGC, and engineering from Erik Wofford.  For a song written, recorded, and mixed in less than 24 hours, it actually turned out pretty swell.  Stay tuned to the Single Cuts website, twitter, and facebook for updates on another upcoming project.


Download: Single Cuts – Jackie [MP3]

Show Preview: Of Montreal @ The Mohawk

Date Tuesday, May 17th
Location Mohawk
Doors 630 pm
Tickets $22 from Transmission

While praise has been mixed with the last couple of Of Montreal releases, no one will ever argue that the band put on one of the most extravagant, not to mention creative, live shows.  Thus, this is where you should be on Tuesday night when the group rolls into the Mohawk.  I’m thinking that since the Mohawk has a small stage, you’ll get a little bit more of a musically focused production than some might expect, but I promise you, this is a good thing.  Opening up for the group is Painted Palms, and if that’s not enough you can stick around afterwards to catch one of our favorite local acts, One-Hundred Flowers, though we heard Kevin is DJing over at Elysium.  You’ll be happy either way.


Download: Of Montreal – Coquet Coquette [MP3]

Show Preview: Great Nostalgic @ Emo’s (4/2)

Date 4/2/11
Location Emos
Doors 8pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

We here at ATH are such huge fans of Austin band The Great Nostalgic that we’ve almost taken it as our personal mission to help grow their populairty.  With a debut record so forward thinking and creative, it’s been easy to support them as best we can.  This Saturday at Emo’s, the group is celebrating the release of their sophomore effort Hope We Live Like We Promised with a headlining show supported by some other local buzz bands.  Joining GC on stage are Burgess Meredith, One Hundred Flowers, and recent ATH fave Royal Forest.  With a great lineup, cheap door fee, and even cheaper tall boys, you should be there.  We haven’t gotten around to a proper review of the new album yet, but we’ve gotten a snew preview, and can guarantee that it’s going to be a huge leap forward for the band.  Why not pick up a copy at the show?


Download: Great Nostalgic – Wilderness [MP3]