Impeccable New Single From Basement Revolver

Though I am likely a bit late in sharing this new song by Ontario based Basement Revolver, it’s just too damn good not to share late or not. The tune, “Tree Trunks”, is a slow, melodic, building track that reminds me of some of the better music from Wye Oak or even Camera Obscura. Both bands we here on the ATH team love. This band is certainly beginning to take off so get on the hype train while you still can.

You can pre-order the new Agatha EP now on Bandcamp. It’s out July 21st.

Shiny New Single From How Far to Mexico

13267908_937418903034132_7009201098422401159_nAs I’m enjoying this nice change of weather today, I’m needing some music to fit the sunshine currently spreading across our city. My new friends in Ottawa based band How Far to Mexico have given me just that with their new single “Fools”. It’s a bit of bright and shiny pop music with a bit of a breezy feeling perfect for a summer dance party or a long drive. I’ll be adding it to my summer playlist as I wrap up this post.

This track appears on a new EP entitled Drought coming out on June 11th (pre-order here).

Sludge Rock From WTCHS

2984239417-1When I first hit play on this new track “Mr. Hands” from Ontario based WTCHS, I knew I was in for something special.  From the get go, it drops into some seriously loud, in your face sludge rock that carries on throughout the song.  They like to reference QOTSA when asked to define their sound, and I see that, but it somehow manages to be even nosier and darker.  Daddy likes.

This song is on a new split 7″ from the croup with a B-Side by Thoughts on Air.  Check it out on bandcamp and order yourself a copy.


Download: WTCHS – Mr. Hands [MP3]