Warbly Pop from Oro Swimming Hour

At its core, this new track from Oro Swimming Hour is a great ballad. But, in order to up the ante a bit, the duo fill the song with wobbling atmospheric elements, throwing listeners off-kilter a bit with an intoxicating murkiness. They wrap up the natural warmth in shared harmonies, only furthering the understated enchantment that’s coming through your speakers right now. It should come as no surprise then that the band’sforthcoming Penrose Winoa will be handled by Orchid Tapes and Art is Hard Records; it hits on July 21st.

Stream/Buy New Soccer Mommy Album

soccermommyI first got turned onto Orchid Tapes because of their work with Coma Cinema, and it looks like they have another sparkling sensation in Soccer Mommy that’s made perfectly for all those folks sitting at home in darkened bedrooms. Listening, I can’t help imagine myself sitting in the corner of a friend’s apartment, watching as singer Sophie Allison records these songs with littler more than her voice and guitar. There’s something in these tracks, something intimate and admirable; I haven’t been able to pull myself away from the songs that make up For Young Hearts. My latest favorite of the 8 is “Skinned Knees,” if you’re looking for a place to start. You can grab it from Orchid Tapes and be sure to give money to the cause, as the album is currently NYOP.

Ghost Orchard Join Orchid Tapes

ghostorchardMan, this is precisely the music that I think of when I think of Orchid Tapes…just one of the reasons I really love the label. This new Ghost Orchard tune from their forthcoming album Bliss is remarkable; it’s got the exact sentiment that defines bedroom pop music. But, surprisingly, there’s a maturity to it that you wouldn’t associate with an 18 year-old, like singer/songwriter Sam Hall. It sounds like the perfect track for you to drift away into your daydreams at work, or to lay on the floor and just let your mind run amok. Should be out via the label real soon, ya here.

Another Gem from The Bilinda Butchers

heavenI’ve written about the Bilinda Butchers on several occasions, and their label has put up the album for the lucky NYP…but I suggest you also order the white LP version of the band’s new album, Heaven.  One of the reasons I love their approach to the album is they’ve taken the story of a Japanese woman’s diary being written in the 1800s and allowed it to inform the record.  You have these interesting little instrumental pieces, or songs like the one below, all adding depth to the life of the character, Nakajima Ume. The more pop oriented tracks remind me of the Comas (who I miss). You can order the LP from Orchid Tapes if you so like (and you should).


Download: The Bilinda Butchers – Less Than [MP3]


Foxes in Fiction Return with Great Tune

foxesThis track hit right before the holiday weekend, so I hadn’t had a chance to put it up yet, despite knowing that it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard this summer.  The song has this lush production, taking warbling tape and orchestration and building it into this effortless swell of pop.  It’s no surprise, however, as Foxes in Fiction have been making such breathtaking music for some time.  This is one of the seven tracks that’ll be featured on the group’s new album, Ontario Gothic, which is being released on the increasingly reliable Orchid Tapes in September.

More New Music from Alex G

dsuThere’s a lot of music coming out right now, but none is more fascinating to me, perhaps, than that of Alex G.  He’s a crafty songwriter that has amassed a large following rather quickly, though there’s still quite a few who aren’t aware of his gifts.  He’s signed on with Orchid Tapes (another hit for the label) to release his album DSU; it’s filled with these carefully drawn musical vignettes, steeped in oddity and pop traditions.  This song is a touch more quiet than others, but it still encompasses that beauty that’s kept me enraptured. Order your copy HERE.

New Music from The Bilinda Butchers

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHIf you’re into lo-fidelity pop music or quirk-pop, you should really keep your focus on Orchid Tapes.  It seems like every band they’re supporting is incredible, and it looks to be the same from The Bilinda Butchers.  This group has a little bit more of a straight-forward approach, as opposed to an Alex G or Elvis Depressedly, but that makes the songs immediately accessible, using dreamy guitar lines and warm vocals.  You’ll be able to grab the band’s Heaven LP from the label on July 15th, so keep an eye out for more good tuens from the label.

Another Great Track from Alex G

dsuYou don’t know who Alex G is!? That’s okay, because I didn’t either until a few days ago.  I was actually recommended to listening to his tunes via following his new label, Orchid Tapes…home of many great acts.  When I check in on what he had to offer, I was shocked that his new album, DSU, had already sold out of its limited run (don’t worry, a repress is coming shortly).  That’s pretty remarkable for anyone, but it’s not surprising when you listen to this song.  It holds on to great pop structures, offering soft vocals in contrast with vocals that push forward in the mix.  Just add this song to the long list of great music coming from the label.

More New Music from Coma Cinema

1881At the moment, I’m pretty obsessed with listening to Posthumous Release, the newest LP from Coma Cinema.  There’s something about the craftsmanship in the songwriting, dwelling in the same sphere as early Elf Power, where darkness and fairy tales blend with incredible pop sensibility.  On this newest single, there’s a bit of a wash over the vocals, coating them in a shroud of mystery, yet the ability to infect you with emotion still resonates in my ears. This album is one of my personal highlights of the year thus far, and you can grab your copy on June 11th.