Austin Spotlight: Orthy Releases Video for E.M.I.L.Y.

OrthyWe’ve run this jam before, but seeing as we love Orthy, it only serves you that we post it again, now that the track has been mastered and given the video treatment it deserves.  It’s especially important as our local favorite has plans to release the E.M.I.L.Y. EP on January 21st via Dither Down Records; we havent’ even heard the whole thing yet, and already it’s sneaking into our lists for next year.  The songs on this EP represent Ian’s love for his wife, which is a sentiment I hope many of you can understand, allowing you relate not only to the great music, but the subject matter as well.  You can stream the new video HERE or click post the break for embedded goodness, and if you’re free this weekend, the band will be playing at Mohawk with Auto Body Saturday night.


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Show Pics: Holy Ghost! @ Emo’s (10/24)

Crystal Stilts. Quite a change up from what I was shooting just before heading to downtown proper.

I have been digging on the new wave disco vibes from Holy Ghost! since first hearing “Hold On” as a demo. I knew nothing about Midnight Magic, but Orthy is an easy sell for me to get out early. In fact, I was standing in the crowd and looked over and noticed Alex from Holy Ghost! standing next to me. Turns out they are fans of Orthy, too, so they decided to have the Ian and the band join along for the Texas dates.

Emo’s played host. Plenty of pics and a few notes from the evening follow…

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Show Preview: Holy Ghost @ Emo’s (10.24)

We have some dancing to do.

Holy Ghost! last came to town in support of New Order. It was a great opening slot for them, save for one thing – they didn’t have all the new jams ready to unleash. Don’t get me wrong, I love the s/t, but I want to hear the new stuff. I am ready to dance to Dynamics.

Orthy will have their 12″ up for sale and Midnight Magic are road companions. Holy Ghost! has a knack for picking interesting openers so show up early.

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Austin Spotlight: Ramesh Is Back

rameshFor those of you who’ve missed the effortless pop from Voxtrot (I know I do!), rest assured that Ramesh isn’t giving up on things just yet. A year or so ago I ran a tune that Ramesh was working himself, and then yesterday a few sites popped up with new tunes; it shouldn’t surprise us since he’s got a few shows around Texas with our friends Orthy and Young Girls. This new tune (one of two) is a slow-tempo piece of bedroom pop, though there’s additional musical accompaniment that makes the song swell with effortless beauty.  I’m always happy to hear more from one of my favorite Austin artists.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

A Saturday Night In Austin

Saturday was busy. A couple of smaller shows were happening with ATH favorites playing at Holy Mountain and The Mohawk‘s inside stage. Matt Pond PAbrought along Matrimony in the former and Superhumanoids played the latter. It was nice of them to ask locals Tiger Waves and Orthy to join in, respectively.

I wore comfortable shoes (fashion faux pas flip-flops actually), grabbed the little camera, brought along the wife, alerted the friends and proceeded to mosey between venues on the Red River corridor. Join me for a little photo journey, won’t you?

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Show Preview: Superhumanoids @ Mohawk (6/29)

Date 6/29/13
Location Mohawk Inside
Doors 9:00pm
Tickets $12

How could I not mention this great show going on tonight at The Mohawk?

Superhumanoids delivered one of my favorite tracks last year. “Geri” was a mainstay on the Lots of Favorites playlist in Casa Brian.Gray. I last saw the band when they opened for Active Child. They get the inside stage tonight, local friends Orthy are opening.

Guess I’ll be splitting time between Holy Mountain and The Hawk.


Download: Superhumanoids – Geri [MP3]

A Make It Through Your Afternoon Mix

Ian Orth is a busy guy these days. Spinning as one half of Learning Secrets, leading the band Orthy and putting together some sweet mixes in his spare time. Hell, he was even recently featured in Tribeza Magazine.

So, I introduce to you one of his recently shared mixes. It was for El Paso’s Late Night Social Club. There be smooth beats here and you can download it. Ian has a knack for picking the remixes that don’t suck and making them work together, so nod your head through the rest of your workday and download it for your weekend.

Anyone have a set of lungs I could borrow?

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Deep Cuts Provides Your Theme Music

Every hero needs theme music…

In the mood for a locally-sourced tasty house dance jam with a great bass line and pretty vocal loops to get you through an afternoon? Good, me too. Thankfully, Michael from ATH favorite Orthy and Samantha of Whiite Walls DJ as Deep Cuts decided to do an original track. It makes me want to put on big headphones and walk around at night with purpose.

If you dig this, check out this IT Department post and a track from Loose Fit.

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Show Preview: Chad Valley @ Holy Mountain (5/7)


Date 5/7/13
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Frontgate

Sorry for our tardiness on this post, but we felt it warranted despite the late notice.  This evening a great show is going down at new favorite venue Holy Mountain featuring the likes of Chad Valley, Ski Lodge, and local up and comers Orthy.  I see the headliner as being enough to spend on this cheap show so the above average undercard makes it a must do.  That is if you don’t have to work on Wednesday… Maybe even if you do.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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