Show Preview: Cruiserweight @ Mohawk (12/13)


Date 12/13/13
Location Mohawk
Doors 7pm
Tickets $12 @ Que App

Defunct Austin band Cruiserweight broke up back in 2010 so it’s odd to see their name headlining a show at Mohawk on Friday night.  After a bit of research, I don’t see much information about the show so I assume it’s just a one and done type of thing.  The lineup is of course loaded with other local talent and Cruiserweight spin offs including Residual Kid, The Baker Family, Other Lovers, and Adam and the Bullshark.  I was somewhat of a closet fan of Cruiserweight back in the day and I think I’ll fork over the measly door price to reminisce.  For so many bands on the bill, including an old Austin vet, I recommend you do the same.


Download: Cruiserweight – Balboa [Mp3]

Austin Spotlight: Other Lovers

USnotextcropIt’s always exciting when we have some new Austin rock bands sending their tunes our way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the quirky, indie pop whatnot that this city produces, but it is nice to hear a band that might actually know how to rock from time to time.  The band I’m giving my bill of rock n roll quality today is Other Lovers.  Now these guys, and lone gal, have just been picked up by local label Oscillations Records run by John from local band Knifight.  Their music, to me, sounds like a mash up of old Austin chick led band Cruiserweight if you mixed in a more quirky pop band like Great Nostalgic (are they still around?).  Check out sweet tune “New” below and let us know what ya think.

New EP “Born to Party/Born to be Old” will be out on November 26th.


Download: Other Lovers – New [MP3]