Are You on the Boogarins Train Yet?

boogarinsWhen we first heard about Boogarins, I’ll admit I casually lumped them into the rehash psych pile, only to circle back after catching the band live. I have to claim insanity, or perhaps naivety, as the group’s quickly become one of my favorite groups of the genre. Still, the band’s only sold themselves more as they’ve progressed; you should just listen to the musicianship in the songwriting that exists in their latest single. It’s the second single from Manual, the band’s newest effort, which have sold me…especially with the album’s intriguing artwork; look for it to be released on October 30th via Other Music.

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New Music from Boogarins

boogarinsI don’t typically gravitate towards songs with languages other than English, as lyrics are pretty important to my listening experience. That being said, there’s something about Brazil’s Boogarins that made me gravitate towards their sound.  I can hear little elements of psych, but also a central focus on simple pop harmonies…those being portrayed primarily through the tones of the vocals.  The band has recently signed on with Other Music Recording Co. to release As Plantas Que Curam on October 1st.   Definitely interested to see where their music goes for an entire full length.

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Spanking New Tune from Nude Beach

nude_beach_kurtJust a short bit ago I praised the debut album from New York’s Nude Beach; it ended up making our list of top albums for 2012. Luckily for us all, we didn’t have to wait long before new tunes came our way; they have a brand new 7″ coming out for Other Music Recording. Again, the group is channeling the history of American rock n’ roll, but doing it with even more grit and balls than some of their predecessors.  This tune definitely has the hooks to keep you interested, and the songwriting to show these boys are a force to be reckoned with going forth.

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Bouncy Jam from Nude Beach

One of the acts I’m really excited for everyone to catch onto this year is Nude Beach. Personally, I don’t think there’s really anything else out there like this at the moment, with a fusion of classic pop rock and lo-fi garage. Their new album II will come out on August 14th via Other Music Recording Co, which has made some great signings.  If you’re looking to get transported back into the past a little bit, but hold onto a hint of your hipster credibility, then you gotta fall in love with Nude Beach; you won’t be disappointed.



New Track from Nude Beach

Now, this is a band I’m definitely going to get behind!  Nude Beach is from NY, and you can see some lineage to old school NY.  The group’s got this swagger and this street-smart sound…and there’s a hint of garage pop to boot.  They’ve recently signed on to Other Music Recording Co, who will help put out the group’s newest record, II, on August 14th this year.  It’s a track that should have pretty much all music fans salivating, using bits of modern indie rock fused with a classic street sound.  I’m going to love this record, and I bet you will too.



Cool Japanese Groove from Shintaro Sakamoto

We don’t generally cover a lot of world music, but sometimes you get something that transcends language and culture, connecting us all on a level as pop afficionados.  Shintaro Sakamoto used to play in a psychedelic band, Yura Yura Teikoku, but this new solo career has him venturing forth into new territory.  His newest album, How to Live with a Phantom comes out on July 17th via Other Music Recording Co.  My ears hear elements of tropicalia, just with a slightly more casual approach.  Admittedly I have no idea what he’s saying, but I love this song nonetheless.


Download:Shintaro Sakamoto – In A Phantom Mood [MP3]