Slight Of Delivers Title Track of Other People LP

I love when you hit upon a band that’s somehow creating music that feels nostalgic, yet presses forward with its own vision, like the latest from Slight Of. There are definitely guitar bits that feel every bit as if I’m reliving my earliest days as a tape collector in the 80s. Still, that’s unfair to label it as some sort of throwback, as the song moves in other directions too as the track progresses. For one, the vocals have that feel as if Jim Hill is gasping for breath, almost like he’s channeling some sort of indie pop crooner. Weave it all together, with just a slight hint of every day pop hooks and you’ve got a winner…or so says I. Other People will be out on August 28th via Dadstache Records and Figure 2 RC.

New Tunes from American Princes

princesNot sure how I missed this last month, but one of my favorite acts, American Princes, have tossed up some new songs on their site, which leads us to anticipate a new album coming out sometime in the near future. If it’s anything like Other People, I think we’ll all be quite pleased with the output.  Here’s one of those new tunes to get you excited, but be sure to check out the other one on their site as well.


Download: American Princes – Rock And Roll [MP3]