Playful Single from Owl & Mouse

owlzImmediately, there’s a simplicity to this song from Owl & Mouse.  It’s just a little ukulele backed by a solemn piano chord, soon accompanied by Hannah Botting’s voice. Still, the basic approach wraps itself around your ears, drawing you close into the lyrics, discussing the emotions of saying goodbye.  As the song unfolds there’s some really lush accompaniment filling in the space that lays empty…there’s added strings and really light percussion.  It’s a remarkable start for the group’s debut, Departures, which is being released by Fika Recordings later this year.  Find yourself falling in love with this number today.

New Music from Owl & Mouse

owlOne of the many great micro-labels I constantly follow is Fika Recordings, and they just announced their newest signing, Owl & Mouse.  My interest in the label is the obscure singer-songwriter fare they seem to discover, and this is no different.  Hannah Botting is the enchanting singer on this song, offering up her gentle voice over her simple chords.  Those of you who love the writing of indiepop, lyrically speaking, will also find her wordplay something special.  The Somewhere to Go EP will be available in digital and 7″ formats on June 23rd.