New Track from Cold Cave

Since Cold Cave have been around, I’ve regarded them casually, liking what I’ve sampled, but never over-indulging.  That’s going to change though, now that Matador has released the first single from their latest album, Cherish the Light Years, which comes out on April 5th.  Still present are the dense electronic elements, but the vocals sound so much more forceful than they’ve ever been, giving a certain since of urgency to the group’s sound.  It’s a noisy number, but in the end, that’s what builds the anticipation for this record, as the band are willing getting a little bit grittier with their sound, going further into the darker side of their sound.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good Pan reference?


Download: Cold Cave – The Great Pan Is Dead [MP3]

ACL Interviews: Suckers

suckers_ACLToday we focus on some of the lesser known bands of ACL with an interview spotlighting relatively new Brooklyn band Suckers. We spoke to the man simply known as Pan this week via phone to find out a little bit about this new project. I think you will all be glad to know that Pan is in full support of my Pearl Jam pick for ACL. So there. Follow the jump for full interview.

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