Playful Number from Spritzer

Amidst all the changes in the musical landscape, I often get sidetracked and forget just how much I really love a good pop song, like the one below from Spritzer. The track jumps off, almost from the beginning with a driving percussive beat, so quick it almost gives into a rhythmic bounce. Throughout, the guitars circle overhead, wading into pop structures while the natural melody helps carry the song’s pop sensibility. It’s a fun little number, and one that lends promise to the group’s forthcoming LP, Love. Lies. Decay. which is coming out on April 27th via Paper Garden Records.

More Pop To Love From Spritzer

14053663_876990992431249_3986173069315795720_oY’all, I’ve been telling you about this project from Matt Meade for some time now, so how long is it going to take before you finally jump on the Spritzerfan train? Hopefully not too much longer, because it soundslike this train is in full motion with this new track, “The Twilite.” This track is a jazzy pop number, relying on the sounds of wild synths that float in and out of the mix, as well as subtle jazz percussion that simmers under it all. At the heart of the song are the vocals from Meade, which are like a cool breeze on a hot day; soft and with just enough distortion on them to make them float through the mix. Take a listen and get ready for an EP from Spritzer, which will be out September 16 on Paper Garden Records.


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Impressive New Single From ARMS

13100819_10154095561593328_1209908726262583798_nSomehow through my terrible absent mindedness I’ve missed the boat on some new singles from Brooklyn based Todd Goldstein and his new project known as ARMS. Now some of you may recognize Todd’s name as he used to play guitar and write some songs in now disbanded Brooklyn band Harlem Shakes. Already knowing his way around a pop song or two, Todd started making some music on his own and has released quite a few singles in anticipation of a new album. His most recent single, “Missing”, can be found below. It’s a nice bit of pop music that meanders a little bit as it builds toward an explosive and fist pump worthy finale. I thought you might enjoy.

Patterns will be out on June 3rd via Paper Garden Records.

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Fresh Pop Track From Spritzer

10494557_627208600742824_3610293388907063125_nEarlier this year, I shared with you an early cut of this killer pop tune “Melt” from Matt Meade’s new project, Spritzer. Flash forward a few months and Meade has yet another winner on his hands with “Don’t Die, Kill Me,” which is the song you’ll find below. When you press play on this number, you’re immediately grabbed by the huge sound of synths, guitar and building drums, which create this sort of eerie pop blast. This transitions to a more mellow combination of jangly-surf guitar, Meade’s distorted and yet soothingly sweet vocals, and clacking percussion. As the song progresses, that synth creeps its way back in, and the band’s got a hit on their hands.  This track is part of a debut EP, Don’t Die, which features these two refreshing pop tunes. Take a listen to it below and get ready for big things from Spritzer.

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Delightful Pop From Pree

UntitledWhile perusing some of the bands playing SXSW this year, I came across DC pop band Pree, realizing that I posted about them almost 6 years ago as a start up act.  Now I’ve probably missed some of their tunes over the years, but I’m excited to share with you this great track today entitled “Hooks & Eyes”.  The song is an impressive little pop number that reminds me of fellow female led band Headlights combined with some of the quirkiness from Deerhoof.  It’s rather pleasant.

Pick up new album, Rima, on May 5th via Paper Garden Records.

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Catchy Pop From ARMS

avatars-000047311695-j5jwr8-t500x500Here’s a great little pop number called “Earthquake Weather” coming your way from New York based group ARMS.  The track reminds me of some of the older material that used to be churned out by fellow pop vets Islands.  It’s catchy as hell and sure to brighten your day just a bit.  Check it out below.

A new EP entitled EP2 is due out September 9th on Paper Garden Records.

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