Mellow Groove from Paperhaus

paprsWhen I think of DC, I always go straight to the punk roots of the city…still in love.  But, when listening to Paperhaus, I hear a band far from that…aside from the DIY aesthetic that has allowed the band to grow, crumble and rebuild. There’s this catchy groove, using a nice guitar pluck for some emphasis that works to offset the band’s slow-moving pace.  It reminds me of Austin’s Abram Shook running on-stage to join Built to Spill; I guess that’s a weird analogy, but I’m sticking to it. They’ll finally be releasing their debut LP, which is self-titled, on February 10th. Enjoy this ditty.


Download: Paperhaus – So Slow [MP3]

Brooding Post Rock from Paperhaus

paperThe weather’s been cold and dreary this weekend, so I wanted to kind of get into this week with some tunes that fit the weather patterns of the world.  For me, this Paperhaus tune really summed up the weather, with these nice bits of angular guitar work knifing their way through a feathery vocal that floats through the distance.  I think the reason this song won me over, aside from the obvious of the music, was that the song stretches near 7 minutes, yet it was still able to capture my attention. They’ve got a self-titled effort coming your way in February of next yea, but for now, just enjoy this tune and all its fine moments.


Download: Paperhaus – Cairo [MP3]