Papercuts Bless Us With More Tunes!

Last year, Papercuts put out an incredible record withParallel Universe Blues, and now they’ve got a few more new tunes to share with us. So, rejoice, fans of hazy, jangly, just beyond bedroom pop, as we’ve got two new tracks to enjoy. While this EP features album cut, “Kathleen Says,” it also has a Jackson C. Frank cover and another Papercuts original, “Comb In Your Hair,” which is delightfully morose, thanks to the familiar vocals of Jason Quever. It’s kind of a stripped down tune, with just Quever and his rich and full guitar. At this point, I’m of the opinion that any more music from Papercuts is good music. What do you think?

Another Track from Papercuts

We’re just about a week away from the release of the new Papercuts album, and the band just released one of my favorite tracks from the LP. I love the underlying energy from the rhythm section, which works in contrast to the smoky haze of Jason Quever’s voice; the guitar’s, too, carry on an energetic tone. It’s the perfect juxtaposition, allowing the listener to get carried away by the uplifting spirit, whilst still delving into moments of reflection. If you’re willing to let music carry you away again, perhaps you’ll pick up Parallel Universe Blues on October 17th via Slumberland.

The New Papercuts Tune is Great

The opening minute of this new Papercuts tune has this bounding haze, matched by the obscured characters in the video; it’s got an infectious bounce that builds right into Jason Quever’s opening vocal lines. I don’t know what it is, but something about the way his voice is recorded just give me this imaginary sense of weightlessness; he does switch up the tone as he lets his voice fall atop the mix in what is perhaps the chorus. Eventually, the vocals fade into the background and we traverse through the video as the rest of the band come full circle back to the original bounding notes. This tune appears on Parallel Universe Blues, which is being released on October 19th via Slumberland Records.