New Single from Katie Von Schleicher

Haven’t written about Katie Von Schleicher for a bit, so now that she’s announced a new album, seems like the perfect time to enjoy her work. She’s working her vocal magic over a pretty mellow vibe, which has a few occasions to get a little more emphatic with fuzzy noise and a slight bounce. For me, her voice is always the draw; she has this way to alter tones, even from syllable to syllable…and that’s on display here. I like how she takes deeper tones and stretches them into something more euphoric as the notes are drawn out. She’s just announced Shitty Hits for release on July 28th via Ba Da Bing, so stay tuned for more.

Check Out This Ditty from Holiday Ghosts

pinpalYou know I’ve long been a follower of the Art is Hard Records collective, and I think they hit it out of the proverbial ballpark with this Holiday Ghosts single. The track has a little bit of a soulful boogie to it, though it’s execution is a bit ramshackle. You’ll even hear a breakdown shuffle near the back end of the tune. Never a bad time when you’ve got hits that sound this good, so boogie down folks…and hopefully we get to hear more from this outfit.