Parrot Dream Share B-Side

I was all about enjoying Light Goes, the debut LP from dreamy pop outfit, Parrot Dream. But, as is probably the case with almost every band you love, a few of the songs didn’t make it onto that LP, and they’re just now getting to see the light of day. This particular number, to me, seems like its a performance piece for Christina; her voice controls the entire mood, like an emotional tractor-beam for listeners. That’s not to say that the band don’t do great work behind her; they’re sharp and focused, but sure to stay clear. This B-Side appears with two other leftover tunes from the session that gave us Light Goes…which is available now via Good Eye Records.

All About Parrot Dream

I feel like the best thing I can do for you is to continue to encourage you to spend some time with Brooklyn-via-Chile act, Parrot Dream. This track is definitely on the pop-centric side of things; I think it will definitely draw comparisons, in some of the guitar sound to Beach House. It begins with this fuzzy keyboard intro, before Christina allows her voice to sparkle in the front of the mix. There’s this momentary respite at the 2 minute mark, offering just enough space for a slowed-down vocal performance that’s matched by some emphatic drum work. Light Goes will drop on August 24th via Good Eye Records, and you’ll be glad it did!

Parrot Dream Drop Another Single

In just about a month, Parrot Dream will finally release their debut album, Light Goes, and they’re slowly letting singles trickle into the world. On the latest single, they open the song with an almost post-rock aesthetic, focusing on the crisp guitar sounds that spin around in step with the rhythm section. It’s not until the first minute has finished that you get to meet the band’s dream pop persona, introducing a wash of keyboards and warm vocals that ride the natural melody to the song’s end. It’s another nice entry into the band’s catalog, so if you’re interested, be sure to grab it from Good Eye Records on August 24th.

Dreamy New Parrot Dream

You might remember Parrot Dream from our brief SXSW Interview with the band, but if not, let’s refresh a bit. The group began in Chile before relocating to Brooklyn where they fleshed out their band with various friends. They’ve finally gotten all the pieces together, amassed a decent following and now have their debut full length ready for you. Our first listen has this excellent blend between shoegaze and dream pop, which I suppose always combine to make the perfect mix. The guitar has this refreshing glisten with atmospherics lurking from behind from layered electronics. Christina soon enters the fray, letting her voice hang above it all, almost casually in fashion. Light Goes will be out on August 24th via Good Eye Records.