Most Listened to Albums in 2019…According to Keeled Scales

Austin label Keeled Scales are clearly some of our favorite people; they’ve pretty much exploded into one of the best labels in the US, so we’re glad they had a few moments to list out their 10 Most Listened to LPs of 2019!

Be sure to visit their SITE and check out all the great releases; I’d start with this year’s Jordan Moser record, then maybe hop back to that Julia Lucille LP (if you were asking me!). They’ve also made us a great playlist of their favorite tunes from this year, as well as some hits from their artists, all after the jump!

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Dig the New Eagulls Track

eaglesThere’s definitely been some more noticeable acts taking a similar approach to that which Eagulls are using below. You’ll hear the utilization of dissonant guitar walls while the rhythm section serves to propel the song forward. But, what’s been striking me is the way the vocals seem to be sung from a distance. I know it’s been used many times before, but it’s interesting to see how various genres are using the same approach. Still, the moments of this track that take on a warmer melody are surely appealing. And Stereogum will probably post about this by the end of the day…so you know it’s cool. Look for their new album, Ullages (a play on their name, not on the real Eagles) on May 13th via Partisan Records.

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Torres Keeps Spitting Out Solid Tracks

torresI’ve already posted about Torres a few times, but she keeps putting out more great tracks from her upcoming album, so I’m going to keep sharing them with you until Sprinter comes out May 5th. This song, “Cowboy Guilt” has the signature growling vocals of Mackenzie Scott, but it also gives out some St. Vincent vibes in the distorted guitars that wind their way through the track. Though methodical in that it doesn’t really build too far from the beginning of the track to the end, but the lyrics add an extra element to the tune to hold you there. Give it a listen and get even more ready for Sprinter.

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Why Not Post This Torres Song?


So those of us fortunate to have encountered the delightful Torres sometime over the past week at SXSW know, but for the rest of you who weren’t so lucky, I’m here to let you in on the gospel. Torres is what’s up, and this new song “Sprinter” which is also the title of her upcoming album, should make Mackenzie Scott a name on your radar. This song has a very Sharon Van Etten force to it; the power vocals are at the centerfold, but it’s impossible not to pick up on the nuanced instrumentation that is also at play here. Go on, get on this party bus of darkness with me and Torres… there’s plenty of simmering sadness to go around and look out for the album Sprinter that’s coming May 5th.

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New Music from The Dismemberment Plan

homepage_large_34eb3122Emergency and I was one of my favorite records back in the day, and when it was re-released on vinyl this year, I quickly grabbed it up.  But, that album’s old, and for the most part, I had accepted that The Dismemberment Plan was dead and buried, even though Travis Morrison was still out there writing music. So, now that the band is back, why not share their new music?  The single below is from the band’s upcoming record, Uncanny Valley, which comes out on October 15th via Partisan.  I like that this song isn’t quite as spastic as I remember the band being; I like how it slowly unfolds, with Morrison’s calm vocals walking us through the track.  Happy to see these guys making new music, hope you are too.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Kicking New Jam from Diamond Rugs

What do you get when you combine bits of Deer Tick, Black Lips and a handful of other songwriters? One listen to the latest single by Diamond Rugs and you’ll see that it’s clearly a country-tinged rock effort.  The band’s a collaboration, and they’ll be releasing their self-titled album on April 24th via Partisan Records.  It’s primarily the work of John McCauley of Deer Tick, but there’s definitely a visible edge being added by the other members, so you’re sure to see a heavier touch on the full-length–you can even feel it a bit in this track.  Seems like it could be pretty solid through and through.


Download:Diamond Rugs – Gimme a Beer [MP3]

More New Music From Warm Ghost

Here’s another new industrial pop jam called “Myths on Rotting Ships” from Brooklyn based Warm Ghost that’s been crawling around inside my head recently.  As previously stated, the band has finally released their debut full length LP Narrows this week on Partisan Records.  It’s taken some time for me to get into their tunes, but after spinning their new album several times now, I’d call it highly recommended from ATH Ray Ray.


Download: Warm Ghost – Myths on Rotting Ships [MP3]

New Music From BOBBY

Recently put together band BOBBY have this quirky new tune “Ginger (Water Birth)” that I’ve been jamming this morning.  The song is set to appear on a new self-titled album from the group due out June 21st on Partisan Records.  If you dig this tune, the band has graciously decided to stream their new album prior to its release date over on NPR’s First Listen.  Give it a spin.


Download: BOBBY – Ginger (Water Birth) [MP3]

New Tunes from Warm Ghost

Warm Ghost is yet another Brooklyn band fusing pop hooks with industrial machines.  While that may not come as a surprise to people following the NY scene, this band seems to have a different approach.  Their vocals definitely don’t carry the typical pop fare, not to mention the coldness of the music itself.  Earlier this year the band released their Claws Overhead EP, but they’ll be re-releasing it in early 2011 with four additional songs while they prep their debut full-length.  Keep your eyes on the prize folks, as this definitely has some interesting potential.


Download: Warm Ghost- Open The Wormhole In Your Heart [MP3]