Yet Another Gem From Paul Bergmann

Leeds, Massachusetts based songwriter Paul Bergmann has received an enormous amount of praise on our website over the last few years. Seriously, Nathan and I love this guy’s music. After releasing his Night, Unfold EP last February, Bergmann is treating us fans with this new one off single called “Death of Me”. In simplest of terms, this song is absolutely beautiful.

Stream Night Unfold EP from Paul Bergmann

By now you’re well aware of my appreciation for Paul Bergmann; he’s expanded his sound, seemingly drawing from a darker place on his Night, Unfold EP. Listening to the EP’s opening tune, he almost has an operatic tone akin to early Patrick Wolf, draped carefully over a piano. It’s followed by “There’s Love (In almost everything),” which is still one of my favorite tracks of this year; you should listen to it at least once a day. And that’s just to start…you get to journey through these songs feeling like you’ve delved deeper into the soul of Paul, and you come out the better for it.

Paul Bergmann Wins Again

In case you missed it, Paul Bergmann made a beautiful record last year that I included in my Albums People Probably Overlooked. Rest easy, you still have time to go back, but first listen to this new entry into Paul’s on-going canon. It’s simple in structure, with Bergmann’s voice moving gently atop a walking piano line. At times, it almost sounds like the piano is going out of tune, haunted by a faint speaker hiss in the recording; it’s one of the more intimate offerings we’ve heard him created. Overall, it leaves you with a message of promise, both in life, and in Bergmann’s continued growth as a songwriter. This song will feature on his new EP titled Night, Unfold, which comes out on February 2nd.

Ten Records from 2017 People Probably Overlooked

It’s that silly time of year when we ascribe arbitrary rankings to the music created by our favorite artists. And, I’ve already seen a few lists from the likes of Paste or Rolling Stone (among others) that I find completely off the mark. Now, our ATH End of Year list will be a team effort, so here is a list of records I adored that probably won’t end up on too many other “Best of Lists,” though I think they should! Again, no particular order, just ten albums you should enjoy. …that you might have forgotten about.

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More New Paul Bergmann Jams

Paul Bergmann will release Nothing at All today, and it belongs in your record collection…if you’re listening to my opinion. In celebration of the release, he’s offered up these two great new tracks from the LP, and those of you into songwriters will want to take a listen to his gifts. I’m just going to toss these two tunes up, and hope you’re listening…and loving. Happy Friday to you.

Powerful Ballad from Paul Bergmann

I’m a huge fan of Paul Bergmann‘s work, and am excited he’s back so quickly with another collection of songs that heads our way in May. He just released this great song and accompanying video,which features a personal portrayal of Paul’s soaring voice and personality. I love how he’s playfully swinging himself about as the track’s accompanying strings play through the background. Somehow I feel like there are never enough artists crafting this sort of eloquent pop, but oh how I wish they were. Look for his new album, Nothing at All, on May 5th.

Fresh Paul Bergmann

paulIt looks like every one has a case of the Mondays, at least based on the music coming about today. That’s not a bad thing, as it brings us this glorious tune from Paul Bergmann. This song really has the feeling of Devandra Barnhart, relying upon the strength of lyricism and vocals, while the music coolly sits in the background, trickling through your ears. His debut album, Stars and Streams, is high on my list of anticipated releases for this month, or even this year; it’s set to be released on August 26th. You’ll just need one listen to understand why.

Soft Ballad from Paul Bergmann

paulWhat a great way to start Monday, with a really soft ballad that warms the soul. This tune from Paul Bergmann is likely to get some love, since Emily from Warpaint is singing along with Mr. B, but I’m just falling for its understated qualities. Each chord and note is strummed so gently that it’s barely creating more than the central melody at play. Settle into your desk, settle into your day, and let this song carry your mind away. Look for Bergmann’s Romantic Thoughts EP on October 2nd via Fairfax Recordings.