Paul Cook and the Chronicles Share Old Pursuit

Paul Cook is one of those songwriters that just keeps at it, switching gears, changing directions, clearly leaving you in awe of his craft. The London musician just dropped this brand new tune with his outfit Paul Cook & the Chronicles, and its driving home that pure classic pop rock sound, the sort you might hear coming from a classic set by the Oneders, or more recently, Brendan Benson when he was younger…not to mention a little Teenage Fanclub nod in there around the 2 minute mark. Hooks are abundant throughout, but if you’re not singing the chorus along with Paul by the end of this song, you clearly weren’t listening. Clearly this is prime Paul Cook, so let yourself sit back and enjoy good old pop rock n’ roll. The whole Old Pursuit EP is live today!

Brand New Paul Cook and the Chronicles

paulcookWe’ve let Paul Cook and the Chronicles grace our pages quite frequently, as I’m of a huge fan of the songwriting. There’s a purity to his approach, sometimes wearing the influences of his heroes, but usually just relying upon his great knack to create sweet melodies. Here in Austin, the air just got cooler, the sun’s out and feel like a this tune is the perfect way to take you all into the weekend. It’s a carefree tune, with Paul’s vocals layered to maximize their ability to hook listeners. His new Until I Fall AsleepEP will be available on November 18th…and he promises more EPs to come in the next little while. But for now, happy Friday with this uplifting jam.

The Pop of Paul Cook & the Chronicles

paulydI’ve long chronicled (see what I did there) the work and career of Paul Cook, and I’m happy to say that I can always find something enjoyable in his work. He’s a trust worthy pop songsmith, so when he passed over his new EP with request to run a new tune, I couldn’t deny him. There’s subtle touches in his work that elevate his songs above your average fare, like the female touches that come through the background during the latter half of this number.  If you like what you hear, his Night Fires EP is available for free HERE.


Download: Paul Cook & the Chronicles – Night Fires [MP3]

New Single from Paul Cook and the Chronicles

artworks-000085447342-csi8dq-t500x500I’ve got a really soft spot for Paul Cook and the Chronicles.  Paul’s got this heavenly voice that reminds me of more innocent days of music enjoyment.  On the band’s latest single, there’s this light bit of guitar that lays quietly beneath the rest of the production…which isn’t too shabby in and of itself.  Duties for recording this track were done by Todd Roache, who also handled the work on Paul’s “Radar.”  At some point, I expect the group to finish up touches on a full-length, but for now, they’re letting us enjoy this beauty for free.


Download: Paul Cook – Come Out Wherever You Are [MP3]

Fresh Tunes from Paul Cook and the Chronicles

paulSeems like Thursday’s are good for really great pop tunes, so why not give you another one from Paul Cook and the Chronicles.  The project is mostly the work of Paul Cook, who occasionally gets by with a little bit of help from his friends, such as drummer Phil Wilkinson.  I like Paul’s work; it always reminds me of the less-kitschky version of Darwin Deez.  It’s all pop music, and no unnecessary filler.  This is the first track off the Radar EP, which will see a release on June 1st, but you can enjoy the tune below right now.


Download: Paul Cook and the Chronicles – Radar [MP3]

Pop Gem from Paul Cook and the Chronicles

paulThis new tune from Paul Cook floated into my inbox last week, and I wish I had gotten to it earlier.  It’s a smooth little pop ditty from the singer-songwriter, who uses his Chronicles to provide listeners with a look into his life.   Clearly this song is about a lady leaving our songwriter during the holidays, so its fitting that we’re in the midst of our own holiday season.  If you like what you hear, I advise you to spend some time with Paul’s back catalogue; it’s filled with songs just as great as the one you’ll find below.


Download: Paul Cook and the Chronicles – Wood On The Fire [MP3]