Doug Tuttle Joins Matt Lajoie For Guitar Album

First off, Doug Tuttle has already released the most excellent album, Peace Potato, earlier this year. Now he’s joined up with his friend Matt Lajoie (Herbcraft) to create an improvisational electric guitar record, American Primate. The concept of the album was born while the two toured together, reuniting at Doug’s home studio in Massachusetts. There was no concept, only the goal of creating something entirely improvisational…with a little studio magic added to the back end. The result is quite something, as you listen to two guitars battling back and forth, shifting pitches to balance one another at the same time. American Primate will be available through Burger Records on October 6th.

Doug Tuttle Does It Again

How many great records will Trouble in Mind Records release this year!? Paperhead, Rays and it sounds like Doug Tuttle will just add to that collection. His latest single is this feathery bit of pop, carefully played out within the brief confines of the track. To me, it just seems like Tuttle is out there writing these effortless bits of psychedelic folk with maximized accessibility for listeners; you’ll notice nods to various styles, but you’ll be drawn in by a supreme infectiousness. Keep knocking em out of the park Doug; grab the new LP, Peace Potato, from TiM on May 5th.

Soft Jam from Doug Tuttle

I really love the work of Trouble in Mind Records. What I love the most is the diversity of the label, tossing out rockers like Omni or Rays, then bringing us something softer like this new Doug Tuttle. From the moment you press play, you’re immersed in this wonderful world filled with strings and horn accompaniment. The approach of this song fits perfectly with the album art of Peace Potato, as you can see Tuttle walking into the stars…you should feel as if you’re doing the same when this number reaches your ears. This is a far cry from his work in MMOSS, so look for the new album on May 5th.