ACL Recap & Photos: Day 3


Well folks, it’s been a week since the ATH crew embarked upon Zilker Park for a weekend of music and general debauchery. Gates are open for Weekend Two, but here’s a recap of the highlights from last Sunday in case you’re still looking to relive or maybe you want some guidance as to who to see and who to skip for your Sunday scheduling. Catch each ATH member’s personal take on Sunday and see some gorgeous photos from B.Gray after the jump.


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FT5: Band Logos

0219top5coverIn the history of popular music, there have only been a handful of truly memorable and iconic logos. While searching through all of the logos out there, I decided to try and make the list a little more interesting. So I’ve chosen my favorite band logos from a few different genres and then ranked those. There were great logos out there for crappy bands. There were band logos from my younger days that reminded me a little too much of a Yaga shirt. So follow the jump and you’ll find logos that are as timeless as the bands they represent.

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ACL Top 10 Acts

ACL_top10_bannerSo we survived the weekend that was the dillo dirt sludge of ACL and we’re ready to provide a bit of reflections from our experience.  We’ll start things off with a quick recap of some of our favorite acts from the festival and who impressed us the most.  This is only our list and we based it on our time and taste so let us know if you saw something great we forgot about.  Follow the jump for our Top 10 acts of ACL.

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ACL Interviews: Suckers

suckers_ACLToday we focus on some of the lesser known bands of ACL with an interview spotlighting relatively new Brooklyn band Suckers. We spoke to the man simply known as Pan this week via phone to find out a little bit about this new project. I think you will all be glad to know that Pan is in full support of my Pearl Jam pick for ACL. So there. Follow the jump for full interview.

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FT5: Worst.Songs.Ever

0501top5cover2You know that song that makes you want to gouge your eardrums out with a rusty butter knife? A song that might make you wish you couldn’t even hear at all? Or maybe one that makes you want to go Bluto Blutarsky on someone? As much as we love the music we write about on a day-to-day basis, we could also write a book about music we hate. So with today’s list we bring you the “Worst.Songs.Ever.” This is not a scientific list. It is simply a personal list of songs that 5 ATH staff writers wish had never existed. Follow the jump for our worst songs ever, and share yours with us when you’re done.

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FT5: First Concerts

0501top5cover1The first official concert in a young person’s life can be a monumental occasion. 15 years and countless shows later, you always remember your first. The ATH offices were surveyed, and today’s Top 5 is a random ordering of the first concert from 5 ATH staff members. Although I was hoping to find some suppressed NKOTB or Debbie Gibson concerts among us, I had no such luck. Some of us were a little embarassed to fess up, while some us were happy to gloat. But this list isn’t just about us. We want to hear about your first concert experience as well, as cool or embarrassing as it might be. Follow the jump for our list.

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Corgan Blames Vedder For Cubs Fall

Maybe we should just start running a feature on this site about formerly great 90s front men who have fallen on strange times. This week, Billy Corgan makes the headlines with some odd accusations aimed towards Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder. Apparently Billy thinks Eddie is to blame for the Cubs recent playoff choke.  Referring to the song Vedder wrote for the Cubs, “All the Way”, Corgan said: “If the Cubs did have a chance this last year that just passed,” Corgan told a Chicago crowd. “F—ing Eddie Vedder killed that s— dead. Last I checked, Eddie ain’t living here, OK? Eddie ain’t living here to write a song about my f—ing team.” Um, ok?  This comes after Chris Cornell teamed up with Timbaland, Anthony Kiedis makes a TV show, and Scott Weiland records an album full of rubbish.  Oh how the mighty have fallen… What happened to you formerly glorious 90s front men?  Read the full story on Spinner.