New Hit from Pema

It’s Friday folks. It’s early and you needed to pick it up. Well, I figured you could listen to this new hit from our friend Alex, who currently is working under her Pema moniker (she’s also in Austin group Alex Napping). There’s this pulse that brings the song in, with extemporaneous beeps and bloops layered in to maximize the hook factor. I love the way Alex plays with the syllables in her vocal delivery in the song’s late middle, before putting in a final stomp to groove you to the end. Pema will release Bad Habits on May 4th via Topshelf Records.

Even More Music from Pema

pemaThe more I hear from this new Pema release, the more I think it’s really going to surprise longtime followers of Alex Napping and their frontwoman (Alex Cohen). On this latest track, the synth/sample work is pretty minimal, with several of the beats being dragged and repeated, then looped back in for the mix. But, as one expects, the star is definitely Cohen, whose voice soars playfully throughout; she hits some notes that I didn’t expect from her, but am grateful she gets up there. Look for her debut, Doublethink, via Wishy Washy on June 3rd.

More from PEMA

pemaJust a few weeks ago we dropped a tune your way from Alex Cohen, who many people will know from her work with Austin’s Alex Napping. But…don’t confuse this, as PEMA is her pop-centric new project, where she’s really stretching herself to find a new place for her voice. For this number, she enlisted producer LAZ3NBY to work behind the buttons. The product is a place where you likely haven’t heard Alex go, but if that’s the case, or if this is your first introduction, your’e going to be enamored with the end product. Vocals are looped back in to provide background while Alex’s voice rises to the front of the mix; I like the restraint on the beats, allowing Cohen to shine. Look for her PEMA debut, Doublethink, via Wishy Washy on June 3rd.

Brand New Music from Pema

alexThose of you spouting off about how Austin music is dying need to just stop. Today alone I ran singles from Slomo Drags and Bloody Knives…both better than 99% of what’s come across my desk from elsewhere. Now we have this brand new track from Pema, the working title of Alex Cohen’s new pop-centric project. She’s most well-known in town for her work with Alex Napping, but the brilliance of this track should not go unnoticed. What’s most striking for me his the strength of her voice; it’s always been great, but it’s presence in the mix is really remarkable (it reminds me a lot of Amber Coffman). I love the playful work of everything behind her voice too…such a good introduction to her new project. Look for her debut, Doublethink, via Wishy Washy Records on June 3rd.