Another Oro Swimming Hour Tune

Just a few weeks after dropping their Penrose Winoa LP on Art Is Hard, Oro Swimming Hour have dropped another new tune. Of course, it’s a special blend of warped bedroom pop with the beautiful little combined vocal harmonies. The guitar is featured prominently here, almost jangling from the way the track was recorded. This is just a one off hit the band recorded to make up for missing a show in the UK, but I think it continues to illustrate just how gifted the songwriting is with this duo.

More New Tunes from Oro Swimming Hour

Not quite sure what it is, but there’s something special with Oro Swimming Hour. At times, the songs almost feel muddled, as if they’ve done too much. But, this music needs patience and time; if you choose to give it that, the layers peel away leaving the core of the band’s pop sensibility bare and honest. It’s part folk, part bedroom pop and part experimentation…all of it leaving you enchanted. The group will be releasing their LP Penrose Winoa this Friday via Art is Hard Records, so be sure to sample another jam!

Another Stunner from Oro Swimming Hour

Not long ago, I raved about the first single from Oro Swimming Hour, and I’m going out on a limb saying that this is even better than the last one. It starts off with this warbly quirk, but then settles into the bread and butter: the dueling male/female vocals. In listening closely that this is the sort of songwriting that’s extremely personal, almost as if they meant for you to listen to it quietly in your room (headphones work best). Can’t wait to get my hands on their album, Penrose Winoa, which will be released via Art Is Hard Records on July 28th.

Warbly Pop from Oro Swimming Hour

At its core, this new track from Oro Swimming Hour is a great ballad. But, in order to up the ante a bit, the duo fill the song with wobbling atmospheric elements, throwing listeners off-kilter a bit with an intoxicating murkiness. They wrap up the natural warmth in shared harmonies, only furthering the understated enchantment that’s coming through your speakers right now. It should come as no surprise then that the band’sforthcoming Penrose Winoa will be handled by Orchid Tapes and Art is Hard Records; it hits on July 21st.