R.E. Seraphin Drops A Room Forever EP

The pandemic shutdown has allowed a lot of artists to sit down and just write, so it’s no surprise that R.E. Seraphin has returned so quickly with his follow-up to Tiny Shapes (which is highly recommended). It’s six great new songs, fleshed out with a little help from friends like Matt Bullimore (the Mantles). Musically, Ray always seems to patch up his work with a collage of various elements, be it post-punk, dream pop or bedroom lo-fi, they always play on your need for pop nuggets to make your world better; I’ve been really into “Leave Me in the Tide” today! Plus, if you pick the digital album up, all proceeds are going to People’s Breakfast Oakland, helping bail protestors out and providing food/aid to the homeless. You win twice here! Grab A Room Forever from Paisley Shirt Records now!