Zinskē Share Horseface Josey

While the Chris Lipczynski and Zinskē might not be a household name just yet, I’d love to have a chance to change your mind as the band set up for the release of their debut LP, Murder Mart. For starters, Chris has this incredibly distinctive voice, bordering on grizzled, though careful to cling to melodic structures; his delivery, particularly in the chorus segments provides this extra layer of listener satisfaction. Musically, this is the spot on example of good old-fashioned indie rock. You get dueling guitar lines, riffs that drop between distorted speaker-busters and jangling angular cuts. I love how the song seems to get loud as possible without ever getting incredibly loud…plus you get this little guitar noodle just after the 1 minute mark. Everything about this, from the craft to the production just screams that this is perfect (from now on). Press play, there’s no need to go further, that other stuff just isn’t this cool!

22 Halo Announces New Album

You ever fall in love with a band on the very first track you hear? Well, admittedly, I didn’t know much about 22 Halo until today when our friend Jon over at Lost Sound Tapes shared that he’d lined them up for a new tape. And, so I pressed play. Sweet seductive discord! Those crisp guitar notes rang out immediately, united almost instantly with thudding rhythm and heavy vocals, and I couldn’t pull myself away from the tune at all. Then there’s a counter vocal, balancing the track with this perfectly feathered vocal that takes some of the more angular notes and forces them to feign smooth. They seem like one of those bands very much caught up in the current music climate, yet wholly unique, so I’m here for it. “Ripple” is just a tease at what’s to come with Garden Bed, out October 29th via Lost Sound Tapes!

Air Devi Shares Lint of a Masterpiece

Browsing through a lot of recommendations from this last Bandcamp Friday, and I caught onto this track from Air Devi that really stuck with me. For the first minute or so, you feel like you’re in a fairly traditional indie pop genre, blending soft beats and melodic vocals, moving towards a dreamy mood. But, one of the things I loved about this is when songwriter Devi Majeske adds in some layers, like the sitar work she’s been working at including since first learning the instrument. Or, maybe I’m in love with the emphatic punch just before the 3 minute mark. I want folks to take more risks, and I’m down if they do.

The Chairman Dances Share Dove’s Tail in Pink Light

The Chairman Dances have had me wrapped around their songwriting fingers for a few years now, and with The Strength of Your Arm on the horizon, it seems only fitting we dig into another tune. I really like the subtle nature of this track; to be fair, it reminds me of a Pains of Being Pure at Heart record if you stripped it completely bare, with the melodic notes shining through. What I’ve really enjoyed listening through this track is the way there’s this omni-present patience; the song seems content to unfold slowly, never really rushing, though still content to charm. This feels like a record I’ve already got marked for a favorite of the year; the Strength of Your Arm is out July 23rd.


Florry Announce Big Fall

I have next to no idea about Florry, other than what I can read on the bandcamp liner notes. But, I trust the label she’s on, and I trust the sounds coming through my speakers. At times, the latest single from the forthcoming Big Fall has this slight sort of indifferent bedroom jangle, something that you might associate with old K Records vibes…you know catchy but dissonant in a way. Then, the song has these scurrying guitar lines that seem sort of bluesy, giving the song this natural expanse that you might not associate with a two minute pop song. Being new to Florry, I’m definitely excited to hear more. You can grab the LP on August 27th from 12XU.

Nothing Drop Video For April Ha Ha

Crazy as it may seem, Philadelphia based boys Nothing are going on 10 years in existence though it seems like yesterday when they were proclaimed “band to watch” by just about every music blog with a keen ear. Now showing major signs of truly growing into their very own unique sound, the band dropped their fourth album entitled The Great Dismal last Friday via Relapse Records. Personally, I think the album is an immediate classic and a possible contender for my albums of the year list.

Always the creators, Nothing prepared four videos from the album’s singles with the last one for track “April Ha Ha” coming yesterday. It’s one of my favorite songs from the album and comes after previous videos for “Famine Asylum”, “Say Less”, and “Bernie Sanders”. Care to hear more? You can actually stream The Great Dismal right now and/or purchase a physical copy from Relapse Records.

No Thank You Deliver Another Banger

Back in 2018, Philadelphia based outfit No Thank You burst onto my musical radar with their incredibly impressive sophomore album All it Takes to Ruin it All. Since that time, the group has been somewhat quiet but return today with this expertly crafted rock tune called “Enough”. For me, this thing progresses like a dream as it sort of slowly lures you in until things really drop around the 1:20 mark with louder guitars, bass, and drums. It’s always refreshing and powerful to find such a strong sound from a 3 piece band. Boom!

No Thank You will release new album Embroidered Foliage on October 23rd via Lame-O Records.

One More From Suburban Living

Look, Nathan and I have really been looking forward to this new Suburban Living album coming out next month, so much so, that it seems appropriate to share yet another new tune from the LP. This one, called “Dirt”, is a bit of a slow brooding, more synth heavy number when compared to some of the brighter, guitar driven sounds we’ve grown to love from the band. The brightness is still there, but maybe just a bit more subtle and further back in the mix. Needless to say, we think you should be picking up How to Be Human when it drops on August 28th via Egghunt Records.

SXSW Interview: Suburban Living

Well we all know at this point SXSW is officially over. We are hearing a lot about many unofficial shows proceeding as planned, with our annual Sunday kick off show still a go. Thought the fest is cancelled, it still seems like a fun thing to talk to bands who were originally on the bill to see what life is like on the road. Today I’ve got one last interview for you from Philadelphia based group Suburban Living. It seems like a fitting way to end this series as these are some of the best, and most thoughtful answers so far. Hit the jump for the interview.

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Pulsing Synth Pop from Arch of Love

I’m not totally sure what’s going on with everyone in masks throughout this video, but they all seem to be grooving to this new track from Arch of Love, so I can get behind that. It’s a cool synth pulse moving the song along, cut in the opening moments by this meandering guitar chord, building this heavy pop feel that leaves the floor open for the vocals. It definitely has this nostalgic feel to it, build upon 80s new wave sounds, though you can clearly hear the group trying to make things much brighter and bolder, particularly in the way Chelsea Brennan’s voice hits those higher tones.

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