Show Review: Pinegrove @ Barracuda (9/29)

When did Pinegrove become so huge?

David Sackllah posed the question to Twitter (@dsackllah) on the eve of the band’s sold out show at Austin’s Barracuda. Sackllah goes on recalling a time not so long ago when a Pinegrove performance seemed like an under-attended and perhaps under-appreciated experience. Back then, turnouts hovered around thirty people. That was a year ago. Maybe he’s exaggerating the crowd’s smallness, but the visual goes a long way in driving the point home; Pinegrove is now suddenly huge, or at least hugely important to a lot of people.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest In Pictures, Pt. 2

Before our Fun Fest weekend began, we here at ATH had a small panic attack when we realized that some of our favorite photographers wouldn’t be shooting for us at the festival.  What is one to do when in such a pickle?  Well we sort of lucked out and happened to meet a friend of a friend who works as a videographer/photographer for a living.  Imagine the luck!  Making this deal even better, our new found photo friend also already had his very own pass for the weekend.  Sometimes things just turn out the way they’re supposed to.  So without further ado, we’d like to introduce Bradley Montesi, newest member of the ATH team.  Below you can check out some of Brad’s fancy work from the Fun Fest weekend.  Follow the jump for more.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest In Pictures, Pt.1

Most of us have fully recovered from Fun Fest by now and are already looking forward to our year end lists and holiday plans.  We here at ATH are also beginning to wrap our Fun Fest posts and wanted to do that by sharing some of our favorite photos from the weekend.  Our first round of photos comes by way of ATH contributer Mairin Heard.  After the jump you can see just a few of her fancy pics from the festival.

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