Fun Pop Number from Pizzagirl

Pizzagirl is on a roll, pretty much guaranteeing that the Season 2 EP will be nothing short of a joyous listening affair. Liam Brown, the man behind the project, definitely knows his way around crafty hooks, and those are surely at play here, especially with that huge thudding beat and jangling sounds dancing throughout. It’s carefree pop music, the sort that supersedes all genres and all people, hitting home at the heart of every music listener. Throw your hands up in the air, kick those feet up and let yourself go free. The EP will be available for folks willing to let themselves go this Friday.

That New Pizzagirl Joint

By now, if you come here from time to time, you’re likely aware of my appreciation for Pizzagirl. Today we’re sharing with you a new single from his Season 2 EP; it’s a heavy beat pop number seemingly about infatuation with a someone on the television. Liam Brown’s vocals always have this understated softness, pulling the listener in real close to have a little bit of fun with his love-driven themes. It’s always nice to find a nice little dose of pop fun in the morning, so let’s start our day off with this bouncing new number.

Slightly Late To The Party: Synthpop Banger from Pizzagirl

I may be a few days behind on this one, but it will kick your 80s synth pop ass straight into gear. Pizzagirl is the project of 20 year old, ‘Peter Zer Girl,’ out of Liverpool, but he’s making music that will take you back in time, or perhaps take you into the future? It’s got a very Neon Indian vibe to the leading line of pulsating synths. The lyrics yearn for a past time, which tie in gracefully to the nostalgic sound. It’s a right bop– I dare you to listen to this track without a toe tap.


Pizzagirl Kicks Off EP Video Series

Pizzagirl is bedroom pop project out of Liverpool by Liam Brown. There is no girl (or pizza) in the band. Having recently signed with our friends in Heist or Hit, Pizzagirl puts down dreamy synth lines while delivering the at times frivolous lyrics with an earnest tone; I’d say it is Magical Cloudz in happier days. We have featured a few songs here already, the EP An Extended Play was out about a month ago. Recommended. Videos will be released for each song on the EP so tune into the Pg YouTube channel.

Catchy Hit from Pizzagirl

This isn’t the first time that Pizzagirl has graced our site, and it probably won’t be the last. While it begins boisterously, it quickly recedes to a smoother pop realm, pulling back into more of a club croon. The chorus reverts back, balancing the track between happy energy and thoughtful pop delivery. The faint guitar shuffle beneath the mix is a nice little nod to the indiepop world. This song features on the new An Extended Play EP, which is being released by Heist or Hit on April 13th.

Catchy Pop from Pizzagirl

A light wash of electronic pulsation opens the latest single from Pizzagirl; it’s got a bit of an unbalanced feel to it, as if it’s waiting for us all to catch up. Then comes the softened croon that fills the opening verse. The song takes a quick turn, rapidly delivering vocals in a rap-like fashion, though they still have the heart-warming tone…it’s just turning quickly over and over. It ends up being quite uplifting and playful, all making our latest slice of Pizzagirl quite endearing. Go on, indulge yourself below.