New Austin Releases: Pleasure Venom + Housewarming

As we’re wrapping up the year, there’s still a few delights coming from Austin that should garner your attention. Two great pieces of music were dropped last week via Pleasure Venom and Housewarming.

Pleasure Venom continues their barrage of EPs with another excellent connection of punky rockers. Audrey Campbell is the frontwoman you’ve all been looking for, witty and powerful, stealing your soul through your speakers; it’s a good thing, I promise.

Housewarming offer up the softer side of town sharing a single from their forthcoming Sasha EP. It’s light guitar pop, for folks into other local acts like Daphne Tune or Hovvdy. The two singles they’ve shared thus far indicate a confidence in their sound that immediately puts the rest of our city on notice for great things to come.

Show Pics: Get Up Kids & Diet Cig @ Mohawk (9/16)

The Get Up Diet Cig 83It was quite a night for Team ATH at The Mohawk earlier this week. Nathan is Emo kid. Hashtag child of he nineties. I relate. He gets excited about The Get Up Kids like I get excited about The Cure. That was the outside show. The inside show later was Diet Cig, a two-piece that has been heaped praise upon by us and much of the intarwebs. Turns out, they got in early to hang out and watch their openers, heh.

We have tons of pics from the night and a few notes. Get ready for Josh Berwanger, Hotelier, The Get Up Kids, Rose Selavy, Pleasure Venom and Diet Cig and then click read more…

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Show Preview: Get Up Kids + Diet Cig @ Mohawk (9.16)

getupkids12Those of you who consider yourself fans of emo, old and new, will want to be on hand at the Mohawk on Wednesday night. You’ll be treated to the legendary emo godfathers, The Get Up Kids, playing their 20th Anniversary Tour. They’ll be playing with Josh Berwanger and Hotelier; I can tell you that the last time they came through it was nothing short of a 2 hour long singalong.

But, I also implore you stick around that night and watch Diet Cig, who’ve released a couple of endearing EPs via Father Daughter Records. Honestly, there’s not a better way to celebrate the genre, or just good music in general, so make you have it on your schedule. Pleasure Venom will open the evening for you.