Magic Potion Deliver Magnificence

At first, this new Magic Potion track seems a bit odd; the guitar sounds almost sound out of sorts, falling apart at the speakers. Then the vocals enter, steadying the ship with a slight melody; it remains a bit unbalanced, but purposefully so. That allows for the outfit to lock you into the charm of the chorus, offering warmth via a more focused guitar that’s riding shotgun with the vocals. I imagine your everyday fan of guitar pop will immerse themselves in the twangy charm this new tune offers, and if that’s the case, look for Endless Graffiti on October 26th via PNKSLM.

Never a Bad Time for a Henrik Appel Tune

With summer music listening slowing as of late, you’ve got to be on the lookout for stellar tune just beneath the hip surface, like Henrik Appel. The Swede has featured here quite a bit in preparation for this forthcoming LP, and this new track is keeping him on our radar. Appel works atop a strummed guitar for the duration of the track…a light bit of backing vocals comes in near the song’s latter half, adding a textural layer that increases the song’s emotional appeal. For me, the simplest songs are sometimes the best…it’s all about execution. Burning Bodies drops on June 29th via PNKSLM.

No One Sounds Like Sudakistan

As a local taste maker (that’s right I said it) I’m always looking for something new and unique to share with our fans and readers. Today I’ve been impressed with the incredibly unique sounds coming from Swedish by way of South America act Sudakistan. The band creates what they call their very own style of latino punk rock with a very Nordic, almost atmospheric take. Though it may sound a bit odd, I suggest listening to this new track “Two Steps Back” and bask in all its glory. This is surely the first latino-punk Swedish band right?

Sudakistan will release new album Swedish Cobra on September 7th via PNKSLM Recordings.

Still Trying to Turn You Onto Henrik Appel

A few weeks ago I tried to get you into Henrik Appel, and it seems a few folks are catching onto the vibes, though not nearly as many as there should be. His music has this vibe akin to Morby or Sonny Smith, channeling a classic pop vibe, while not trying to do too much. Sometimes your bread-and-butter moves are all one needs to make a good song work, and Appel seems to have that knack worked out…he even throws in some discordant chords just to harken back to his days in the garage scene in Sweden. Burning Bodies will be out on June 29th via PNKSLM.

Henrik Appel Goes Solo

Henrik Appel was once part of hot Swedish act, Kilroy (among others), but he’s just now making it out into the world under his own name. Our introduction to his solo work is a pretty straightforward adventure, but for some reason, I’m entranced. The guitars have this seemingly warped effect that craft the song in a weird manner; I think of super-early Elf Power immediately. Atop the strumming Appel makes his vocals soar, coolly letthing voice ride the wave he’s crafted with his guitar. Of course, if its awesome, it appears that its coming from PNKSLM; Burning Bodies drops June 29th.

Beach Skulls Drop Another Tune

PNKSLM is on a roll this year, making a huge name for itself as a label powerhouse. I’m thinking this new LP they’re dropping from Beach Skulls might be able to stretch the label even further, as they’re possibly one of the more pop-centric acts the labels introduced us to this year. The vocals have this happy indifference at their highest point, slinking back into a seductive R&B vibe. The rest of the song sounds like the remnants of a can of garage rock being kicked around by a beach bound youngster; it’s both sunny and gritty all the way around. Las Dunas will be released on June 1st.

BOYS Drop Another Single

If you’re not looking forward to BOYS‘ debut Rest In Peace, then it’s probably best if you acquaint yourself now, as this record is destined to end up on every year end list. I like to think of this tune as the contemplative number on the record; it opens with slow vocals creeping over your emotions like the fog drifting into town. There’s a brief burst of emphatic pop explosions, before reverting back to the subdued feeling of wonder. We stay there until the track comes to a close, bursting with volume and force before the track fades away. The LP will drop on May 11th via PNKSLM.

Another Tune from High Sunn

Clearly, I’m really loving what I’m hearing from Justin Cheromiah and his High Sunn project. This round he does a great job of balancing the quiet/loud dynamic; you can hear the tension building in the sound as cymbals quietly crash behind Justin’s voice in the verses, before their brief choral explosion. The song goes back and forth between the two, with the noisier element winning out in the song’s latter half. This youngster seems destined to release a great record, and we’ll all know for sure when Missed Connections drops on May 4th via PNKSLM.

New Music from Beach Skulls

Beach Skulls have been on my radar since they dropped Slow Grind (2016), but they’ll soon be making it on everyone’s radar, as they’ve just inked a deal with super hot label PNKSLM to release the group’s next LP. Our first listen has us thinking along the lines of beach-goth stylings of Growlers, though this feels more centralized around melody; the usage of light “aahs” in the background provide a blanket of pop sensibility throughout the various verses. It’s energetic, and just a bit hazy, which is probably the way we’re all starting off our Friday. Look for Las Dunas to drop June 1st!

Foot Shuffling Single from High Sunn

There’s a natural frivolity in the music being crafted by High Sunn. People likely attribute that to the young age of Justin Cheromiah, but regardless, he’s got such mastery over his work that it’s hard not to find it endearing. Dance wildly about for the song’s first few moments, before Cheromiah slows the production with his voice cresting in a downtempo moment. Then, energy is back up and we’re bouncing through the chorus, smiling all the while. The debut record Missed Connections will be out on May 4th via PNKSLM. Just another reason all eyes are on this young project in 2018.

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