Jay Som Preps New 7″

If you were reading many a year-end list, then surely you noticed Jay Som‘s album Everybody Works landing on most. Melina Duerte had originally demoed a few extra songs for the record that didn’t quite fit the flow, so she saved them for you to enjoy on a new 7″. To me, this tune sounds like a dreamier version of something Tegan and Sara would have written, with just hints of jangling guitar and a soft smoky vocal to ride it out. It should be clear after jamming this tune that Jay Som hype actually has substance; look for the new 7″ to drop via Polyvinyl on January 26th.

Dreamy New Hit From Alvvays

Alvvays have shared a new tune from their upcoming album and it’s dream-pop at its finest. “Dreams Tonite” is a soaring hit, with shimmering synths that pave the way and Molly Rankin’s impossibly clean vocals leading the charge. Not to mention there’s that choral hook that is sure to firmly lodge itself in your brain for days on end. I didn’t think I could be more excited for the release of their sophomore effort,Antisocialites, after they dropped the first single, “In Undertow,” but this has done the job. Take a listen below and then go pre-order their new album right here. It’s out September 8 via Polyvinyl.


Check Out This New White Reaper Video

For anyone who has yet to check out the new album, The World’s Best American Band, from rockers White Reaper, I highly suggest you do it now. Get it here now from Polyvinyl Records. With that out of the way, I’m excited today to share the band’s latest video from the title track of their new record. Now you may or may not have already heard this song, but I suggest you also check out this badass new video for the track animated by Simon-Young. It’s sort of a School House Rock vibe if it was drawn by folks with a dirty mind.

Jay Som Is Back with New Music

Ran the Courtneys latest track this morning, so seems only appropriate that we’d rock this new tune from their tourmate, Jay Som. The release of her new album, Everybody Works, is just about a month away, and I love the heavy-handed guitar on this new tune. Melina Duarte has a softness to her voice that provides the perfect musical juxtaposition, especially when she gets playful with the “up up up” line. There’s some discordant noise too at the end, when the chords are changed just a bit to offer up a slight bit of noise that gives the tune an extra bit of oompf to close things out. Polyvinyl Records will release the album on March 10th.

Did You Rock Out To This New Beach Slang Video?

It’s possible in all the hustle and bustle of internet land that you somehow missed this new video for Beach Slang’s single, “Atom Bomb,” but not to worry, I’ve got you covered right here. This video/track is a short burst of energy from the band, but a righteous two minute story nonetheless. The accompanying video shows a couple in violent turmoil of highs and lows, which is the perfect match to the riotous mix of punk rock.Take a moment to watch below and rock out; it’s well worth thetime.

Beach Slang’s new aptly titled album,A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings, will be out September 23rd via Polyvinyl Records.


Digging This Electro-Pop From Psychic Twin

13886476_1323599920984300_3301453171240305551_nFor something electronic to catch my ears, it has to be pretty special; now, I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate a good electro-pop track now and then, but sometimes it’s easy to lump those tracks together. This is not the case with “Stop in Time,” the latest single from Brooklyn’s Psychic Twin. When the track starts, you know you’re in for a treat– the electronic elements are layered and textured in such a way that you hear one sleek package of sound that grows into a danceable mix. Take a listen, and then be ready for the release of the latest from Psychic Twin, Strange Diary, which will be out September 9th on Polyvinyl Records.

Bluesy Folk Rock From Julia Jacklin

unnamed-53Australia tends to give us some pretty great gifts music-wise, and Julia Jacklin, originally from the Blue Mountains, is no exception to this. The track below, “Coming of Age,” shows off the skills that Jacklin has. The sound is pretty big from the beginning; the guitars are hazy and garage-tinged, but the vocals are quite the folk-rooted croon. It’s a right catchy and delightful number that hybrids two different genres quite flawlessly. Jacklin is new to the music scene, which makes this track all the more impressive. Make sure to look out for more from Jacklin, and get ready forDon’t Let The Kids Win, which will be out October 7th via Polyvinyl Records.


Enjoy New Sonny & the Sunsets

sonnyI think it’s time we all give credit to Sonny Smith, leader of Sonny & the Sunsets. For six “official” albums and countless other releases/projects he constantly is redefining his sound. While I have my personal favorites, I’m really stoked on his new approach. On this single, it seems like it’s a crash of new-wave style and the Television Personalities, so I can clearly get behind that sound. It’s interesting, yet still has some of the same stylistic approaches all Smith records wear; it’s great to move and change. His new LP, Moods Baby Moods, comes out on May 27th via Polyvinyl Records.

Quiet Beauty From Aloha

untitledLet’s get real here, I honestly had no idea that old favorite Aloha were still making music together in 2016. Last I’d heard they put out an album about 6 years ago and I hadn’t heard much noise from the group since. Apparently this is due to my lack of interest in reading other sites… So as news to me, here’s the latest single from the guys called “Don’t Wanna Win”. I’m really enjoying the hushed qualities and the incredibly tight instrumentation in this song. Cheers to making more great music together.

Aloha will dropLittle Windows Cut Right Throughon May 6th via Polyvinyl.

Fresh La Sera Single

laseraNot only does La Sera have a new record coming out, but the band, primarily the work of Katy Goodman, now has a new sound, courtesy of her husband, Todd Wisenbaker. On this single, we get a perfect view of the dynamic between the two as they trade choruses back and forth. Musically, the band seem to have removed some of the more punk-influenced riffs in favor of a broader, more classic sound; it’s feels like an old school MTV hit to me. The new LP, Music for Listening to Music To, will be released by Polyvinyl Records on March 4th.

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