Human Barbie Share Be Careful What You Wish For

If you ever gotten caught up in the great nostalgic feeling of pop music, then you’re going to find yourself immensely satisfied by the work of Human Barbie, and the band’s new video. While it flirts with these modern bedroom tropes, solitary and slow, it offer has this sort of melody that is indebted to the timelessness of pop craftsmanship. For me, it’s all about the chorus, kind of drifting in and out of your soul; I’m taken each time the lines “the grass is always greener” are uttered, accented by the faintest strum in the distance. This track appears on Get a Life, out on Poor Man Records early next year.


More From Tummyache

Earlier this month I was turned onto the Amarillo product Soren Bryce and her new project under the moniker tummyache. While the previous output was a slow burning type of song, this one hits much harder and gives us much more of a rockin’ vibe. It has a very . grunge inspired sound and comes across as an updated and cleaner version of alternative bands like Garbage. Clearly it seems that the new EP coming later this year on Poor Man Records will feature sounds from a wide variety of landscapes. Dig.

Mesmerizing New Track From Tummyache

Previously having made a name for herself a pop/folk artist, Soren Bryce has stepped away from the genre to record under the name tummyache. A welcome change to her older music, the Amarillo native has created something truly beautiful with her debut single “In Between”. It’s rare to find a song which can progress as well as this one with a quiet, stripped down number slowly building into a gut wrenching and powerful final minute. Raw emotions seep through the track and one can’t help but feel it all.

Bryce’s new group tummyache will release a debut EP entitled Humpday later this year on Poor Man Records.