New Music from The Wind-Up Birds

coverThere’s lots of jagged-edge guitar rock coming out at the moment, but one of the acts I like to keep my eye on is The Wind-Up Birds.  The band hails from the UK, and they’re currently preparing to release Poor Music next week.  This tune here displays the band at full-force, moving quickly into the track to unleash a furious bit of rock n’ roll.  Still, they hold onto a general pop structure, making the tune infectious almost from the minute you press go.  When you’re looking for great releases next week, keep these guys in mind.


Download: The Wind-Up Birds – The Gristle [MP3]


Quick Number from The Wind-Up Birds

wind upLooks like one of my favorite acts will be releasing a new album this May.  The Wind-Up Birds came to my attention a few years back, and I’ve really enjoyed the work they’ve put in so far.  This new tune is the first single off their new record, Poor Music.  I love the way the guitars sound, while the vocal delivery definitely bears some resemblance to Art Brut.  Be it the jagged guitar or the way they quickly burst into a more forceful music foray within the tune, it still catches my ears.   Look for their new record just before the summer hits.