Stream The Gospel According to John from The Black Watch

Before there were blogs and music streaming there was the Black Watch. Now, 15 albums into their career, the band have crafted what I’m going to say is their best work yet. Each time I play it, I’m struck by something that has me scrambling to press repeat, to tune into a note or an element I didn’t hear the first run though, even now as I speak, I’m doing just that. If you’re a fan of pop music and poetry, stream The Gospel According to John. And if you want my two-cents on the track by track breakdown, skip beyond the jump. Otherwise, pick up the album tomorrow courtesy of The Eskimo Record Label and Pop Culture Press.

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More Music from The Black Watch

blog_blackwatchWe’re nearing the release of Highs and Lows by the Black Watch, which means it’s time to share a new single from the long-running act. This is our second taste of what’s to come, and I’ve  been really impressed with what’s coming out. There’s a juxtaposition from the guitar work, at point sounding bright whilst churning out a slight jangle, though it’s contrasted with a darker tone that also lurks throughout. This darkness is reemphasized by John Andrew Frederick’s voice, though he does take on a smooth croon during the chorus. You’re likely to hear slight hints of psychedelia, but that’s one of the great things to appreciate about the band…you’ll love them, but you’ll never be able to define them. Pop Culture Press will have the record out this weekend!

Here’s A New Black Watch Tune

bwatch-320x320You know what’s going to make your day a little bit better? You’re going to have to listen to this new track from The Black Watch in order to make that happen.  The band are prepping the release of their new LP, Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy; it’s just a year after the most excellent The End of When (you better have that LP!). Listening to this first single, there’s a hint of Bobby Pollard in it, though I still love the crisp twang of the guitar that’s in the background.  Pop Culture Press will be releasing the album in late January, but I’ll remind you closer to that date, as this is sure to be another successful long player from the group.