Nice Pop Tune From Mirror Test

Mirror Test_Washed Up_cover imageMany of you may remember us talking about Melbourne based band Wilding several times over the last few years. Well Justin from the band recentlyalerted me to some new music he’s making under the moniker Mirror Test with several otherfriends in Melbourne based bands. As a preview of this new start up, the band shared with me this new single entitled “Washed Up”. One can clearly hear the brit pop influences here with gleaming guitars and hushed vocals. It’s bright, jangly, and perfect for your morning sunshine.

Justin has told me the band hopes to get their act together soon and release a proper EP. Stay tuned.

Loving This New Ghost Camp Song

unnamed (2)New Brunswick based band Ghost Camp have given my my favorite song of the last few weeks or so with this new track “Ganymede”. It’s hard for me to peg down any solid comparisons or adjectives here with such a unique enticing sound. Maybe a bit like washed out Joy Division with a really sweet keyboard/organ helping to create a truly memorable pop song. Haven’t heard anything this creative in awhile.

This single is available for purchase on bandcamp right now and will appear on an album coming out this june on Third Floor Tapes.

Album Premiere: Mythical Motors

Mythical Motors - Selections lo-resIt’s not a typical thing for us to premiere an entire album stream on our website, but when it’s full of quality like this Mythical Motors album, we’re down for whatever. So basically what we have here is a career spanning compilation of singles entitled Selections From the Psychics Museum which features 22 songs spanning the Chattanooga based bands entire career. With so many songs for you to dive into, it may seem overwhelming at first for those unacquainted with the band. I say to you, patience my friends, I’m sure everyone can find something to enjoy and take with them. After a few spins, “Full Breathing Costume”, is a favorite of mine. This one is for fans of bands like Guided by Voices, Times New Viking, or even a local band like The Midgetmen. Check it out below.

Fall Break Records will release a limited run of cassettes as a physical release on May 27th.

More From Jay Arner

unnamedOnly last month we heard a great new song from Jay Arner’s second effort as a solo musician. Well today we are treated to this new song, “Like a Dracula”, which is another delightful song from thatupcoming record. Jay could easily be compared to a guy like Mac Demarco but with more synth and a bit of a dance vibe to his music. I think you’ll find this one just as catchy as the last one.

Jay IIis out on June 17th via Mint Records.

Enjoying This Ladada Tune

GRR042_cover_small-WEBLadada is a project lead by Josiah Schlater out of Virginia Beach that caught my attention a couple of years ago. Having not heard much from the group since that time, I was excited today to receive news of an upcoming EP with a single to promote the release. The promotional single below, “Old Wave”, is short, sweet, and super easy to enjoy. Stay tuned for more.

The band will release their new EP entitledHigh Five this Friday on Gold Robot Records.

More From DTCV

untitledMan I don’t know exactly what it is about all these new DTCV tunes, but I can’t seem to stop playing them over and over again. Maybe it’s the wall of guitars, or maybe it’s the fact that I can’t understand some of the music? Either way, I can’t resist this stuff. If you take yourself further down this post, you will find their latest single called “Histoire seule”. Once again we are treated to a beauty of a song which strikes me with it’s drastic tempo changes and heavy guitars. Ya dig?

Confusion Moderne comes out on April 8th Xemu.

GIVERS Return!

unnamed (14)Man it seems like it’s been years since we’ve heard any noise from Louisiana based pop band Givers. Just running a quick search here…. and yeah I last posted on the band way back in 2010. So you can probably imagine my excitement today when I received this new tune entitled “Growls” in my inbox. It seems as though the time away has allowed the band to really mature and flesh out their sound from their bright pop days of old. Now the band resemble more of a mixture of Dirty Projectors and older Yeasayer. Count me in for that.

New Kingdom will come out on April 8th via Glassnote Records.

Sit Back and Enjoy The Crookes

avatars-000069037526-aoum01-t500x500I’ve mentioned UK band The Crookes several times before on our website and the band has always been hovering a bit in that not huge yet should be area.  Today I think the band may be breaking out with this new single “The World is Waiting”.  This is truly a brit pop gem here with some incredible, driving guitars and this overall sense of urgency permeating through.  I’m seeing a lot to be enjoyed here.

The Crookes will drop Lucky Ones via Modern Outsider on January 29th.

New Single From Stone Cold Fox

SCF-Summer-15-Promo-2118-620x414During the early part of last year, Nathan shared a song with you guys by Brooklyn based group Stone Cold Fox and all of us started paying attention to the group.  Since that time we didn’t hear a whole lot from the band so I was fairly excited when they sent me over this great new song “Contagion”.  I’m calling it a straight up indie rock gem certainly worthy of tons of praise and accolades.  The band has told us to expect a new album sometime in 2016 with this song and surely more hits in store.

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