More From Twin Limb

10931147_772084042827267_5945209322797831464_nWay back in January Nathan introduced us to Kentucky based group Twin Limb and their Beach House, yet a bit more polished, sound.  I’m pleased to be continuing the hype train today with this new jam called “Don’t Even Think”.  Now I’ve probably used descriptors like enchanting or trance inducing many times in the past, but I can’t honestly come up with a better way to accurately describe this sound.  This is truly a beautiful song.

Anything is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense will hit the streets on November 13th.

Straight Pop From Decorations

unnamedThe ATH crew here loves us some good pop music when it comes our way and this new track called “Girls” from L.A. based Decorations is perfect.  It’s a straight pop number with some louder guitars and some super slick synth parts thrown in to really brighten things up.  Seriously, I’d find it hard to believe if anyone told me they didn’t enjoy such a hit as this.  So hit play and treat your ears.

Debut EP, Girls, is due out October 16th via Frenchkiss Records.

New Single From Mainland

11999014_927828163958582_2108589009077429236_nIt’s been quite some time since I’ve heard anything from NYC based group Mainland so I’ve been excited today to hear new music from the guys.  The new single is called “Not As Cool” and is a welcome reminder to why we originally enjoyed the band a few years ago.  This is a pop rock number at its core similar to a band like Wavves with a hint of a band like our amigos Young Girls.  It’s legit.

ATX Spotlight: New Indoor Creature Video

1454832_1437394216488421_1779311965_nThough I currently know very little about Austin based band Indoor Creature, I’m looking to remedy that as much as I can starting now.  Caleb, ring leader of the group, just sent me an email with some information about a new video and single the band has been working on for awhile.  The track & video found below, called “Present Thinking”, is a beauty of a pop number filled with all kinds of fun jangly vibes and good times.  I’d say you check it out below and start paying attention to locals Indoor Creature.

You can also purchase and download the new LP from Indoor Creature entitled Present Thinking over on bandcamp.

Another Hit From Avid Walker

avidwalkerepinseptemberI discovered Vancouver based Avid Walker earlier this year and I’ve been eagerly awaiting more music from the band over the last couple of months.  Well today is my lucky day with news of another single from the group entitled “Sun In Eyes”.  This bright and easy going music is so easy to get into, and honestly, I don’t see why everyone isn’t jumping on this bandwagon faster.  I expect even bigger things from these guys in the future.

Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming debut EP this Fall.

The Sweet Serenades Return!

11214163_10152816276992126_3343084195886037801_nI’ve been talking about Swedish group The Sweet Serenades for some time now and I’m overly excited to hear about their return to the music making world.  Our new single from the band, “Come Out and Play”, is a sort of Springsteen-esque, driving pop tune complete with shiny vocals and even a slick ass guitar solo towards the end.  Yet again this band does a whole lot of good while making it all seem effortless.

Mark your calendars for the release of Animals on October 10th.

Enjoy Some Helvetia

helvetiaHelvetia is a group we’ve been talking about for years now and you have to know that we’ll be sharing their tunes when they come our way.  Today I’m pleased to share with you their latest single “A Dot Running for the Dust”.  It’s an organ heavy, sort of throwback emo style, melodic tune.  It’ll take you a few listens, but I’m sure you will find more and more to enjoy with each play.

You can pick up Dromomania on October 2nd via Joyful Noise.

Electro Pop From Nova Heart

srj4_NOVAHEARTcirclebyRenHangcopy_1I’m sure many of us are struggling on this Monday as we think about the three day weekend we have coming our way in just a few short days.  Though we may be struggling, we always have the music to brighten even the most somber of moods.  Today this tune called “We Are Golden” from Beijing based Nova Heart is a perfect one to improve a slow start to the week.  I dig the synth heavy bass lines and smoothness shining through during the entire length of the track.  Here’s to surviving the week.

You can pick up the new self-titled LP from Nova Heart on October 2nd via FakeMusicMedia.

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