Pop Hit from Rat Fancy

Rat Fancy have graced our pages many a time before, and I even included them in my suggested acts to catch last year at SXSW. They just dropped a new tune with a heavy-handed pop vibe that should jump on your radar today. The riffs and bass lines are gritty, almost grungy, though Dianna always has this polished glint to the way she releases her vocals. It’s hard to turn away from the hooks they craft, letting waves of pop sensibility bash you over the head…not a bad thing in my book. No word on a new release, but let’s hope something new comes our way in 2019.

Drifting Pop from Margot

We’ve filled these pages with Margot songs in the past, and I think the band are embarking on their finest hour. First, this is one of 3 forthcoming singles taking on the subject of mental health…a heavy subject no doubt. But, the way the guitar chords work in combination with the gentle vocals, it feels like the band is focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel…or the dream of that light. There are moments when it feels like they’re playing with jazzier vibes in the vein of Real Estate, whilst other times it seems smooth and polished like indiepop…all good things in my book. We’ll keep you posted as more the next 2 singles drop.

Spooky Cigarette Share Another New Single

Not too long ago we shared the latest hit from Spooky Cigarette, and they’re already back at it again with another number for you to swoon over. This one has a bit of a lounge croon for the vocals, coming off like the Dears, though with the gang vocals jumping in, there’s a more emphatic punch to the track. I love how this group just works with simple hooks, develops them into complete tracks that remain in your brain throughout the day. Feel free to stomp your feet, clap your hands and get carried away by the latest from Sand Diego outfit.

Fun Pop Number from Pizzagirl

Pizzagirl is on a roll, pretty much guaranteeing that the Season 2 EP will be nothing short of a joyous listening affair. Liam Brown, the man behind the project, definitely knows his way around crafty hooks, and those are surely at play here, especially with that huge thudding beat and jangling sounds dancing throughout. It’s carefree pop music, the sort that supersedes all genres and all people, hitting home at the heart of every music listener. Throw your hands up in the air, kick those feet up and let yourself go free. The EP will be available for folks willing to let themselves go this Friday.

Boy Least Likely To Share New Single

I still find a place in life to throw in a Boy Least Likely To track from time to time, so it’s great to have a brand new track to throw in the mix. This tune comes with the announcement of the band’s Greatest Hits collection, grabbing all the singles from the four studio records, not to mention a studio version of George Michael’s “Faith,” and the brand new single below. It captures the spritely spirit of the band, always playful, forever infectious. They remain one of those bands that you can’t help but sing along with, even if its as silly as singing about hitching your apple wagon.

Stream a Great Pop Album by The Last Detail

There’s always tons of album streams at the end of a week, so I’d like to point you in a direction that might take you off the beaten path…but only go this road if you’re a fan of soft pop rock. The Last Detail is comprised of Mehdi Zannad and Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy), and together they’ve decided to give you a collection of swooning pop songs. Several tracks offer that airy introspection, while others have this understated elegance, like “Lazy.” If you’re looking for a hit, give a listen to “Fun Fair,” though I’ll admit I’m partial to “Talk to Me.” If you dig it, the self-titled LP is available today from Elefant.

Melby Share Delightful Pop Number

Melby have been on my radar for just a bit, having signed up to be part of the strong roster over at Rama Lama Records. They’re currently wrapping up their debut full-length for the label, but have dropped up this wonderful teaser to whet our appetites. There’s a dreamy guitar that meanders carefully through the song, watchful of the precise percussive elements (that sound a little like the percussion on “Young Folks”). As the two vocalists share contrasting vocal lines, a keyboard begins to emerge, elevating the track as the guitar tones, also, give the song a bit of a pick up. If the debut LP is this good, they’re knocking it out of the park!

Attic Lights Announce Love in the Time of Shark Attacks

I won’t shy away from a band that makes a humorous Gabriel Garcia Marquez allusion, especially if they’re crafting delightful pop like Attic Lights. The Glaswegian quartet come at you with these hearty harmonies, particularly glorious during the chorus of this tune. I’m also drawn to the way the band expand on the jangling style, adding just a hint of twang and a tinkering piano line; it allows for a more organic sound that really shines on all the melodic moments coming through the speakers. Love in the Time of Shark Attacks will be out in January via Elefant Records, but for now, you can grab the digital single with an exclusive B Side.

Rays Drop New Single

Oakland outfit Rays don’t want you to get too comfortable with their “sound,” and they don’t want you to get too comfy with your pop music. They enter the fray here with discordant guitars ringing and a rolling drum beat that sets the mood for a matter-of-fact vocal delivery. But, put your ear next to the speaker, real close like. You’ll hear a slight buzz throughout, an additional layer perhaps added by the bands newest member, keyboardist Britta; it also sounds like horns are brought in as well, so you’re getting far more than you bargained for with your average pop song. It’s frantic, almost spastic, yet wound tightly by superior musicianship so that your ears won’t know what hit ’em. Look for the band’s new LP You Can Get There From Here via Trouble in Mind Records on November 9th.

Did You Listen to Featherfin?

It’s okay, as I didn’t spend much time with Featherfin and the new album, Miles to Go Before I Sleep…until a slight push of encouragement from Jeremy Jensen of The Very Most. Jeremy plays/sings on one of the standout tracks, but the whole release is just a collection of great voices supporting Featherfin to flesh out the songs. I included “Helen Richey” below, as that’s the song I jumped to first but don’t be afraid to invest some time in listening to the whole thing; it’s a gorgeous collection of pop songs that will guarantee a little bit of swooning goes into your day.

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