Monnone Alone Shares Do It Twice Video

I warned you back in February about how great the latest single from Monnone Alone was, showing off Mark’s songwriting chops with a fuzzy guitar wound tightly around his pop sensibility. I mean, really, all you need is to hear that chorus and it’s “do it again” refrain by the backing vocals, and you’d be sold. So, with slow Monday’s, why not share with you the band’s recent vid of the track, just to be sure to keep it on your radar. For the most part, the video is live footage of the band, spliced atop found video footage from the past; it must have been windy too because Mark’s hair is all over the place! Just watch the band jam out in the song’s latter half and tell me pop bands can’t rock it out.

New Me Share But Myles

I love the ambition of New Me, trying to release a song a month for their debut LP, but sharing the tracks along the way. Today we’ve got the newest tune, a soft bouncing pop number. After the brief opening, the song’s in your face pretty much the entire time; it doesn’t follow a traditional verse chorus verse pattern, at least in so far as it comes across to the listener. It seems a half-hearted plea for a lover to stay over, though the doom of the world hangs heavily, as if love is no longer something needed as we’re all hurtling towards the end. Stay tuned as I reckon the group will have a new jam in April!

Jonathan K Shares Best Before

The story surrounding the release of Jonathan K‘s first solo outing is one steeped in personal tragedy; it’s evident in lines from his new new single like “it’s all downhill from here.” Somehow, the shimmering pop undertones seem to celebrate the tragedy, if that makes sense. There’s these lightly dreamy guitars, along with Jonathan’s voice that falls into the chorus that seem willing to find positivity. The entirety of this track feels like a shared secret, or maybe a spoken explanation of things that went wrong. Whatever the true meaning, that’s for Jonathan; we can still enjoy this song off his forthcoming In Memory Of

Melby Announce Debut Album

You can’t say I didn’t warn you, as I’ve had Melby on my radar for some time, but today might be the day that they appear on everyone else’s! The announcement of None of This Makes Me Worry brings a bright new single that, for me, clearly shows the band as this sublime pop force that don’t look to be slowing down. The song is this broad sweeping number, filled with this sense of restrained bombast…and some night nods of musicianship splashed throughout. This might be the best thing to come out of Stockholm this year, which we all know is great praise. Look for the band’s debut on April 12th via Rama Lama Records.

Pop Tune from The Oilies

There are some labels who seem to release music on their own terms; you know, a release here and there. But, when something drops, you know it’s a must have, an absolute necessity…as is the case with Fruits & Flowers. They just shared news that they’re releasing the new EP from the Oilies, the songwriting outlet of Carly Putnam, who may or may not have played with the Mantles and Art Museums (among others). Our first listen surely charms; it’s two guitar lines dueling over synced drum beats while Putnam offers up her a soft vocal line. There are times when she’s almost whispering just beneath the mix, which just goes to show the care put into the song construction. Psychic Dog EP drops on April 5th.


New Jam from La Fille

While the Pacific Northwest has always been a hotbed of great music, I feel as if Seattle has been picking up the Portland slack as of late; lump La Fille in as just another hit-making pop act. Just recently the group dropped this crunchy pop tune, part college-rock and part power-pop; it probably doesn’t hurt that Michael Lerner of Telekinesis recorded the act. If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, then you’ll feel right at home with this cranked up loud in your stereo…just beware of those huge hooks. The band release Alright Already March 15th.

New Single from The Leisure Society

It seems that all your favorite musicians love the Leisure Society, from Eno to Davies, so may as well join in the fun, right? The group, have just announced an ambitious double LP, with Nick Hemming spurred into songwriting mode as he came to terms with a break-up. The song seems to mimic the band’s name, taking a leisurely pop stroll right through your speakers, with the crunchy distorted riffs muted in the background behind Hemmings voice. For me, the string arrangements add to the song’s magnificence, building this emotional underbelly you can’t hide from; hats off to ambitious pop music. The album, Arrivals & Departures will drop on April 12th.

She Sir Announces Ways a Season

For years I’ve begged She Sir to work with them; we never managed to make it work, until now. I’m really excited to share a new single from She Sir, as well as welcome them to ATH Records for the release of Ways a Season. This track exemplifies the band’s direction on their latest release, aiming to elevate their brand of pop music to the highest echelons of art. Plus, the art matched with the vinyl is ridiculously beautiful (orange 12″, if you’re asking). You can Pre-Order Ways a Season by going HERE, and keep your eyes peeled for even more new music off this release in the very near future.

Pre-Order Link

New Music from Space Daze

Danny Rowland has a handful of releases with his band Seapony, but he also has just as many under his solo project, Space Daze. The latter utilizes a similarly dreamy aspect, though there’s this clarity that makes the pop sensibility a little more sharp in the speakers. On this tune, you can see where Real Estate comparisons slide in, though I’m feeling as if this tune has this element of thoughtfulness that really rewards a listener. Sitting back, this song just washes over you, carrying away needless worries and replacing them with a bounding melody; you don’t get that with your every day guitar ditty. Look for Too Mystical via Lost Sound Tapes (whoa, twice in one day) on February 8th.

Revisiting Fog Lake’s Carousel EP

I’ve definitely been way into Fog Lake, but somehow the Carousel EP slipped past me during peak list season. But, over the break, perhaps this was the one piece of music I kept returning to time and time again. There’s something nostalgic in the work of Aaron Powell, as if we’re looking back on the classic sound of the 50s. But, rather than just make it a revisiting project, he’s adapted his own sound, quieting his voice, muddying the mix just a bit, leaving you with more of an homage to the past. I’m in love with every song on this EP, and I reckon you will be too. It’s listed as NYP, but remember, tip your favorite bands!

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