Have Another From JW Francis

After my compadres both shared some tuneage from New York based JW Francis over the last several months, I felt it was my turn to get in on the hype. Today we have this new song called “Lofi” which is a lovely bit of guitar pop music similar to a guy like Albert Hammond Jr. in his earlier solo days. What draws me in here is the infectious, breezy sound that is super easy to fall head over heals into. Now having shared three songs from Francis, I think it’s safe to say he’s ATH approved.

Catchy Pop from Dad Sports

I’m way into this single from Dad Sports that I recently came across in the Internet world; it’s not brand new, but don’t you just wanna bob your head up and down? I think the rhythmic pulse that this song has is guaranteeing that you’re starting your day off by tapping your toes right in step with me? I love the quieted style of the vocals pushing the agenda; it doesn’t even need much from the drum machine push either, relying upon the catchiness of the guitar lines to really wrap you up. Anyways, happy Mondays to you.

New Jonathan Bree Video

Jonathan Bree has been on my radar for several years at this point, but I feel like he’s finally starting to get a name going for himself over here in the States. He was top of my list of last year’s SXSW performances, for both sound and the spectacle of the performance itself. This video offers a precise glimpse at what listeners will get when they catch Jonathan on his first official North American tour; it’s an orchestral pop song performed by a band without a face (the band has no face), which certainly grabs your attention in the live setting. He’ll be in Austin for Levitation, but will spend much of October and November throughout the continent, so if he comes near you, I assure you that won’t want to miss this.

Oscilla Shares Repeat Rerun

I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been hanging with 13 year olds all day (don’t be weird, I’m a teacher), but I’ve got an extra bit of pep in my step. This Oscilla tune is absolutely perfect for that mood, it only enhances today’s cheer. The whole tune is set to this steady roll of the snare layered atop a jumpy little piano line; atmospherics wash in and out, mostly wrapping the melody tighter around the track. Frances England, meanwhile, just has this voice that makes you feel like grabbing your best friends hand and bounding down the lane as sun sets; it’s joyous and thoughtful, and all the while familiar. Bet this track just made your day!

Upbeat Pop from Husbands

Oklahoma City has a special spot in my heart (90% of my friends live there), so when I find a band coming out of that town I can adore, I tend to swoon. So here I am with Husbands (who also spend some time in Seattle); they craft this bouncing sort of pop that seems perfect for the last days of Summer here. In fact, it kind of reminds me of early Drums or Generationals, driving these infectious hooks into your brain where you can’t escape…and suddenly you’re bouncing around the house having the time of your life. I don’t know about you, but Tuesday feels like a great day to sort of turn up some tunes, put on a grin and have a hell of a time.

The Zoltars Share Turn Around

Having followed the Zoltars for some time, I cannot begin to share how excited we are to have the privilege of releasing their next LP this October. In honor of that release, we thought we’d try out another gem for your ears…so lets get to it. For me, there’s two reasons I love this track…especially going into this week (the first week of school). One, there’s this great contrast between dark and light; the riffs are heavy from the get-go, churned and driving, but the chorus changes that into this shimmering light creeping in from the horizon. But, like all great songs, they need great lyrics or themes…as a teacher dealing with kids (though this applies to all humans), thematically its about seeing your own gifts. If you’re interested in buying Telling Stories, you can pre-order the whole LP right HERE.

Sunny Pop from Peach Pyramid

We’re in the midst of a nice heat wave/global warming down here in Texas, and while I can honestly appreciate the heat, a nice little breeze blowing through never hurts, which is where Peach Pyramid comes in to our lives. The Canadian are taking their more temperate summer climes and channeling them into this sun-drenched pop that’s immediately charming. Jen Severtson hooks you from the get-go with her voice, backed by steady rhythm, before the guitar starts to twist and turn the notes into summery sweetness; I almost feel like I’m hanging at some Cali beach party with the trio, just nodding my head and looking for seals. This track appears on the group’s forthcoming Bright Blue EP, which drops September 20th via Oscar St. Records. Also, listen to the message…sunscreen is cool, wear it!

Another New Tune from The Parlor

Not too long ago I shared a new track from The Parlor, while also encouraging you to revisit Kiku…but now here we are with another new-ish tune from the band. This tune, along with the recent release of “Dream” were both written during the Kiku cycle, though they didn’t quite fit into that album’s narrative. Here, “Dive” has this instinctive heartbeat, this pulse that really propels the song forward. That pulse gets accented by these careful guitar lines dancing about, encircling the vocal melody from Jen O’Connor; it allows for the natural build towards a swelling pop sound that’s sure to delight your ears. Both of these b-side tunes are now available from the band!

Genuine Leather Share Three Chord Song

Austin act Genuine Leather always seem to have something up their sleeve, and this week’s no difference as they’ve just shared a brand new track from their forthcoming EP. At the moment, the band seems super-intent upon just rocking anthemic pop songs. I can hear little hints of Elvis Costello curl in the vocals delivered, while also hearing a nod to power-pop heroes across the board. It’s infectious and hits hard, especially if you’re willing to let your speakers hit full blast. You’ve got appreciate the band’s push to craft a pop song within the confines of 3 chords…and pull it off no less. Their EP is slated for release later this year, but you can catch the band at Mohawk tomorrow night (9/21) with Blood, Nick Adamo, Reen & the Renegades.

Indigo Bunting Return with Two New Tracks

Indigo Bunting are the kind of act you’re meant to fall in love with and know very little about. They’re an Austin outfit with some connections to Tiger Waves, but that’s where the story ends…as far as we know. Still, they pop up out of nowhere, toss an album at us, disappear then pop up with a few new gems, like today. While everything’s showed brilliant promise, these two numbers feel like they’ve finally got things clicking on all gears. “White Noise” this bursting pop hit, calling upon forefathers like Unicorns and Animal Collective to craft collage pop pieces on the right side of weird; the chorus for this one is super rewarding. “I Don’t Mind” illustrates the band’s songwriting gifts, offering warmer tones while still orbiting the same pop planet as the A-side here. Never enough words to write about such a talented bunch.

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