Drift Into Tuesday with El Lago

Tuesdays seem to get stuck between the doldrums of Mondays and the excitement of hump-day specials…they seem lost in a dreamy purgatory of the work week. Enter El Lago with their brand single, draping dream pop flourishes across the lyrical delivery of Lauren Eddy. At times, like Tuesday, she’s simply there, delivering spoken word. Then, she wraps her voice around the delectable melody and carries it into the next moment. Personally, I love the almost matter-of-fact manner the group takes to fleshing out the latter half of this tune; I completely got lost upon my first few listens. This Galveston act will be releasing their album Colors on November 4th via Miss Champagne Records, but for now, let them carry you through your Tuesday.

Enjoy a Pop Tune from Delsbo Beach Club

Delsbo Beach Club are hitting me hard, taking modern indie fascination with that slightly dreamy guitar, but also bringing in the appropriate dosage of indiepop grooves. It has this natural swagger to it, taking all comers of pop music under its wings. The vocals have a certain distance from the listener, almost an echo, encouraging you to turn the volume up just a wee bit higher. That’s a good thing, so dance uncoordinatedly about while the guitar jabs angularly and the synths wash over your spirit. Pretty solid introduction to one of Stockholm’s hottest acts; look for future releases, including this single, from Rama Lama Records.

New Music from Best Friend

Beko Disques are probably one of my favorite labels at the moment, quietly going about releasing excellence with little to no need for playing the game. They just dropped this delightful Best Friend track to announce the forthcoming LP for the group. You’ll find the vocals sitting back in the distance on this number, almost as if they’re fading away as you put your ear next to your speaker. Dreamy jangles seep out from the guitars, with some tight little drum rolls to fill out the vibe. The release is scheduled to drop come November, so keep your eyes peeled.

Jangly Pop From Feral Conservatives

Some of you are probably saying, “man is this guy in love with Egghunt Records or what?”. Maybe I am, but it’s super easy to like the label when they are pumping out so many quality releases lately. Today I’m sharing this new track “Angels” from new label members Feral Conservatives. It’s a really bright bit of pop music with some clean and provocative female vocals provided by Rashie Rosenfarb. Think Cruiserweight if they toned down the pop punk vibe a little bit.

Feral Conservatives will drop new album Better Lives on November 3rd via Egghunt Records. Pre-order that thing now!

Lost Film Is Required Listening

Maybe it’s just me, but some acts just connect at the right time…thus is the reason I’m encouraging you to sit down with Lost Film right now. This is bedroom pop that expands beyond the quiet of your own four walls; the notes are incredibly warm and inviting…perfect for my staring at the rain drops sliding down my classroom window at the moment. It’s the sort of vibe that’s timeless, in my eyes at least, using sharp angular guitar lines and dreamy vocals to ensnare listeners. There will be a new LP titled Broken Spectre out on October 20th.

Hear Another Track from Sound of Ceres

Sometimes you come across tunes, and the first thing that pops into your mind is “this seems other-worldly.” No, it’s not from outer space, but in listening to the latest Sound of Ceres single, the song seems like a perfectly executed bit of pop that would find a perfect home on some undiscovered planet or space station. There’s a sterile drum beat, surrounded by these swirling synth notes one associates with space travel shows; all the while, vocals seems to dance from star to star, emanating as if from a celestial being. Really looking forward to hearing the entirety of The Twin when it hits via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Fresh Track from Hello Paris

I still can’t find too much information on Hello Paris, though I’m excited to see the project working with Beko, a label I respect greatly. The two new tunes on this EP are pretty great, with one offering this dark post-punk vibe and the other taking more of a progressive pop perspective that dances around your ears. “Into the Deep Misunderstanding” has these great guitar notes, familiar to many, yet taking on their own mannerisms as propulsive drum loops work behind and the vocals fade atop the track. Just sit back, listen to some escapist pop music that’s, honestly, not like too many things you’ll hear the rest of the week.

Fresh Pop from The Halamays

The end of the year already seems to be in full swing; less music is coming our way, but luckily we have The Halamays to save us from ourselves. The wife/husband duo from Ohio have just dropped EP 2, and there are some gems for your ears. Personally, I was originally drawn to the opener “I Don’t Care (Anymore),” which had a certain nostalgic vibe that I could relate to immediately. But, upon repeated listens, as we’re all likely going to do, I found myself digging “Hold Me Now;” I love the way the guitar breaks in through the song’s soft underbelly, even if only momentarily. Stream it all below!

Springy Pop from Swimming Tapes

There’s a youthful vibrance to the work that Swimming Tapes have completed. You can hear that exuberance immediately in this new single, jangling away from the moment you press play. A steady beat goes along, allowing the guitar to ring just a bit louder, all the whiles the vocals circle around your ears. They take you on the dreamier side of guitar pop, and you’re grateful for it. They’ll release their Soft Sea Blue EP on September 15th, so expect continued joy from their forthcoming release.

Start Your Day with The Salient Braves

For awhile, news of a new LP from the Salient Braves has been floating about. Now we’ve got a release date and a new song for you to start planning your purchase. This song is built on the back of a piano, incorporating the pleasant croon of the vocals to further the band’s brilliant use of melody. As the song moves on, touches of strings are added to the layers, building towards a more pronounced ending for the track. Their new records is titled Delusions of Grandeur, and it’s being released by Broken Down Records on September 22nd.

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