New Hit from Eternal Summers

We won’t shy away from our love for Eternal Summers, especially now that they’ve announced their new LP, Every Day It Feels Like I’m Dying. On their latest single, the backbone of the song works over synth guitar lines, with Nicole doing her thing atop the mix. But, what I really love is that they don’t settle for the bread-and-butter pop structures, spinning the song on its head by turning the track into a dreamier realm where vocals still dominate. Some bands just don’t make bad songs, and this is just one of those bands. Look for their new LP on May 4th via Nevado Music.

Delightful Pop from Salt Lake Alley

It’s totally cool if you’re drawn into this new Salt Lake Alley tune because of the seductive indiepop vibe that opens the band’s latest single. But, don’t go too far down, as the band burst forth with a blast of pop rock that kicks in with an swagger. Still, the melody is the bread-and-butter of the tune, so they spin back to the soft pop stylings for the kids. A lot of movement within the confines, guaranteeing you won’t find yourself bored when you listen to this track on repeat. This track is the A side to a new 7″ the band are releasing with esteemed label Cloudberry Records later this Spring.

SXSW Interviews: JAGUWAR

I’ve obviously been talking a lot about SXSW recently as I think I’m finally ready to prepare for the crazy events in a short couple of weeks. Part of me prep work is making a list of bands I absolutely have to see, and one of those is German based group JAGUWAR. Their sound blends styles of 80s new wave bands with a more modern, European pop take. Think a little dark pop, a little bit of brooding, and mix in some brightness underneath the surface. I dig it. If it sounds like something you might be into, hit the jump for an interview with the band.

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Give Espaniel a Listen

Music discovery is pretty easy these days with all the Spotify and the cool blogs, but I’m still partial to the communal discovery…and luckily I have a few friends to turn me onto rad acts, like @psychotwee over on Twitter. Following on the regular led me to this sparkling pop number from E’spaniel. It’s clear that the band have an affection for huge guitar pop…moments in you’ll hear those guitars circling overhead in charming fashion. This song is wrapped around a central melody, touched up by the slightest dose of backing vocals to drive home the pop sensibility. Pretty charming outing from this group…we’ll keep you posted on more as we find it.

Fun Pop Tune from Oxen

If you come here on the regular, you’re clearly aware of my affection for Swedish pop tunes, and Oxen gives me another chance to dote on the country’s pop scene. When this tune kicks off, it’s in a fairly lighthearted manner, twinkling guitar lines working over vocals and another layer of strummed guitar. But, soon the beat drops in and you’re tapping your toes along the ride as the guitars stutter to the infectious chorus. The young duo are still finishing up the work on their new album, with this being our first glimpse at the goods to come our way.

Elegant Pop from June Pastel

June Pastel is the project of Venezuelan-American Anthony Pena; he’s crafting this wondrous pop that pays homage to the various roots of the genre, though in doing so, he’s crafting a sound entirely unique. At times, this new tune feels as if it falls into the dreamy realm of bedroom pop, but at other moments it explodes into a euphoric pop number with the various layers all melding to create a natural warmth. The debut album from the project is slated for release this Summer via Native Sound.

Danceable Pop from Gold Casio

For those of you already looking towards the weekend, you might be struggling a bit to get to the finish line. What better way than to find a spirited electro jam from Gold Casio to lift your spirits and get you through the next 48 hours. Listening through this new single, there’s obviously a huge level of playfulness from the band…from the pulsing beat to the lyrics wrapping around each other. Falling synths with a natural tempo stomp; it’s okay, you can have a little fun today too! The group will be releasing their new Sinners EP on April 20th via Freakout Records.

Brand New Tune from I Was a King

If anything, I’m a pretty loyal listener, but being a fan of I Was a King has always been easy. They craft this beautiful mixture of heavy-ish indie rock and power-pop, and their sound seems ever evolving. This track relies more on the indie rock side of things, filled by crashing cymbals and distorted guitars grumbling in the distance. But, the smooth melody of the vocals cuts right through the noise, balancing the track in the most perfect manner. They even include some extra flourishes, such as the faint echo of children’s voices (at least that’s what it sounds like to me) near the 2 minute mark. This is a band that no longer needs to experiment or dabble in genres…they’re building their own sound, and I couldn’t be happier. The new single drops digitally on Friday with an album to follow later this year.

Classic Vibes from Popincourt

Tired of the modern musical landscape? Same. So why not take a trip with Popincourt, the French songwriter brandishing his own brand of power-pop…with just the faintest hints of Weller or Costello. The guitar chords chop right through from the get-go, stuttering at first, waiting to unleash their hook when united with a bouncing organ line. It’s almost like we’re inside some mod-club, shaking about whilst Popincourt serenades us all. Kick off your shoes, jitter about and feel yourself free with this catchy number. Look for it to appear on the band’s new record, slated for a Spring release on Jigsaw Records.

Premiere: Unlikely Friends Announce Crooked Numbers

Unlikely Friends are a pop group; they first came to my attention because of Charles Bert’s participation (he also plays in Math and Physics Club…D Crane from BOAT is the other core member). Today we’re excited to bring you this fresh single from the group’s forthcoming LP, Crooked Numbers. It opens with this distorted guitar, moving into a slight static vocal before pulling back the effects to reveal the song’s pop underbelly. You’re intoxicated, sure, but you’re not fully hooked until the falling melodies of the chorus are dropped on you; it’s like a sugar cube for pop aficionados. You’ll come back time and time again, and as you do, you’ll hear more vocal melodies surfing through the song, taking you on one hell of a pop rollercoaster. Crooked Numbers will be released on January 12th via Swoon Records.

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