Slick New Single From Dutch Party

Infectious is not a word I use frequently to describe music, but that’s exactly what comes to mind with this new track “Blade Runner” from L.A. based Dutch Party. Mastermind behind the project Ken Franklin immediately draws you in the second you hit play with the tracks catchy as hell take on electronic themed pop music. It reminds me a bit of Painted Palms and I’d say that’s a solid compliment.

Dutch Party will release new EP Combat Pop later this fall.

Check This Premiere of New Verandan

Finnish label Soliti has quite a remarkable stable, and this year they signed what I think is an artists capable of breaking across the globe: Verandan. With one incredible single under their belt, the band bring you this brand new single (released digitally on the 14th) to enjoy. It reminds me of the best of the pop world, combing chamber elements with delicate touches of atmospherics…all the while keeping a nice bit of energy in the track. Just imagine the playful bounce of Belle and Sebastian mingling with the more introspective world of the Clientele. The group even throws in some joyous “ooh oohs” near the end, so be sure to stay ’til then.

Another Gem From Minor Poet

Way back in March I was very excited to discover new Richmond based artist Andrew Carter and his project known as Minor Poet. Well as promised back then, I’d be sharing more new music as it came my way. Today we’ve got this great new track called “Judith Beheading Holofernes” for your eagerly awaiting ears. Once again we are treated to a beautiful, lo-fi pop number worthy of multiple spins.

A self-titled debut album will be coming from Minor Poet on August 25th via Egghunt Records.

Gorgeous Bully Give Us Another Jam

Manchester based Gorgeous Bully has seen a ton of coverage on ATH over the years, and for obvious reasons. Somehow the group has continually pumped out hit after hit, and full albums worth of material time after time. Today the band sent over their new single entitled “Time” which can be streamed below. The song is a typical GB jam, bright, full and masterful when it comes to instrumentation. They’ve done it again.

A B-side to this single is available to stream on bandcamp.

Stream All Three Sundtrodden EPs

On the off chance you read this blog on the regular, you’ve likely heard me mention Suntrodden a time…or twenty. Today could be the best day of your week, as you can now stream all 3 EPs together in one collective listen. It’s hard to pick a single track I love, as this collection is filled with a nice bit of diversity for any mood. I love the piano balladry from “Moonflower,” but then there’s real beauty in “Stay Gone,” taking on a more singer-songwriter vibe. I guess in the end, the most difficult thing is finding a track to ignore; each tune offers something special, something personal, which is perhaps why I’ve fallen in love with Suntrodden. The 3rd and final EP comes out this Friday, but stream them all together below!

Verandan Sign on to Soliti Music

You’ve always got to keep an eye on the Finnish label Soliti Music, as they’ve become an increasingly consistent label…I’ve adored the last six releases, to say the least. Today they announce the singing of Verandan, the new project of Ville Hopponen, of Cats on Fire fame. There’s definitely a pop-centric vibe to this, filled in with throbbing bass and a wash of synths that add a darker texture to the track. I’d pick up this song for the delighting chorus with its rising tones and natural hook. Look like Soliti has done it again; expect to find this track on a brand new EP from the band coming your way this Autumn.

Skytone Drop Jangling Pop Hits

Ottawa’s Skytone don’t really fit into a neat little package for consumers, but that’s precisely why I love the group. Sure, their brand new album Jangle Waves has the aforementioned jangling, but there are also moments that lean towards swinging croons like in “Second Hand Shops.” They almost adopt a beach vibe with “Missing You” only to move into dreamy pop territory with the following tune, “Lonely Holiday.” Throughout the listen, you’ll likely find yourself enveloped in warm harmonies reminiscent of the sun you’re trying to avoid outside your window; it’s the power of pure pop at its best, and it’s available now so go grab it!

Another Ditty from The Hayman Kupa Band

Two distinctive voices wrapping around each other isn’t always a success, unless its done by The Hayman Kupa Band. Darren and Emma tend to trade back verses on this new single, with a huge chorus really executing their united powers. Musically, you’re running through the fields on a sunny day, stopping from time to time to revel in the company of a great friend. Chugging chords help push the band’s pop objective with little percussive bits sneaking into the party from behind. Thanks to Fika Recordings we’ll all be able to relish the joys of life when they release the band’s LP on July 21st.

Pop Balladry from Suntrodden

I’m not afraid to cover more Suntrodden tunes, especially when he’s slightly toying with his sound, such as he does on this new ballad. While previous tracks have been filled with harmonies and careful guitar work, this song roams atop a sullen piano backbone. Then on the song’s latter half the guitar is slightly more pronounced, percussive elements are layered and then there’s the airy voice of Erik Stephansson winning in the end! Pretty sure III is going to be another release welcomed by my ears…look for it on June 30th.

Uplifting Pop Number from TRASH

I love a good pop number, especially when its sunny outside, so why not post this new jam from TRASH. The approach is pretty simple, giving listeners a natural bounce from the driving rhythm, but I really like the little nuances where the band toy with listeners. Several times in the track they hold back the melodic release, just for a second; it’s like a sugary pop tease that only draws you further into their sound. Plus, they have these distant dream pop guitar lines lurking in the distance, and you know I’m a sucker for that sound. Look for the group to release their new EP later this summer.

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