Did You Listen to Featherfin?

It’s okay, as I didn’t spend much time with Featherfin and the new album, Miles to Go Before I Sleep…until a slight push of encouragement from Jeremy Jensen of The Very Most. Jeremy plays/sings on one of the standout tracks, but the whole release is just a collection of great voices supporting Featherfin to flesh out the songs. I included “Helen Richey” below, as that’s the song I jumped to first but don’t be afraid to invest some time in listening to the whole thing; it’s a gorgeous collection of pop songs that will guarantee a little bit of swooning goes into your day.

Dance-able Pop from Spooky Cigarette

Admittedly, sometimes pop music can get stale or blend in with like-minded artists. Spooky Cigarette is not that band! Their newest song hints at the current underbelly of indiepop, using twinkling guitars amidst a marching rhythm section. But, the vocals of Frank Mindingall have this dreamy yearning, that seems to work separate from the rest of the act. It ends up creating this frantic tornado of pop music that sweeps you out of your chair and into your go-to dance move. There’s just this undying carefree attitude being tossed about that definitely draws everyone into their musical galaxy. Keep an eye out for this San Diego bunch, as it looks like they’re having a hell of a time.

Dreamy Pop From Tallies

As I am always done for a strong female lead vocal, I’m sharing this new song called “Beat the Heart” from Toronto based outfit Tallies. It certainly sounds like something straight out of the 80s alternative era with vocals that are eerily reminding me of Neko Case. Not sure I could imagine two things which sound more like a perfect union. This is going to be on heavy rotation for me today.

Tallies will release their debut self-titled album on January 11th via Kanine Records.

Did You Hear the New Comet Gain Single

I’m late to the game on this one, though I’ve known about (and ordered!) this new Comet Gain single for some time, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to take a stroll down the road with David Feck and friends. There’s something playful and heartfelt in Feck’s songs, and yet something one could attach to a sort of everyman type; he makes you feel like a friend sharing a story. I love the way he sort of speeds up his lyrics in certain incidents, like he’s racing to get to the point, then drops back to a more casual vibe. I could, and probably more often than not, listen to this band every day. If you’re so inclined, grab the new 7″ from Tapete Records…an LP is to follow next year.

Fun Bit of Pop From Party Hardly

While in the midst of ACL season, we’re still trying to find some good music for you fine people. Leeds based Party Hardly are here to offer up some quality for those of you missing the festival with this latest single “Football”. It’s a sort of playful song which begins simple enough, but hold out for the guitar solo near the end. This one is beautifully crafted and progresses quite nicely.

Party Hardly will release new EP Cycle of Life next month.

Beautiful Pop from Red Telephone

You’ve got to sit down and tune in, particularly if you’re a fan of classic pop sounds. No one, well mostly no one, is doing it like Cardiff’s Red Telephone. I was struck immediately by Declan Andrews voice, working somewhere in that Bowie/Bolan range, though I think Andrews has a sharper ear for vocal melody. The rest of the band does their job, crafting a bright pop bounder that seems as timeless as it does, with just the slightest hint of modern psychedelia entering the picture. Probably one of my favorite tracks of the week, to be honest. Look for the band’s new single on October 19th via Libertino.

Another Das Kope Jam

Das Kope is my current go-to for late night pop gems. His craftsmanship combines subtle electronica with these washed out vocals that definitely hit home at my house. I love how he teases you with this song’s intro, just building ever so slightly, then unleashing the bounce a bit more as it explodes through your speaker. Your toes are tapping, your arms are flailing and you’re having the time of your life spinning in circles while this jam plays in the background. It’s okay to let yourself go, so let this song cleanse you with its good positive vibes.

That New Pizzagirl Joint

By now, if you come here from time to time, you’re likely aware of my appreciation for Pizzagirl. Today we’re sharing with you a new single from his Season 2 EP; it’s a heavy beat pop number seemingly about infatuation with a someone on the television. Liam Brown’s vocals always have this understated softness, pulling the listener in real close to have a little bit of fun with his love-driven themes. It’s always nice to find a nice little dose of pop fun in the morning, so let’s start our day off with this bouncing new number.

Got New Michael O On Repeat All Day

Michael O is perhaps most known for his work in the Mantles, but his solo work has been equally as remarkable…in my book anyways. Just you go check out Really? and tell me what you think. Regardless, he’s back on the solo tip, with a new 3-track EP for Fruits & Flowers…with one of the delighting tunes running below. This song has this communal feeling to it, as if you’ve been sitting around jamming with Michael for sometime. The strumming steadies the melody, while the string arrangements are a nice textural touch in the far off distance. Just makes you feel better about the world knowing this song’s out there. The new 7″ comes out October 19th!

The Raft Collect Songs for the Jellyfish EPs

One the last few years, Phil Wilson and his pop outfit the Raft have been dropping these casual singles and EPs, all of which had artwork depicting jellyfish; now they’ve collected all the songs and reordered them to put out the collection titled The Jellyfish EPs. The song’s have been reordered a bit, which gives the album a more cohesive flow, pitting soft-bellied tunes against the more emphatic numbers. I keep getting drawn into “Orion;” it has this power pop vibe if spun through a web of indiepop influences. But, if you’re looking for an album that’s solid songwriting from start to finish, then take a few minutes to spend it with this collection; it’s available via Shore Dive Records.

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