Post Punk Pop Jam Out Of Tel Aviv From Document

According to the band profile, Document is a post punk band out of Tel Aviv, hence the title. But upon first listen, I got tinges pop jammy fun lying just beneath the surface. I like these kinds of fusion. I also like highlighting music that is being created all over the place, an ATH specialty (I think we all may need to move to Australia or Scandinavia soon based on our current penchant for jams/electronics from both locales).

Back to Document, they are self-releasing an LP on 12/8 called The Void Repeats, as independent as it gets, which you can stream here. Preview the opening track track below…


The Bankees Are Back

It hasn’t been that long since the last release from The Bankees, but we were under the impression that Friends (2015) would be the last release from our favorite French popsters. Luckily, Simon reached out this week to drop me their new album, Sunny Days. It’s carefully crafted casual pop music, with hints of Kevin Morby or Dan Bejar, but what I love is that the track are succinct, with only a couple of the tunes stretching beyond the 3 minute mark. You’ll find this record fits perfectly into your afternoon rotation, letting you drift off into the slow crawl of the day.

Minimalistic Pop From Still Parade

What’s left for us to say about Berlin based Niklas Kramer and his project know as Still Parade? Likely not much as we’ve posted his music on multiple occasions and even interviewed him a time or two. That aside, the guy is continuing to pump out some incredible music and I’m excited to share his latest single today called “Should Have Known”. What you’ll find is a very minimalistic take on electronic pop music. With such a pared down song, you wouldn’t expect to find such beauty, but Niklas continues to impress with his unique take on songwriting. Carry on.

Still Parade will drop the Kindness EP on December 15th.

Slept on This Firestations Single

Saw this Firestations track pop up a week or so ago, and marked it as something to revisit. Now that I’ve had a bit of time to jam it, I figured it’s something you should have on your radar. Perhaps the first thing that caught my ear was the falling piano/keyboard lines ushered into the background of the focal synth and guitars. It was at once thoughtful and endearing…then came the vocals. They’ve got that airy flavor that captivates fans of indiepop, riding atop the mix like that feather in Forrest Gump. It’s a rather dense tune too, despite the light-hearted affect that song will have on your emotional well-being, so feel free to indulge below.

Upbeat Number from Fascinations Grand Chorus

Fascinations Grand Chorus have a full-length in the works, but in the meantime they wanted to drop a little EP for your pleasure. “When You’re Mine” looks back at classic pop music with Stephanie coming across like the best of the doc-wop era. That being said, the keyboard line that drives this song is catchy as all get out, and really sets the tone for the track. Sure, the song’s lighthearted, but the depth of the studio work illustrates that they’ll surely be more than a one-trick pony. Indulge your sweet tooth with this one; look for the Anglesea EP on December 8th via Silent Stereo.

Another Gem from Line and Circle

Line & Circle might just be one of the best pop groups around, and it feels like they’re just getting started. This new single seems to be their most mature number, demonstrating the careful work that went into the recording…guitars running circles around your ears, cascading in the distance while the natural melody warms you to your core. It’s the sort of pop that’s not made too often, made for longevity in one’s record collection, not quickly discarded hooks. The group will be releasing Vicious Folly on December 1st (Grand Gallop), with a guarantee of pop music you can revisit for the rest of your times.

New Compilation from Martin Newell

Around these parts, and by that I mean, me and my friends, the name Martin Newell means a great deal…as one of the core members of Cleaners from Venus, that should mean a great deal to you as well. His career has spanned over several decades, but we got wind yesterday of a new release titled Martin Newell’s Jumble Sale, a collection of lost songs and demos from 1975 to present; their existence alone is reason for rejoicing. Just to have a DIY career span that long, and still have people caring is important…so stream this collection and revel in the joy that is anything with Martin’s name attached to it.

Pop Number from Rain on Monday

The moment the bouncing bass line jumped in on this Rain on Monday tune I was ready for the dance floor. It was going to be a solo outing, me dancing in place, swinging my arms awkwardly from side to side. Further on, the band seems to take notes from Shout Out Louds, though they offer a more subdued vocal turn during the chorus; there’s just a hint of gruffness through the tune. The group is a fairly new project from Sweden, so I promise to keep you informed as we get more info about the group in the future.

Brand New Math and Physics Club

After teasing me all day yesterday with hints of new music, I woke up to this glorious new single from Math and Physics Club. You’ve likely seen the band hit these pages before, and they’ve only continued to impress as more time passes. Here, it only takes a few mere moments before the band bound off with energy that captivates. As the band maneuvers back and forth between casual and energetic, they begin to remind of early Death Cab or Nada Surf. The layered details from backing vocals to distant guitar work display a great deal of confidence…letting the band stake their claim to the finest pop purveyor of the day. They’ll be releasing Lived Here Before via Fika/Matinee on January 26th.


Catch This Video from The Safes

Tasty Waves is just over a month old, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t go back and give some much deserved attention to The Safes. The video below features one of the standout tunes on the group’s latest effort, but it also hints at the sonic vibe you’ll get when you press play. The band pays an honest homage to 60s bubblegum pop, but its handled in a manner that is reminiscent of a lot of modern indiepop/jangle pop acts around. It’s a frivolous good times, and there’s always room over here for tunes of the like. If you’re in need of some fun pop, then get this LP now!

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