Brother Sports Back with Dry Eyes

Lockdowns and quarantines have really pushed Austin’s Brother Sports into high gear; they continue to release jam after jam, with their iii EP, just dropping in this past week. One of my favorite tunes is “Dry Eyes,” which kind of has this sort of low-energy Strokes feel to it, if that makes sense. In my ear, it kind of takes that deep throated vocal charm, working it over some sharp notes that have this dreamier swagger in a slow-burn sort of way. Just seems like the band have a handful of infectious tunes up their sleeve at every turn, so I’m game to listen, and hope you are too!

Andronoids Share Sunny Day

I’ve got about 8 more hours of work, and then I get to take a nice few weeks off, so I’m looking for a fun number to get me right in the mood…this Andronoids tune helped. Honestly, it reminded me of French Kids (formerly Young Girls) who we’ve worked with on our label end of things. It’s part indiepop and part classic surfy sounds and also fuzzy gaze oriented rock and infectious as all get out. The Swedish outfit just released a new self-titled LP courtesy of Ontario’s We Are Busy Bodies, so if you feel like tapping your toes today, start here!

Wildhoney Share Flywheel Single

It might have eluded many of us the other day, but Wildhoney dropped a brand new track this past week via the No Stagediving: Volume 2 Compilation. For me, it has the best of the band’s style, and might even entice me a little bit more with the heavier moments. Lauren’s voice holds the ship tightly together, sauntering in with that strong melodic performance that hints at pop sensibility. But, where they excel in comparison to their peers is that they just decide to let loose and let rip on this one. The shackles are off and you’re met with this hammering discord, but the vocals make sure you don’t mind…you don’t, do you? Proceeds from the compilation go to Baltimore’s the Ottobar.

Pleased to Meet You: The Pierce Kingans

The role of the small label is to throw support behind something you truly believe in, something you think will rise to top, something you want the whole world to hear…at least that’s how I see it. I think Subjangle Sounds it taking the same approach with the release of Pierce and Love to all the World, a compilation of sorts from The Pierce Kingnans. In this collection, you’ll find yourself enjoying 20 pop ditties, just on the right side of weird. Some tunes, like “No One Owns You,” carry the intimacy of bedroom pop, though you can get crisp rocking ditties like “It’s Bleed Too Long” too. For me, there’s just so much to digest, which is why I’m glad that the record’s a great introduction to an artists that currently has my tastebuds intrigued. What say you?

The Pale Kings Drop Poison Darling

Good old Tuesdays…a fancy twist on Mondays. So, I was in need of a good pick me up, and thought you could use the same, which is where The Pale Kings come into play. I’m not even going to lie to you; this sounds like a modern spin on the Smiths, just minus the douche-baggery that accompanies Morrissey (at least as far as I know). You’ll find spirited tunes, the sort that kick your shoes up off the dance-floor as your arms flail about. If anything, maybe your at home in your Covid workspace, so you’re quietly tapping your toes…either way…you can’t turn away from the joy in these tunes!

Kevin Hairs Shares New Tune

There’s good and bad with Bandcamp Friday’s; you get great new tunes from band’s you love, but sometimes you don’t catch them until the day after, so you’re bummed you couldn’t help raise a little funds. But, let’s make up for it by sharing a new tune from our friend Kevin Hairs…so now you can donate to the cause! Influenced by listening to the Microphones, Kevin’s looking back at his own early history as a musician with his project Lil’ Hospital. There’s a heavy coat of guitar fuzz on this tune, letting Kevin stay as the song’s gravitational pull with his vocals, keeping those guitars and minimal beat orbiting behind him. Never a bad day when you start with a Kevin Hairs tune!

Dummy Return with EP2

We’ve been super high upon the relatively new LA group, Dummy; we’re continuing that by pointing out that today they release their new EP2. We’ve already offered up “Pool Dizzy” to the masses, which definitely gives a little nod to Stereolab, for all those currently into that sound. I really love the new EP, as it gives a deep view into the band’s influences and musical tastes. Opener “Thursday Morning” is a ringing meditation on pop music, guitar notes bouncing in your ear while the vocals keep your emotions grounded, sedated even. “Mediocre Garden” takes electronic music to adventurous new places, built more as a twinkling soundscape to a world filled with bright lights and warm breezes. Then they close with the brilliant “Prime Mover Unmoved,” which begins in a bit of a dream state before your alarm goes off and your brain starts to buzz with the possibilities of the day. Grab it while you can!

Revisiting That New Jackie Venson LP

Earlier this month Austin’s Jackie Venson dropped Vintage Machine, a follow up to her highly-regarded Joy. Admittedly, Venson’s work hasn’t gotten a ton of coverage on our site, and that’s totally on me spinning things in one direction. But, I’ve really been playing one of the record’s standout tracks a bunch around my house, picking up on the natural bounce and rhythm. Those keyboard stabs and quick vocal delivery in the midst of that spinning groove make it a number you’ll find infectiously entering your musical world…I know it has in mine. Give Vintage Machine, and Jackie, a little bit of your time as we pump up the heat on Monday morning.

Sapphire & Steel Release Assignment 1

Our friend and fellow pop enthusiast Estella Rosa (also part of glorious Nah) just begun a new project with Jorn Aleskjaer named Sapphire & Steel (a nod to the 70s Sci-Fi series of the same name). This week they dropped Assignment 1, a three song EP I felt was necessary to put on your radar. “Home” settles the score immediately, fusing bits of indie pop and new wave seamlessly, giving you melody and groove all at once; Estella’s voice dabbles in the dream pop territory, allowing the notes to sort of rise and fall…might also be one of the best chorus moments I’ve heard her on…just saying. “Rumours” gives off more of a retro lounge feel, like a lounge act with just enough nuance to keep us captivated. “Susan” gives you this sort of late-night funk feel; slight bits of swagger and hipness buried beneath a pop facade that features far more Jorn than we’ve gotten prior to this. A perfect closer for a late night dance party, or maybe just this great introductory EP.

One Minus One Share Lindenthal

When listening through this new single from Germany’s One Minus One, I’m immediately reminded of the Black Watch. Somewhere in here, there’s flirting with that upbeat jangle of indiepop, though things get pulled back into that sort of dreamy trajectory, highlighted by a sort of heavy melodic vocal. This is that brand of pop that sort of encapsulates that wistful longing, that search for something beyond, so I’m grateful that we can start out our musical day with you and this tune. If you like what you hear, this track will appear on the self-titled album that drops on November 6th.

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