Love, Burns Share Their New 7″

We fell for the charms of Phil Sutton’s solo outing Love, Burns when he shared the splendid “Gate and the Ghost;” it’s a must have track for anyone in love with the purity of pop. Today, we get to hear the B-Side “It’s a Shame,” which features Hewson Chen of Lake Ruth on lead guitar. I like the slight adjustment in the approach, perhaps offering a glimpse at the various influences Sutton toys with in his songwriting. In part, there’s a definite paisley pop feel operating with some steady electronic organ, but as the tune progresses you can hear a sort of Spaghetti Western guitar coursing through, adding in this ominous touch that may (or may not) allude to the track’s theme. It’s like we’re all waiting for our pop hero to climb the mountain of indie rock with the setting sun behind him, casting this glorious shadow that is Love, Burns. If you’re inclined, the 7″ is immediately available from KUS in Germany, but there will be some stateside copies ready within the next month. Plus, a full LP is on the way for next Spring.


EZRAT Drops New Single

So, earlier in the year, EZRAT, the new project of Ezra Tenenbaum released Carousel; I’ll admit that I quietly let it slip by, despite being a big EZTV fan. So, I’m trying to make up for it by encouraging you all to listen to this great new single the band released this week. It’s a track filled with the steady charms that feel like the breeze is blowing through your hair, maxing out on the harmonies in the vocals as they pop like sugary bubbles floating in the sky. This new band is really something great to witness, so if you haven’t already purchased Carousel, go reach out to Bobo Integral…or, like me, hang about while we wait for the next batch of tunes!

Did You Miss Julie Et Joe’s Debut LP?

On our end, things are a little slow, at least as far as new jams I’m enjoying, so I went back a week or so to cull some releases I may have accidentally forgotten to inform you about, like the debut from Julie Et Joe. This Marelle LP is the first of the collaboration, featuring Joe Moore (the Yearning) and Julie Big (Le Superhomard), creating some joyous pop bits you’ll all enjoy. Upbeat numbers like “Baskets Fluourescentes” will surely have you bouncing in your home office char, while the title track “Marelle” is a much more thoughtful piece of delicate pop. Just thought some of you might want to try this on for size; the album is out now via Elefant Records.

The Color Waves Drop Self-Titled LP

It’s possible that you might have missed the new Color Waves LP over the weekend, but my goal this week has been to bounce back on some great releases I’ve been in love with on my end. It’s actually been 5 years since I’ve heard anything from this outfit…that was their lone 7″ on Cloudberry Records in 2015. I’d love to cram this down your throat as an indiepop staple for 2020, but to be fair, it feels like so much more, like a pop tree branching out to tickle the various sub-genres. For a great deal, they remind me an awful lot of the Lucksmiths, using these jangling guitar notes in a more slower fashion, dragging every last drop of melody from each note, letting harmonics float into the ether. It feels like a fireside record where you can curl up with someone you love and share in the simple joys of a truly great LP. The Color Waves is available now in all the usual spots! It should also say something that Jeremy Jensen of The Very Most (who I covered yesterday) bought this album! You know what to do!

Fixtures Drop Video for Five Ft One Six Ft Ten

Some labels are always going to find you the good stuff, and I don’t ever mind turning to Bobo Integral for that good good. The latest signing from the label is Brooklyn based Fixtures, who dropped this rad new track last Friday as we were singing off for the weekend. Immediately the song rushes in with this bounding pace and hook-laden rhythm section; the vocals carry this post-punk swaggering croon. They throw in a nice little ramshackle jam in the midst of the tune, bringing in this little stylistic flare that gives a nice little mixture of sounds to the track. You’re going to want to keep an eye on this band; their new Weak Automatic EP drops on December 3rd!

Family Mart Share My Anarcha-Feminist Crush

Mike Lee (Fanclub, LUDGF) has been taking advantage of quarantine to flesh out some ideas I imagine were brewing long before we even met Family Mart, his latest project. On the latest single, things open up a little subdued, with a muted guitar ringing behind Lee’s softened voice and this elegant piano line…it’s an emotional set up for the listener. Moments later drums drop in a little bit more, adding a textured energy level to the song’s gentle pop approach. There’s even a little vocal support on this one from Lani Thomison, touching up the melodic notes that emanate from the tune. Welcome to the softer side of Family Mart!

Farewell Horizontal Share Where Did All the Fun Go to Die

Just when you think you have the Melbourne scene pigeonholed, another band like Farewell Horizontal pops its hard offering a slight glimpse at just how incredible the music is in that fair city. I love how this track sort of flirts between the casual pop sounds of the region and this sort of light indiepop. It’s the sort of track you never want to end; you just want the song to kind of hang around in the aura behind you, just lifting your spirits ever so carefully. Pat Walker’s slight little toy with the word “fu-un” really does it for me too…I’m such a nerd that I swoon over little moments like this. This track appears on the group’s new LP, Avoiding the Void, which you can grab for the NYOP right HERE.

Wilding At It Again

Over the years I’ve grown to love the standout indie pop sounds of my Melbourne based mate Wilding. It’s rather confusing as to why he has yet to become a household name as the Wilding brand has pumped out hit after hit for close to ten years. This new joint, “Swipe Right”, shows a guy at his absolute height of pop song hit making. It’s a touch quirky, fun, and just one helluva catchy song. Wilding will be releasing this song as part of a full length LP called The Death of Foley’s Mall due out on October 2nd via Half a Cow.

Tugboat Captain Share Day to Day

It’s a bummer that SXSW cancelled because I was really looking forward to catching Tugboat Captain around town. In fact, this was one of the early songs that caught my ear, though this version has been updated and built up with textured instrumentation and an additional vocal performant from Flirting’s Poppy Waring. This version’s really working for me today; it sounds like if the Spook School shunned their pop punk ways and fell in love with Stuart Murdoch…basically its like hyper-twee pop rock, and we’re all better that its out in the world. If you’re like me, and you’ve been piqued by the band’s work, then be on the lookout for Rut in October via Double A Side Records.

Stream Fort Not’s The Club Is Open LP

About a year ago we first caught wind of Gothenburg’s Fort Not with their hit single “I Guess;” they’ve been teasing us with a full LP for the better part of this year. Tomorrow, however, The Club is Open will officially be birthed into the world, but we’ve got a preview of the album courtesy of our friends over at Meritorio Records (who are releasing it!). If you skip ahead, you can catch my track by track breakdown of the entire LP; all 13 tracks! Of course, you can also just grab a copy for yourself right HERE!

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