Popper Burns Drop New Video

I owe my fandom of Popper Burns entirely to Big Bill, who really brought the band to my attention when we were first putting together Slack Capital. Since that moment, I’ve been a ravenous fan, trying to hit up as many shows to catch the group’s tenacious live set. They’re preparing to release Pure Disgust this April, and in anticipation they’ve teased us with this incredible video for “Sun Tan.” The track captures exactly why this band is so important; they’re angular guitar lines seem increasingly dangerous as the track forces forward, but it’s offset by the vocal delivery from Patti Melt, steadying the boat to allow accessibility for the masses. Definitely an act to keep an eye on this year!

Growl Release Wont You at Cheer Up Charlies Tomorrow

It’s that time, the time I hope you’ve been waiting for. We’re finally releasing Growl’s debut LP, Won’t You, today! It’s a great bit of guitar pop, filled with huge hooks and harmonies galore. If you’re looking to pick it up outside of Austin, you can find the album HERE. But, if you happen to be in Austin, and happen to be free Saturday night…come pick it up in person at Cheer Up Charlies! They’ll be joined by heavy-hitters Popper Burns, The Halfways and The Two Lips. We’ll have copies for you to grab, and good tunes for you to love! Just in case you wanted to sample the goods, stream the LP below!

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Popper Burns

Friday we were thrown hints of the brilliant new LP coming from Austin’s Popper Burns; they’re one of the most underrated acts in town, though one of the most beloved by those of us who’ve watched the band’s rise. We heard one of the new tracks on Slack Capital, though you now get the studio version of “Apollo 11.” You’ll also get to hear “Prized Roses” dancing its way dangerously with these discordant guitar notes and steady percussive propulsion. Patti Melt has this spoken word vocal delivery, bursting forth with anger when it’s called for by the song. These songs are dangerous, yet intoxicating, walking the fine line between exhilaration and accessibility. Pure Disgust could be one of the most important pieces to come from Austin when it hits this July.

ATX Spotlight: Popper Burns On Dillo Milk 2 Comp

dillmilkIn an amazing year full of compilations in Austin, there’s another one ready to blast through your speakers: Dillo Milk 2. Popper Burns, one of the acts that we featured on our very own Slack Capital Comp will again be featured, bringing you a recording of their new song, “Sometimes;” it’s a personal favorite of their live set. I love the way the guitars cut through while the rhythm section kicks off a propulsive bounce all the way through. So many great Austin acts here, cementing my own personal opinion that despite the troubles, Austin’s scene can rival any of the other vital music scenes in the States. The release party for this CD comp is set for October 1 at Cheer Up Charlies; it’ll be available digitally on September 23rd for those outside city limits.

The Bill Ball: An Interview w/ Eric Bill — October 9th @ Swan Dive

12042917_10103610812125518_894458247127330031_nWith all the buzz about Austin music dying and what not, I think it’s interesting to note that there have been a ton of like-minded individuals coming out to create their own curated shows. We did ATX Popfest, Raw Paw had the Alien Zine, Vegas has Good Vibrations and now there’s the Bill Ball at Swan Dive on October 9th. These things have always been around, but they seem to be gaining prominence as people try to create a sense of community here in town. I caught up with Eric Bill of the band Big Bill to grab some of his thoughts on the First Annual Bill Ball…and his band too. Read on for the answers and a video for the Bill Ball! Read more

Show Preview: Heathers @ Holy Mountain (7.2)

heatherA lot of talk this week will be about Blonde Redhead and Mono, but I think there’s a show that you don’t want to overlook, which will be a smaller scale show, but equally as good. We’ve been on the path of Heathers since they first started popping up in the small world of indiepop blogs, and I’m excited to see them play live…not to mention that they just released a new single; it’s like an indiepop version of the Replacements. They’ll be joined by Baby Bleu, Popper Burns and Good Talk, so you’ll get a nice dosage of great local acts too…plus it’s cheap, so save your money for beers at the Holy Mountain bar. Take a listen to this great new single.