Smooth Jam From Dustin Lovelis

My man Dustin Lovelis is killing it today with his slick and bright new single “Tompkinsville”. The track, in a short amount of time, mixes elements of slacker rock and psych rock while throwing in a bit of brightness to keep things feeling light. The Long Beach based songwriter will surely impress you on this hot ass Tuesday.

Lovelis will release Been Hit Before on August 25th via Porch Party Records.

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ATH Premiere: Cormandelles Unleash Title Track, from Late Bloomer’s Bloomers

latebloomersDan Michicoff is having a killer year thus far, having just released Poster with his band, Tijuana Panthers. But, never one to rest, Dan enlisted a few friends (namely Matt Maust of Cold War Kids) to help with his new project, Coromandelles. The result is pretty excellent, offering up a handful of new tracks with a differing glimpse into his ideas of rock n’ roll. The title track for Late Bloomer’s Bloomers is definitely one of the track’s that listener’s will sink their teeth into right away; it’s got an infectious hook, but I love the quirky way the song’s set on its edge in the closing moments after the 1.5 minute mark. If you’re looking for songs that have redeeming qualities time and time again, then be sure to pick up the record on October 20th via Porch Party Records.



Coromandelles Write Pop Music

cormondellesIt’s probably pretty clear that I’m obsessed with all things Tijuana Panthers, so when I realized that Coromandelles was a supergroup of sorts, fronted by Dan from TP, I of course got in on the party. However, there’s definitely a distinct difference, both stylistically and in the recording process. For me, it seems like the natural evolution of pop music in the last five or so years…taking on the garage/surf aesthetic and applying it to the swelling combination of harmonies and melody. It’s sort of like your favorite Cali garage bands doing their take on the Polyphonic Spree…minus the whole cult thing. The group release Late Bloomer’s Bloomers on October 20th via Porch Party Records.

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