One More From Small Leaks Sink Ships

You may be sick of me talking about Portland based band Small Leaks Sink Ships, but I just can’t stop myself from posting their latest, and likely last single, from the new album. This one has a lot more power and aggression behind it when compared to some of the more melodic and mellow tracks previously shared. Yeah “Dear John Connor” plays the game of power immediately followed by more quiet parts very nicely. Love what these guys are doing.

New album Golden Calf is out October 13th via Lefse Records.

Brooding Number from the Prids

Portland’s the Prids open their latest single with an ominous building of tones. But, don’t let that fool you, as they turn towards a glimmering pop bent once they reach the song’s chorus. It completely allows the band to walk the fine line between post-punk sensationalism and indiepop…perhaps post-pop? Whatever it is, the production is great throughout; I love how the guitar chords seem so faint, yet so present. Still, it’s all about that great chorus. This song features on the band’s new album, Do I Look Like I’m In Love, but you can also catch them out on the road with our faves, PoBPaH.

Slacker Rock From Landlines

As we ease into the weekend, I’m looking for some songs to relax to before the impending stress of football season sets in. Well I had to look no further when the guys in Landlines sent me their latest single “Some Ocean or Great Lake”. The Portland outfit remind me quite a bit of early Weezer if they somehow managed to be even more chill and lackadaisical. This is slacker rock at its finest.

Landlines have a new self-titled LP coming out physical on September 28th. Pre-order here.

Another One From Small Leaks Sink Ships

Portland based outfit Small Leaks Sink Ships has been garnishing some positive praise around these parts for the last month or so. Their songs manage to be quite simplistic while still offering huge amounts of creativity and power. Take this new track “Psychotic Opera” for example. It’s slow and steady at the beginning with a beat on repeat, and then the drums come in and the song becomes something a little bit different. I’m continually impressed with what these guys are doing.

Once again, you can pick up Golden Calf on October 13th via Lefse Records.

New Video & Single From Small Leaks Sinks Ships

I’m not always one for videos, but when they are as beautifully done as this one from Portland based Small Leaks Sinks Ships, I’ve got to share. The video for “Dancing Devil” can at times be a bit creepy with a shadowy, all black creature following a blindfolded young lady around a lake front cabin. The visuals play nicely with the dance inducing, head nodding worthy beats of the song. It’s sort of like old school Cold War Kids or even a Portugal the Man. Well done lads.

New album Golden Calf is out on October 13th via Lefse Records.

Sheer Beauty From Shelley Short

Wow. Just wow. This new song from Shelley Short is really hitting all the feelings for me this afternoon. It’s not something you would typically hear on our site, but the absolute beauty of this song is simply too good not to share. When listening to “Death”, I’m reminded of old school country artists like Dolly Parton or Emmylou Harris. One could even draw a close comparison to a local Austinite like Dana Falconberry.

Shelley will release new album Pacific City on August 11th via Mississippi Records.

The Parson Red Heads Return

Man it has been one hell of a long time since I last heard anything from Portlandbased group The Parson Red Heads. To be exact, they last released new material in 2013 with their album Orb Weaver. Well they are back and releasing a new album in just a matter of days. The band has sent over a few new singles to bring the hype and I personally like this one entitled “Coming Down” the best. It sounds like something out of 60s era L.A. if blended with indie sounds from the band’s new NW home.

You can check out 2nd single “Time After Time” here and 3rd single “Please Come Save Me” here.

New album Blurred Harmony is out on June 9th via Fluff and Gravy Records.

Hot Luck Fest’s The Hi-Lo @ Fair Market (5/19)

…and now for something completely different.

The wife and I love to cook. We like to make things that taste good. We like to go places to eat things. I’ve put notes in show reviews about our diners beforehand, whether a pretzel at Easy Tiger, a burger at Salt and Time or a series of small plates at Second. When James Moody and Aaron Franklin announced their collaboration to bring a new feel to the normal food festival, I was pretty interested. That they would tie in some music related events, I though, “cool.” And while the music is my normal, I really wanted to see how they’d break from the norms of a food fest. Enter the Hot Luck Fest.

So, tune this out if you don’t want to see pics of delicious things. Let’s get weird and talk about the delicious.

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Lo Fi Rocker from Top Down

From the moment this tune hit, it felt like it was falling off the proverbial tracks; the recording has this live mentality that many of us pine for in our listening. You’ll even find a layer of pop sensibility placed within the ringing guitars and bobbing bass grooves. Through it all, Top Down manage to keep this tenacious rock vibe, perfect in its little imperfections…emphasized by the little “whoa ohs” that burst through your speakers. They’ll be releasing their album Rough Roads on March 17th via Voodoo Doughnut Recordings.

Stream New Haste Track

hasteThere’s few scenes that rival my home town, but it seems Portland is one of those perennial rivals…and deservedly so. I just caught wind of Haste, offering up their dreamy new single for the world. Honestly, the vocals are almost just monosyllabic words drifting atop guitars, but in doing that, there’s lots of empty space for the guitar to fill out…and it’s done so magnificently. You can easily just count the vocals as an added instrument, and when executed this well, it leaves great promise for the album that’s coming out soon. Keep your eyes and ears pinned back for this!

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