Lo-Fi Pop from Reptaliens

reptalienIn my mind, lo-fi music is meant to sound intimate and personal, but the sounds coming from Portland’s Reptaliens is quite a bit more. Musically, you get the feeling it was recorded on the floor of the bedroom, filled in perhaps with some studio help, but the central theme of the song runs behind the calming delivery of singer Bambi. It’s the perfect blend of dream-pop aesthetics with an other-worldly recording, elevating the song to a certified hit; this song’s perfect for any time of day. Look for more from the band as they solidify the project in 2016.

Power Pop from Mr. Bones

mrbonesThere’s something about a solid piece of power pop or guitar popthat just settles the soul. That something is present in the newest track from Mr. Bones, giving us a hint of what we’ll hear on Bites, their upcoming LP. It has sort of a slacker quality to it, though I don’t mean that to diminish the track by any means; it sounds so relaxed and spot on that it seems effortless. I’m hooked on the way the guitar sounds in particular…it’s nothing new, but something I hold dear to my heart. Look for their effort at the end of the month via Good Cheer Records.

SXSW Interview: Summer Cannibals

lede_summercannibalsHard to believe that SXSW is just one more short week away right?  Believe it or not, it’s all about to go down.  We are of course not done with our pre-festival coverage and have more interviews, spotlights, and lists coming your way.  Today I’m pleased to share with you a SXSW interview with Portland based group Summer Cannibals.  This band is on my short list of acts to see during the week and I recommend that they make your list as well.  Follow the jump for more.

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SXSW Interview: Melville

IMG_7489Hard to believe that SXSW is drawing ever near as the weeks seem to be flying by in anticipation.  Today we bring you even more coverage with an interview from Portland based indie group Melville.  As I’ve been doing, these are just some questions to build press for upcoming bands, get their feel for SXSW, and see what they think about our great city.  Follow the jump for responses.

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Spirited Pop from Summer Cannibals

unnamedI’ve really been enjoying the tunes I’ve heard from the new effort from Portland’s Summer Cannibals.  They’ve got this entangling bit of rock n’ roll, but there’s this sultry draw that comes from Jessica Bourdreaux that really drives home an extra special hook.  But, don’t think that things are all bright and sunny, as they break this song down with a crunchy guitar edge to round out the softness on the track. It’s the title track from their forthcoming album, Show Us Your Mind, which will pop up on New Moss Records on March 3rd.

Introducing Dogheart

unnamed-5It’s always good to hear from your friends and discover their new discoveries.  Seems like Portland’s Dogheart have something going, despite only being a fairly new band (formed in 2014).  They’ve got this catchy hook they rock right away in this song, and the sound of the vocals is pretty appealing.  It’s a casual song in a sense, honing in on the group’s ability to ply their trade at great pop songwriting. This song is definitely promising, so I’ll be interested to hear their debut What Burns the Best when it’s release in a few weeks (Feb 17th).

Lush New Music from Musee Mecanique

museeOrchestral rock music is my jam! Okay, not all of it, obviously, but I’m really enjoying this track from Musee Mecanique; it reminds me an awful lot of the sort of music being created by current Portland residents, Other Lives.  The opening to this tune trickles in carefully, with intricately picked guitar strings and a floating vocal. However, the tune gradually progresses, with a rolling drum bit and increased volume, as well as instrumentation.  It’s quite a startling piece of work, which makes the announcement of their new album, From Shores of Sleep, even better; it’ll be out on Tender Loving Empire come August 26th.

Quirky Pop From DoublePlusGood

10449975_10152457715088898_2291898999261517179_nPortland has long been a place for some quality pop music that might just be a little bit left of center and up and comers DoublePlusGood are continuing that trend.  Today they are sharing with us this catchy as hell, yet also a little bit quirky new single called “Sometimes”.  You cannot deny the pop sound being created here that’s sure to have your head nodding along to the smooth guitar and irresistible beat.  Keepin’ it real.

Pick up new album, You Can Master Life, on September 16th via SoHiTek Records.


Download: DoublePlusGood – Sometimes [MP3]

Another New Song from Aan (SXSW Act)

AAN_web_press_photo_lo-res_jpgWe’ve been covering Aan for some time, and it seems only fitting that we offer up this latest tune of theirs to close out our Friday offerings.  This tune comes from their Amor Ad Nauseum effort, which is available now.  It’s filled with lofty songwriting, soaring vocals, and an organic structure that reminds me an awful lot of Snowmine .  The Portland act has won over pretty much everyone in their homebase, and it looks like with a big tour lined up-including SXSW-they’ll be happily spreading their tunes to all of us outside the Beaver State.


Download: Aan – Daylight [MP3]

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