Silent Forum Drop Dance Number

Welsh outfit Silent Forum are kicking it with my favorite genre of post-punk; they offer this shuffling danceable guitar pop that’s built to lift your spirits. It’s weird, almost as if the band stole some riffs from U2 and made them cool, throwing in some jittery cymbal work to round out the rhythm section. In doing so, they bring to mind the early days of Bloc Party or maybe even Foals when they were cool; I know that regardless it’s a sound that’s a whole heap of fun on a Monday. We should expect a full length debut from this group in the new year via Libertino.

Vee VV Get the Reissue Treatment

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Internet is that it has allowed us to reconnect with lost mates, or uncover hidden gems in the music realm…and perhaps that’s what we’re getting with this reissue from Manchester act Vee VV. Below we have one of the band’s earliest singles (1983), offering up a choppy post-punk vibe; I love how the guitar cuts across the bouncing bass line, while that matter of fact vocal delivery is always sharp. It sort of reminds me of pop version of Gang of Four…that is until they start to explore with their musicianship in the song’s latter half, settling back in for a final groove to the close. Like post-punk? Like Factory Records (Tunnelvision and Section 25 in particular)? Then you’ll want to keep an eye on EDILS, as they’ll be handling the band’s reissue in early 2019…but the single is available this week!

Brooding Number from Second Still

Looks to be a busy month for Second Still, with the release of their Part Time Punks EP (Sentimental) and their Equals EP (Weyrd Son) dropping simultaneously on 4/20. Here we have one of the tunes featured on the PTP session; it illustrates precisely why the group’s so captivating, at least in my ears. The first two minutes are spend establishing a somber mood, with an almost industrial percussive movement building the tension ever so slightly. Just after the 2 minute mark, the song swells, distorted guitars ring just a bit louder in the mix and you’re stuck in the band’s musical trance. And if you didn’t realize this is a For Against cover, then shame on you!

Bouncy Post Punk from Ice Baths

It’ll take a second for the throbbing bass to kick in on this number, as Ice Baths dare listeners to turn away with a noisy opening bit. But, hold on and you’ll be tapping your toes as the track pushes you forward. The vocals have this sort of indifference in their delivery, almost as if they’re an afterthought while the guitar chords spring and jangle through the heavier underbelly of the track. Not quite angry, not quite pop…but somewhere in that cavern of in between…that sweet spot we all love. Look for the group’s debut album to drop on May 11th via Blank Editions.

Post Punk Pop Jam Out Of Tel Aviv From Document

According to the band profile, Document is a post punk band out of Tel Aviv, hence the title. But upon first listen, I got tinges pop jammy fun lying just beneath the surface. I like these kinds of fusion. I also like highlighting music that is being created all over the place, an ATH specialty (I think we all may need to move to Australia or Scandinavia soon based on our current penchant for jams/electronics from both locales).

Back to Document, they are self-releasing an LP on 12/8 called The Void Repeats, as independent as it gets, which you can stream here. Preview the opening track track below…


Some Post Punk From FEHM

Who’s in the mood for a little brooding, post-punk goodness? If that sounds like your sort of bag, you’d be wise to check out this new single “Human Age” from Leeds based group FEHM. It reminds me quite a bit of ATH friends Girls Names if they somehow got even more gloomy and dark. And hot damn, those vocals are truly epic.

FEHM will release this track as part of a digital single release available October 27th. Pre-order here.

Check Out This New Nomads Track

And now for something completely different… If you couldn’t tell by my early morning song, I’m in a bit of a weird mood today and am looking to share some tracks you might not normally hear on ATH. Continuing that style is this track called “Megalophobia” from Brooklyn based artist Nomads. The song is completely instrumental and features an addictive beat throughout and some crazy rising action near the end. It’s totally addictive and continues to improve with each and every listen.

Nomads have been releasing a new song every month and will continue to do so until the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Have Some Fun With Absolutely Not

I’m keeping the rock n roll feeling going today with this new track called “City Creatures” from Chicago based outfit Absolutely Not. It reminds be a bit of Death From Above if they picked up some more pop-rock feelings like Eagles of Death Metal. Be prepared, because once you hit play, the song takes off and doesn’t look back. Turn up the volume.

Absolutely Not will release new album Errors on July 29th via No Trend Records.

Stream the New EP from Bent

I really have fallen in love with Bent, who were introduced to me via my love affair with Emotional Response. They’ve just released a brand new 7″ EP, filled with discordant, wobbly punk rock. While Heidi’s powerful voice will obviously be a draw for many (she masters that old school howling power), I’m entranced by the way the guitar works in their songs. At times the chords sing to just be plucked out of thin air, while other times they carefully walk between the deep tones of the bass and the rhythm of the drums. There’s this care to the craft, allowing the guitar to take some focus, though never steal the limelight that’s really fascinating to me. You should go grab the 7″ right now, right HERE. Check a video of the lead track off the EP after the jump too!

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Energetic Post-Punk from Affordable Hybrid

affordablehybridWhat? Like a Prius? Not sure what an Affordable Hybrid is, other than a rocking bunch of Swedes kicking out some pretty solid rock n’ roll hits. The group blasts off with a pounding rhythm section and an angular bit of guitar work. I love how the vocals hold just the slightest bit of pop sensibility; it’s like they’re just on the verge of swerving into an angst ridden moment. They bang out the song’s ending with a little discordant noise, just to make sure you know they mean business. This song features on the group’s new 7″, which is coming out on Flannel Gurl Records in late October.

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