ATX Spotlight: Hear a New Track from Telepods

telepodsNo lie, I got turned onto this new Telepods joint by a friendly door guy just wishing to instill good tunes on me. Lucky for me, and you, the song’s got a good future ahead of it. Personally, I think the sound of the guitar that opens up the track is perfectly fitting, making way for the bass to work its way into the track. There’s a bit of a dark haunt to the vocal feeling, which can be totally entrancing, depending upon your musical tastes. Every time I listen, I think the band’s got a hang on post-punk, yet thrown in with a great deal more of pop-leaning tendency. See for yourself, and keep your eyes peeled for more as word on the streets is a new album is on its way. 

This New Ceremony Jam Kills

cereI’m a huge fan of Ceremony.  There live show brings huge energy, with Ross constantly stalking the stage to interact with the audience.  But, their recorded material has continued to impress, especially with the newest single they just released.  It’s the perfect piece of post-punk, and it seems Farrar voice has settled perfectly into the mix.  The video seems to take on man’s loneliness, with the possible Ian Curtis nod flashing for just an instant.  The L-Shaped Man will be released on May 19th via Matador Records, and I have a feeling that this is going to bring an even larger following to the band…and based on this song alone, it will be much deserved.

Hints of Darkness from Flesh World

fleshI love when a band describes their sound as a fusion of pent up punk aggression being spun in a pop spectrum, so it makes sense that I fawn over this latest Flesh World track.  There’s definitely some discordant noise going on in this track, but they playfully spin that around into a tight knit pop song during the chorus.  If you peeled away some of those distorted guitars, you might just have yourself a fancy little pop ditty. It’s the first single on the band’s debut, The Wild Animals in My Life, which is being released on June 2nd via Iron Lung Records.

Really Enjoying This Tune from The Antics

anticzWhile some bands seem to try and shy away from their nostalgic nods, it seems that The Antics are fully embracing their look into the past of post-punk pop songwriting.  It sounds like they’re crafting something akin to the Servants or the Go Betweens, holding onto the pop sensibility of both bands, while still sounding remarkably refreshing.  This tune shows the licks the New Jersey boys are capable of constructing, which should have you pop fans sitting with watering mouths as the group readies their Emily Jones EP for our ears.

New Rocker from Tigers Jaw

TJLast year, things looked pretty bleak for Scranton, PA’s Tigers Jaw, when a large portion of the band decided to call it quits. However, this didn’t stop the founding members from rebooting the band and coming back with more ‘kick-you-in-the-face,’ but in a good way, rock’ n ‘ roll. This new track, “Slow Come On,” has got great alternative rock, post-punk driving guitar and elevated vocals of Ben Walsh all throughout, complete with minute details that keep you hooked. Their fourth full length LP, Charmer will be out via Run For Cover Records on June 3rd, which you can also pre-order here, so get excited.

Throwback Jam From Into It. Over It.

130807-into-it-over-itFor whatever reason, I’ve found myself being quite nostalgic lately and spinning tracks from the post-punk/emo era like Alkaline Trio, Saves the Day, and the like.  With that said, you can probably see why this new song “Spinning Thread” from Into it. Over it. might be something I’d fall for during my current throwback music mindset.  I immediately hear sonic qualities similar to the bands I just mentioned and that’s doing it for me today.  Beyond that, it’s a great tune with some catchy drums and a near perfect vocal delivery.

Fans can pick up new album Proper on September 24th via Triple Crown Records.

New Post-Punk From Adventures

adventuresIt’s incredibly rare that ATH posts much in the vein of this new song “Promise” by Pittsburgh based group Adventures.  I personally have nothing agains the post-punk genre, it just seems like we get a whole lot of garbage sent our way with that sonic tag.  This song is one I found myself immediately drawn to and have played on repeat at least 3-5 times while creating this post.  I hear this sort of mash up between more emo Rainer Maria and maybe super old school Taking Back Sunday.  Then things slow down from time to time and you’ve got that post-punk bass line bringing tying everything back together.  Recognize.

This tune appears on a new album, Clear My Head With You, out June 18th via No Sleep Records.

New Sludge Rocker From Western Medication

Well this here song is short and sweet so I shall respond in kind with a to the point post.  The song is called “Big City” and comes from Nashville rockers Western Medication.  It is fast.  It is mean.  It is also badass.

If you like under a minute songs, the band have a new EP entitled The Painted World coming out on January 29th via Jeffery Drag Records.  Enjoy.


Download: Western Medication – Big City [MP3]

New Discovery: Dot Dash

It’s hot outside, finally. I’m hanging inside getting my Olympics on and trying to discover new tunes. My favorite hit today comes from DC’s band Dot Dash, a band who win in their Wire reference alone, but they’ve also got the hits to back it all up. Honestly, I think this tune from their most recent record, Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash, has a bit more of a Jam/Futureheads feel to it, but they’ve got some other tracks on their Soundcloud that give way to the reference point. It’s all like a mod/punk blend of goodness that really deserves a lot of respect (and love); I miss people making music like this.  Check em out.


Download:Dot Dash – The Color and the Sound [MP3]

Grave Babies – Gothdammit EP

Rating: ★★★ · ·

When a band tosses out a five song EP, such as Grave Babies have done with Gothdammit, it’s often difficult to see it as much more than a stop gap along the way to the next album. But, regardless of where this lives in the band’s on-going catalogue, there are definite steps being taken here towards positive progression.

“Fuck Off” is the start to this rather short affair, but in the matter of time, it’s the longest, although you could easily skip beyond the first minute or so; the band uses the moment as an intro, but you can hear the crackling of the stereo that takes a large precedent over the recording. When the song kicks in, however, it’s just this delicious post-punk moment, possibly hinging upon “goth.”  Brooding bass lines definitely benefit the sound, with the drums seeming a touch to hollow and metallic; this is my stand out track on the EP.

Musically, I dig the following track, “Mourning Heir,” particularly that lofty guitar line, but this is the track where I think the recording process began to lose a little bit of the plot overall.  There’s something about the shotgun sounding drums that just doesn’t do the live show, nor the record itself, any justice.  It ends up sounding muddied like the band blew your speakers out.  A bit of the composure returns for the third track, “Nightmares,” with the pop senses taking a bit more of a leading role on this song in comparison to the heavy hitting drums.  Listening closely, you’ll see that there’s musical genius lurking just below the surface.  Then the band seem to get move in another direction…entirely.

With the first three tracks dabbling in noisier, goth-affected post-punk, the last two songs seems more to delve into sonic exploration.  They’re not nearly as focused on the songwriting here, relying more upon heavy chant-like vocals as on “Bloodstains.”  And “Wasting” seems to regain a touch of the songwriting capabilities, but it’s still not quite up to par with the three primary tracks featured at the onset–perhaps it’s just too short to really find its groove.

You see, this is the problem with EPs like Gothdammit: you find some great moments that get you really excited; you also find some areas where execution could be much stronger.  Personally, I think there’s a good future (and a good market) for a more concise version of the first three song–maybe cleaning up the drum sound.  Should they choose to go in that direction, things could get big real fast.  Should they choose to go in the other direction, there’s a market there too—either way, I’m sure they’re good, I just have my preference.


Download:Grave Babies – Nightmare [MP3]

Gothdammit is out now on Hardly Art.

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