Nightshift Share Power Cut Video

If ever anything was going to save us from drab Mac Demarco cover bands, I hope to God that its Nightshift. They’re crafting this brilliant blend of post rock and pop music, almost creating this musical seance that hypnotizes as it pushes you forward. It very much begins by offering you this sort of no-wave meets indiepop groove, slinking about with this tribal rhythm and Eothen Stern’s vocals haunting the song like a mysterious ghost. As it moves, guitar lines seem to walk up and down this imaginary staircase, building layer upon layer, blanketing listener in this dense wash of pop sensibility. Plus, they’re not afraid to freakout a little, as you see in the song’s back half…all pointing to a band making up the rules as they go forward. If you want to get “off the grids” then you’ll want to be on board when the band drop Zoe on February 26th via Trouble in Mind.