The Persian Leaps Share Lost Cause

The Persian Leaps waste no time with their latest single, jumping in with that stomping rhythm and twanging guitar sound the instant you press play on their latest single. It’s a short little blast of power-pop, crunching riffs and soaring vocals; the song has a heavy hand throughout the verses, but the chorus elects not to be too boisterous, seemingly offering the softer side of guitar rock. Plus, they toss out some perfect overlapping vocals in the midst of it all, which definitely adds a dash of sugar to your pop coffee. This track features on the group’s new Smiling Lessons EP, dropping on September 18th.

Dead Stars Announce Never Not Here

We’ve been writing about Dead Stars almost as long as we’ve been running this site, which says more about the band than it does about us. Today, they share a brand new single with fresh news of a new LP on the February horizon. In true Dead Stars fashion, it’s just a huge guitar pop rocker, balancing heavy riffs with the melodic nature of the band’s vocals; they’ve always sort of walked this tightrope between reimagined grunge and power-pop, in the best way possible. They’re just one of those bands that makes you want to turn the volume way up and hit the road with nothing but the wind at your back. Never Not Here will be out on February 21st.

More Pop Rocking Goodness from Joy Cleaner

I’m pretty sure that Joy Cleaner is the bastard child of Ultimate Fakebook and Teenage Fanclub. Both aforementioned bands (as well as JC) brandish the same sonic tendencies, feeding listeners these huge riffs. To me, the this song’s reliance upon the vocal melody while still kicking out arena ready riffs is where I get the UF comparison; they almost share the same slight vocal hiccup…and that’s one of my favorite reasons to love both bands. Guess I’m just the world’s biggest sucker for catchy pop rock n’ roll, which is probably why I’ve been loving every second of You’re So Jaded; it drops on November 1st via Jigsaw Records.

Joy Cleaner Share Dramatization

Dammit, I just love Joy Cleaner. There’s something refreshing about a band that’s just banging out rockers from start to finish, like that classic guitar rock sound from the 90s. Sure, that seems dated, but the the huge riffs and the hooks lend themselves to the reemergence of power-pop fans across the Internet’s web. Sometimes its nice to just sort of put your pretense to the site, turn the stereo up and let it rock. I promise, it’ll be cool to rock again real soon, so let this bunch ease you into it. You’re So Jaded drops on November 8th courtesy of Jigsaw Records.

Crunchy Guitar Pop from Joy Cleaner

I know that somewhere out there is a huge group of folks clamoring for someone to give them the gift of glorious guitar pop along the lines of the Teenage Fanclub…look no further friends because here’s brand new Joy Cleaner. This brand new ditty comes across with these huge crunching guitars, bordering on speaker-breaking. But, that quickly subsides, bringing in the melodic pop side of things that made acts like TFC so special; it gives the listener this great cocoon of warmth while still feeling like the track’s got something heavy going on throughout. Call it college radio, call it alternative, but you’re going to call it good because plain and simple, it very much is. Look for the new You’re So Jaded LP from Jigsaw Records very soon!

Young Guv Announces Guv II

Guv I has barely stopped spinning on the turntable and already Young Guv is back with Guv II, the second in his Guv series of LPs. Today we get to drop that first single, and man, its a doozy. I immediately think of all the fuzzy power-pop I’ve been jamming to for these past many years; I definitely jumped right to a Teenage Fanclub reference in my brain here, though there’s a hint more swagger. I love the melodic pop breakdown at the 1 minute mark too, adding that sugary-sweetness that ingrains tunes in your head. This record seems like its going to be nothing but hook-filled guitar pop hits, so jump on board to make rock n’ roll fun again. Guv II will be handled by Run for Cover Records, dropping October 25th.

Holy Tunics Share Brand New Single

I first got turned on to Holy Tunics when they dropped Butter Dish last year, so I’m really stoked that Hit Parade Lemonade Supersonic Spree has been announced. I think you’ll find that this new single from the record fully employs the band brandishing their best power-pop. In the opening guitar lines you almost get this grungy college rock vibe, which fits the initial vocal burst. However, “bahs” and harmonies jump in on the chorus, satiating your pop needs for the day, or for these 2.5 minutes anyways. Good marker for this might be a band like Sloan, though feel like they’re going just a notch above in their volume production here. If you need guitar pop, then I suggest you keep an eye out for the new LP; it drops via the esteemed Meritorio Records on June 14th.

They’ve also got the following tour dates in July:

Tues 7/23, Austin, TX: Cheer Up Charlies w/ Daphne Tunes, Dorio
Wed 7/24, El Paso, TX: Neon Rose Bar w/ If We Were Turtles, Gila Monster
Thurs 7/25, Phoenix, AZ: The Lunchbox w/ The Desert Beats, Tropical Beach, Yipee
Fri 7/26, San Diego: SD Content Partners w/ Former, Shindigs, Brushed
Sat 7/27, Los Angeles, CA: Monty Bar w/ Smokescreens, Susan
Sun 7/28, Oakland, CA: Oakland Secret w/ Seablite, Lunchbox
Mon 7/29, Reno, NV: Recycled Records
Tues 7/30, Provo, UT: The Rad Shack w/ The Djinn, Pick Pocket, Cupidcome
Wed 7/31, Denver, CO: Nude City Relief Center w TBD

Brand New I Was a King

Everyone knows how much I adore I Was a King, so when they share another single, you better believe I’m going to have it up here on the site. This is one of the shorter numbers on their new effort, Slow Century, hitting you with the immediacy of their warm melodies. One of my favorite things is the way the vocals combine to harmonize in this really beautiful way as the song bounds forward; those harmonies rising and falling during lines like “on your driveway” or “your voice so faint,” bring a smile to my face as I listen again and again. They’ll release their new album on March 8th, just a month away!

Fresh Power Pop from I Was a King

I’ve been writing about how much I enjoy the power pop of I Was a King for quite some time; it seems that’s about as long as TFC’s Norman Blake has been a fan, as well. Now, the band has teamed up with Norm (producer) to bring you a powerhouse of an album…and below you can stream the first single. It’s absolutely everything you’d want, with huge churning guitar chords ringing out while the band all share in vocal roles that bring you closer to the warmth of the fire. There’s a lot of power-pop out there, but I feel like no one’s doing it quite on the level as this bunch; if this is the last new song you hear before heading into the weekend, your life will be better for it. Look for Slow Century to drop in March of this year!

Power Pop from Sam Hoffman

Listening through to this Sam Hoffman track, I’m struck by his melodies; they have this dreamy sense of longing, letting all of us look on to bigger and better days. Behind those notes rides a crunchy guitar, giving the song a gritty backbone that builds contrast for the two distinctive sound. That’s all before I even mention the harmonies by the backing bunch behind Sam; that really makes things jump off the tape and through your speakers. If you’re looking back over the year and wandering if you missed anything, then go on out and listen to Fairweather, Sam’s debut LP.

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