Power Pop from Kleenex Girl Wonder

kleenexgirlwonderphoto3bygrahamsmithAre you tired of the emo revival? Tired of all those beats and blips? Well, then get ready to turn your speakers up and listen to classic power-pop from Kleenex Girl Wonder! Graham Smith and his project are ready to bring you a hook-laden record of the most literate piece of pop you’ll hear in 2016, filled with over 8,000 fresh lyrics and spanning over 70 minutes. The Comedy Album is a statement piece of art that surpasses its peers in this calendar year, and frankly, any of those in the past (I’m looking at you John Darnielle!). But, ultimately, a record’s only as good as the music, and if you don’t find your speakers begging to have the crisp guitar pop of this track coming through again and again, then you might need to take them to the shop.This brilliant collection comes your way on October 28th via Reesonable Records.

Power Pop Hit from The Persian Leaps

thepersianleapsFans of guitar pop should have a pretty good year, you know, with the next Teenage Fanclub LP heading our way soon. But, there’s still some great power-pop brewing out there that might be a little lesser known, like The Persian Leaps. The Minnesota trio is about to release their Your City Underwater EP via Land Ski Records, and I wanted to give folks a little sample of what’s to come. Think about huge riffs echoing through your speakers, melodious vocals and the sort of pop sensibility we’ve come to expect from bands like Nada Surf. The new EP is being released on September 16th, so you’ve been warned!

Hear The New Connections Single

connectionsSometimes the world gets it right, the hype machine goes exactly where it should…in this case it’s the support of Connections. I’ve written about the group many times before, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting their new effort Midnight Run. Their first single falls somewhere in the vein of garage punk meets Teenage Fanclub; it combines gritty recording/attitude with a penchant for melodious power-pop hooks. If this is your first time listening to them, then do yourself a favor and go back through their whole catalog and try to find a bad song…because you can’t. Look for this new record on Anyway Records on July 22nd.

Dot Dash Are Back Already

searchlightsI haven’t found a band quite like Dot Dash; they’ve worked incredibly hard and steady through the last five years, putting out album after album…and each one worthy of your time! They just put up their fifth record in five years, Searchlights, and I figured you needed a heads-up. I love how the band’s been able to really work in so many sounds for all their releases, via Aussie tendencies, punk, or, in the case below, delectable power-pop. Filling their records in such a way keeps your listening experience moving/changing. You’re not going to get bored, with each song turning into something different for you to love. Enjoy this sample, and go spend your day listening to the rest of the new LP, out now via The Beautiful Music.

Power Pop from The Person & The People

thepersonandthepeopleAlliteration aside, I think I found my jam of the week, well, one of them anyways. This brand new track from The Person & The People came in via a friend yesterday, and I couldn’t think of a better way to head towards the weekend. If you’re like me, you’ll likely hear remnants of the landscape left by Teenage Fanclub. There’s warmth in the guitar sound, solid vocal harmony and it turns corners at just the right spots; it’s spot on perfect. This is the first single from the band’s new record, Dark and Low, which will be released by Land Ski Records on April 22nd.

Enjoy This New Cozy Catastrophes Number

cozycatasThere are some labels you stand by, no matter what, knowing they’re going to succeed more often than not. Cozy Catastrophes looks to be another musical success for the ever-solid Jigsaw Records. The Indiana outfit have just complete their album, Have You Heard of Cozy Catastrophes, and this lead single is a pretty solid glimpse at why the record could be a winner. You’ll hear a warm tone on the track, pushing it into the realm of delectable power-pop hits, though I also find touches of casual indiepop. It just makes me happy that their are tracks like this still being made all the time.

Great Power Pop From The Singles

12079300_10154232164475898_1374419231077298841_nSometimes we can all use a little bit of power pop in our lives to rejuvenate our spirits and brighten up the day.  Today we will be receiving our spice of head nodding music from L.A. based band The Singles.  The track they have for us entitled “Sweet Tooth” is truly hard not to like.  Having been around now for over a decade, it’s hard to believe that the group can still churn out such tasty hits.

Stay tuned for an upcoming release in 2016 from The Singles.

Fresh Power Pop from Coastal Town

10838227_866582683381693_1382080938002639839_oI’m going to be honest with you; I know very little about Coastal Town. But, I will fill you in on what information I do have…it’s just not much. The voice should be familiar to ATH followers, as it sounds like it’s Frode from I Was a King at the helm. This leads down a crazy path of tales and such…is I Was a King over or is Coastal Town just a new project? I do know from the IWaK blog that they have spent recent time in studio with Joe Pernice and Robyn Hitchcock…could this be part of it? I don’t really know any of it for sure, but I know the songs are incredible…so as I know more, I’ll keep you posted.

Have You Heard of Death by Unga Bunga

deathbyungabungaIn the world of band names, I’ll have to say that Death by Unga Bunga falls on the stranger side of things (though clearly not the strangest).  Still, their music isn’t too far out there, instead nestling itself alongside today’s purveyors of power pop. It’s got a hint of garage influence and brattiness, though there’s still this undeniable lineage to early 90s alternative pop music. Think of listening to Superdrag record hits in your neighbor’s garage; it sounds like a recipe for success if you ask me. The band’s debut Tell Me Why EP will be released on October 2nd, so keep an eye and ear out for the Unga Bunga.

18 Years of Rock N Roll from Joe Bordenaro

josephWell, the 18 years is more a reference to a lifetime of writing music in one’s soul, as Joe Bordenaro has only lived for 18 years.  That’s exactly why this new tune is rather exciting, seeing as he’s written such a great tune at such a young age. Joe’s first single comes out this week courtesy of Canvas Club, and it’s just a great power-pop tune to get you through your day; the guitars twist and distort in all the right places, and there’s an earnestness in his nod to pop music, especially in the vocals.  Keep an eye on this youngster…we should see more coming from him soon.

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