Hearts and Rockets Share Drama Club

You thought I’d only throw two Aussie tracks at you today? Wrong! I’ve got this brand new single from Hearts and Rockets, which is the latest single from the band’s forthcoming Power LP! I think the band’s personal description of crafting ‘brat-wave’ is the most fitting genre, especially when you give this tune a spin; Kalindy has this sharp snarl that’s packed with attitude and energy…the sort Karen O brought to the table in the early YYYs EPs. It all feels like synth-y post-punk, with an execution that carries built in charm and hooks; I love the bass groove that operates as the track’s backbone. Anyways…kick off the end of your day with some great attitude; Power comes out on August 23rd!

Classic Vibes from Popincourt

Tired of the modern musical landscape? Same. So why not take a trip with Popincourt, the French songwriter brandishing his own brand of power-pop…with just the faintest hints of Weller or Costello. The guitar chords chop right through from the get-go, stuttering at first, waiting to unleash their hook when united with a bouncing organ line. It’s almost like we’re inside some mod-club, shaking about whilst Popincourt serenades us all. Kick off your shoes, jitter about and feel yourself free with this catchy number. Look for it to appear on the band’s new record, slated for a Spring release on Jigsaw Records.

Enjoy This Eskimeaux Track

eskimoWhen I pressed play on the brand new Eskimeaux track, I thought it was offering more of the same, but just before the 30 second mark (just!) things take an up-turn. Harmonies are joined by a male counterpart, pace is picked up and then you’re just falling in love all overthis song. It’s been released as a teaser to the new mini-album, Year of the Rabbit (so 2001 or 2023), and things sound like they’re going to be pretty special. If you haven’t been convinced by the band’s work yet, this looks like the time to get on board.

Dark Rock from Disappears

disappears_zoranorlicI’m always into the mood to listen to Disappears.  I’ve raved about them at various shows, and now it’s time to get ready for their brand new album to come our way.  Their fourth album, Era, is set to come out on August 27th via Kranky, and it’s shaping up to be something completely different than before.   There’s much more empty space that the band is working with, allowing them to create a different audial vibe than on their previous works.  After three records, they’re ready to mix things up, and I have a feeling that the new direction is definitely going to benefit all listening parties.